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*****I am not asking for clones, I need a project finished. If you need the software to finish this project, I have provided the links. I am not asking for copies of any of these links. If you need the affiliate number for templates, I'll get that to the winner.*****

Due to the fact, that I may be providing the templates for you to finish the project, I expect the bidding IN consideration of this fact.

I need to turn this project over to someone. Please read slowly.

Read Carefully this project is specific and detailed. Take notes. Apply with a description in your own words explaining to me what I want. If you do this, you'll be considered for the project. If you do NOT re-explain to me what I want do NOT bid on this project.

If I didn't explain clearly or confuse you or if you have questions, ask questions.

Read carefully the requirements for this project are detailed.

I do not need the content written for any portion. However, I ask that you bid on the layout of this project. DO INCLUDE A SEPARATE PRICE for writing the web content in your bidding description. Do include your description of the project in the bidding process.

Car Dealer Portal with

Home Page:

A Flash car coming in with a motor zoom sound and the words do what is on this template while the car continues to shimmer. All words may open to a different template/url or whatever is needed to make this project run smoothly.

[url removed, login to view];pr_code=0g3SO5wy64n654l9kg789A0Jk2vm5n

The tabs will need to be split into one or more rows but the words will have the above flash.


10 Labeled Tabs on Home Page

10 Tiny Cartoon Pictures at the top of every page

1.) Swish Cube with a very large Car Photo Gallery. Each picture clicked on will open to eccommerce page to sell that car. Pay close attention. The swish cube below is to be on the opening page. Details for rest are below. (SEE LINK in #2 BELOW FOR SWISH example. It's after the 15th tab below. Section TWO). Numbers to photos (need more photos and ability to ad photos) Place Car Logos that are

Tabs these tabs click thru to Brand name ecommerce site.

2.)Services Site- Tab opens down with option to click on a, b, c (All are Ecommecerce) - flash intros for each site




3.) CLUB Login Tab opens down Offers 3 Login Options. Click Thru Tab Opens to 3 Squares With Club Names Only. Click thru the square and it takes you to that login page.

a.) Customer Club Login Tab: Club Capacity for Customers to sell their cars at wholesale prices and buy retail prices

b.) Dealer Club Login Tab: Club Capacity for Dealers to sell retail cars starting at bidding prices like ebay and buy wholesale prices for warranties, parts, get loans, shop for insurance for their customers

c.) Presidential Club Login - For administrative, owners, etc. ability to manage inventory, upload pictures, etc.

4.) What's your car worth - Sell Your Car

5.) Blog Page

6.) Insurance / Loans

7.) Links Page

8.) Testimonies Page

9.) Industry News Page

10.) Highlights, Events

Tabs as Tiny little pictures that as you scroll over will show at the top of every page.

1.) Picture is a House - - Home Page - Sends you home tabs down to

2.) Picture of a File - My Account Page - takes you to your profile or the Login page Options

3.) Picture is a Envelope - - Contact Page - With Contact Form

4.) Picture of a Map - Map Page - Gives Directions

5.) Picture of a Stick Figure - Share With Friends Page - Form pops up that shares with friends

7.) Picture of a Book - Opens up to Icons of Bookmarking Sites to Bookmark pages.

8.) Picture of Question Mark - Frequently asked questions and About Us Page

9.) Picture of a Lock - Admins Login Only - Says Nothing

10.) LOG OFF



Stick with white pages or very light grey and lights in the flashes and words with flash abilities.

1.) Flash Intro which will go to the HOME PAGE. I want it just like this one ....exactly or better.

Flash Intro

[url removed, login to view]

2.) The swish cube (TAB #1 above) in the below link with a greater capacity to house MORE pictures and an ability to click to the ecommerce site but this car's own category of cars.

I like this cube. I don't like the layout. I like the layout below.

Swish template with Cube Box

[url removed, login to view]

I like this layout to include the swish cube box above

[url removed, login to view]

I'd like the RIGHT SIDE Squares to be included in the above layout. I'll tell you what goes in the squares.

[url removed, login to view]

3.) Dealers CLUB and Customers CLub. I'd like someone to use animation here. It is not required but if you can do this, let me know.

Both the dealers club and the customers club need to have login/membership signup. Each club needs to produce different results after they login. After they login they need to do the following:

The Dealers need to have a way to place cars on the site like ebay bidding process or just to put up a car for sale. They will need social profile and an ability to upload pictures, purchase warranties to sell, find parts at the parts store or find a loan for their customer, make sure their customers have insurance on the cars they sell.

The Customers club will get access to retail prices for parts, warranties, insurance, apply for loan, buy cars or bid on a car that is on the site. The customer will also have a profile and place a wishlist or looking for a certain car.

4.) This flash a.)intro with larger pictures and the ability to change the pictures to current cars BUT TO open up to the ecommerce site. I do not like anything but the intro

[url removed, login to view]

I like this c.)layout for the Ecommerce Site but need a different flash on this page. See b.) flash header in #6 Bells and Whistles

[url removed, login to view]

Need the ecommerce front page to be header and then sectioned squares of used, preownded, favorites and dealers. Each section will click thru to that ecommerce section.


I need a tab for 15-45 pics per page. Each pic to open to its own page. Ability to place per search term, per brand name, etc.

This will have two prices under the picture with small descriptions. On the left their will be a current bid price. On the right will be a buy it now price. Clicking on either price will send the customer to a page for the car. The shopping cart will allow the customer to ad warranties, accessories, parts, find insurance, etc.

Bidding Software that I know about. I am not asking for a copy. I am asking you to use this if you do not have the software. So, If you need software I have included the links.

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

5.) For the Parts site, I like this flash header but I want the layout to match the above layout.

[url removed, login to view]

I need pics per page to include a tab that asks for 15-45 pics per page and then each part will open to it's own page.

6.) Bells and Whistles to be included as much as possible.

I'd like similar bells and whistles that these layouts have

the car, the lights, the LOGO flashing, the big circle moving just no fire. Change the fire to lights.

Bells and Whistles

a. Flash Headers like the following. No fire. Use lights. And No black backgrounds.

[url removed, login to view];a_aid=15

[url removed, login to view]

[url removed, login to view]

I like the way the pictures is split into possible tabs. I would like this to do the opposite affect. By that I mean I want it to go from blurry to clear.

[url removed, login to view],[url removed, login to view]

c. I want these Words flash ability to be on the customers login page after they login

[url removed, login to view];pr_code=0g3SO5wy64n654l9kg789A0Jk2vm5n

d. I want this flash type for Picture changes in photo gallery

[url removed, login to view];pr_code=0g3SO5wy64n654l9kg789A0Jk2vm5n

SOME software for bells and whistles can be found here: if you have flash

Flash Extras - Make words have bells and whistles.

[url removed, login to view]

**********************IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER***********************

PLEASE Remember that in your bidding I need you to explain the project to me so that I know you have grasped the projects full scope.

Also, your original bid is without writing the content on the pages. PLEASE INCLUDE in your description a SEPARATE PRICE for writing the content in a SEO friendly manner.

*****No, I am not asking for exact copies or clones. If you need to use the software, I provided these links so that you can. If you don't -- great. I don't care. I am not asking for the copies or clones of any software here.******

*****The links are to make your job easier or faster. That is the only reason. If you need my affiliate to buy these templates, ask. Otherwise, I become an affiliate or use your affiliate account. ******

I am prepared to have additional urls to make this design complete.

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