Adobe Flash Whiteboard project

Flash board Project

Create flash software e-learning with whiteboard and multi-channels, so many companies can create their own school and customize with logo and company texts their own [url removed, login to view] (it's an example)

The tutors are all located over lan or wan. They will provide online tutor support service to students ranging from Grades 1 - 12 & possibly college who could be logging in from anywhere in the world. The tutors will be waiting online and the students will come and login anytime there want. The students will be assigned to a specific classroom (we will be able to create classrooms) where the assigned tutor will be waiting. Both tutor and students will be given a login and password to enter. Students will be served by the tutor one at a time. (Thus the queuing system is required where the tutor will just click next and the next student will immediately have access to the tutor when the tutor is done with the last student.)


- password controlled;

- include whiteboard (current Talx applet);

- include text chat;

- include text sharing board;

- new editing tools for whiteboard:

- cut & paste;

- import graphics files;

- gridlines that can be added based on number of columns and rows;

- for tutor: ability to move to next student in the queue;

Classrooms management (Administrator):

- Add classroom

- Assign tutor to the classroom

- Assign students to the classroom

- Delete classroom

- Edit classroom properties

Users management (Administrator):

- Add new tutor

- Add new student

- Edit user properties (fullname, login, password, etc.)

- Delete user

Software requirements:

- Server OS: Windows2000/XP (maybe Linux/BSD)

Flash Whiteboard new features and enhancements

[url removed, login to view] existing features of our existing java whiteboard should be available in this version that is to be developed

[url removed, login to view] to be compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix & Macintosh.

[url removed, login to view] have ability to insert Mathematics Symbols in (Chat box, Whiteboard box). Math Typesetting tools. Tools for writing mathematical equations.

4. Ability for Webcam and Voip between the tutor and student, tutor and tutor, tutor and students. Webcam capabilities made available on the whiteboard software. Webcam capabilities will only be available to the tutors. Students can only see the tutor but not the other way around. So whether in a one to one session, classroom session or on-demand session, only the tutor will be seen by the student or students. Tutors cannot see the students. But if it was a tutor and tutor session, both can see each other. A point relevant both to voip and the webcam is that, it has to have the option to be enabled or disabled during a session. As an example, if a tutor would like his student (one to one) or students (classroom session) or fellow tutor/s (tutor to tutor/s) to see and hear him, he can enable webcam and voip. Or he could enable voip but disable webcam. Or he can disable both webcam and voip. For the voip for students during a session, they will also have the ability to enable or disable it. So if they want to use voip with their tutor in a one to one session, in a classroom session (with tutor and other students), in an on-demand session, they can, subject to whether the tutor and other students have enabled their own voip. If the tutor has disabled his voip then the student can't voip with the tutor. Also if the other students disabled their voip, the student can't voip with those students.

5. Sound and visual prompt when student enters the classroom (clicks the enter class button) also while already in classroom, when there is activity either by tutors or students, there will be a sound and visual prompt when screen is minimize or behind another browser or document to inform that there is activity (something like what MSN messenger has) In the Chat box, ability to see the other person (small text at the bottom of the chat screen saying … writing) is still writing.

6. Database or logs that is accessible by only admin that records all chat communication between tutors and students also tutors and students login time and logout time.

7. The option to retrieve and save the chat session with the tutor after the giving of the feedback. Students are prompted to save the chat session after giving the feedback. Also they are able to review save any their chat session later. Tutors are able to review (not edit or delete) any their chat session at any time as well. Administration staff is able to delete chat sessions.

8. Logs that is accessible by only admin that can be cleared off, including feedback, chat, date (mm/dd/yy) with time-in, time out and time on of student with the tutors logs for tutors and students. (We need to be able to know the date and how much time a specific student or tutor is on the system for verification purpose, ex. 09/21/05 [url removed, login to view] – [url removed, login to view] = 1hour 30mins, that can be tracked & sum up daily, weekly & monthly) Please note that the tutor ranking system, 1.0 – 5.0 must be in placed like our existing version. Option to be able to backup the logs via “save as” option.

9. Time limit for the student that is set by admin. 10 minute slots (able to book 10 minutes to any number of hours) & unlimited time for no restriction of time spent with the tutors. > (I will need to have the ability when we register onto the system new students where I can set the amount of time the student is allowed to be in the classroom with the tutor. It is where the student may only want to have a limited amount of time spent with the tutor. So when I register the student, I can set allocation for the student of minimum 10 minutes, 20 mins, 30 mins and so on (based on 10 minutes blocks) or to unlimited time where there is no time limit with the assigned tutors. Let's say we register them for 20 minutes..and when they are online with the tutor and their 20 minutes is up, the tutor will be informed somehow and the tutor will need to let the student out of the class. The student then will not be able to re-enter the class until admin reallocate more time to them. This also must correspond to the propose schedule which I am requesting too. Where if the student has only a 20 minutes allocation, on the schedule, they will only be able to reserve to that amount of time with the tutor. Likewise, they have no time left, they will be told that they have no more time left.) This has to be linked to the scheduling system as well. Also the ability to Block student from entering the system for 5 or 10 minutes by the tutor if student has been uncooperative with tutor when in the classroom.

10. Ability to upload files and present it, tutor to student (1 to 1) or tutor to students (Group discussion/class/meeting room & On-demand 1 to 1/5 tutor & students environment) or tutor to tutor. (Flash, Powerpoint, Word, Excel, Internet Explorer and PDF).

11. To have available 3 option of classrooms. 1) 1 to 1 tutor & student environment (like the existing whiteboard we have) 2) 1 to 5/10/20 tutor & students environment (Group discussion, where 1 tutor has the option to allow a max of 5, 10 or 20 students into the classroom and do a group session) 3) On-demand 1 to 1/5 tutor & students environment of 1 tutor to allow a max of 1 or 5 students into the classroom. (Where this student will have special privileges of getting tutor support anytime and immediately. When that student logins, based on the subject they request support for, they will be able to enter a classroom immediately. The system will detect the tutor who is free or have the shortest queue of students and prompt the tutor. There will be a button that flashes on that tutors page that tells that tutor that an On-demand student is waiting. When the tutor clicks on the button, another classroom opens up to serve the On-demand student while not affecting the already running class the tutor was running in the first place.) So we need to have the ability to create 3 categories of users as above (tutor and student) (We need the ability to have the option for the student or tutor to be able to be registered to one or two or all categories at the same time)

[url removed, login to view] system (like our existing scheduling system) The slots for appointment can be 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 or 1 hour per session. Students will need to login to set an appointment with the tutor and likewise tutors will need to login to view their schedule. Also to set so that selected students can be assigned to a specific tutor so that when that student login to the scheduling page, they will only be able to see the tutors schedule that has been assigned to them and not of tutors that are not assigned to them. Likewise tutors will only have access to their own schedule. The scheduling system will be linked to the main database as well for reporting needs.

13. Where in a tutoring session, if wanted, the student can turn over their desktop to the tutor to help them on something on their own PC. Something like the old PC Anywhere or the RealVNC.

[url removed, login to view] installation package, which include the installation of all software in one package (Web-server, Database, Flash, Whiteboard and all relevant modules.)

15.A dynamic and graphically attractive interface and web-pages.

16. We would like to have the Exclusive Rights and Exclusive Use of the whiteboard. Means no one else or company may use this unless authorized by us in writing. We feel this is acceptable because, most of the ideas, requirements and version 1 whiteboard and existing scheduling system came from us. So we feel it’s relevant that we have the exclusive rights to use this. Also All Copyright and Contact details within the whiteboard program, files must be set to our information.

Sponsors Website

1. To have a website that shows 12 sponsors (in the form of an image and text) and explanation of what we are offering. The use of Apache, PHP & Myql on Windows OS for the setup.

2. Every sponsor is controlled by Mysql database where we are able to monitor and limit the number of clicks onto the individual sponsors based on the individual sponsor requirements.

3. Upon clicking of the sponsor, the user will be brought to a registration form where the user is required to enter personal details. The users must be trackable to ensure that the same user cannot click on the same sponsor again within a 12 month period. Somehow we need to ensure that users are not able to create multiple usernames and/or are the same users but with multiple logins.

4. The user is required to only register once (we need a verification system to ensure no user abuse the system by registering multiple accounts. I believe a manual activation of the account is required that includes the need to send an email to the user to provide them their login details..est) as they continue to click on the rest of the 11 sponsors as they progress through the year.

5. When the user has successfully registered themselves and successfully login, when they click on the sponsor, they will be brought to a page where it can be edited with web editors like Microsoft FrontPage so every sponsors will have it’s own page to tell what the user must do to receive the free service that we will be providing the user, free online education content every month, managed by us. User must return every month to choose a new sponsor to receive another month free online education.

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