Power System Analysis #

Power System Analysis

A transmission line is composed of ACSR conductors consiting of six

aluminum strands and one steel strand as seen in Figure 1. The diameter of ACSR

conductor is 6cm. Each aluminum strand

has a diameter of 2 cm.

a) Design a system where the

conductors of the transmission line

is spaced 120 cm in horizontal

plane and then find;

i. Inductance per conductor

ii. The loop inductance

iii. The loop reactance at 50 Hz.

Note: Neglect the effect of steel strand.

b) If a Bundling is going to be applied for the above line repeat the steps i., ii., iii.

given above for part a). if a bundle of two conductors and bundle of three

conductors is used and comment about the results.

c) For the line in part a) find;

a. Capacitance per conductor

b. Capacitve reactance reactance at 50 Hz.

c. If we have a bundling of two same conductors what will be the

Capacitance and Capacitve reactance at 50 Hz.

2) a) On the one line diagram given below (Figure 2) the three phase

generator has subtransient reactance of 15% the motors 1 and 2 are supplied over

55 km. Motors are rated 2.3 kV. Rated inputs to motors are 200MVA. For motor 1 X”

=20% and for motor 2 X”=15 %. Transformer T1 is 350MVA, 20 / 230 kV with

leakage reactance 15%. T2 is composed of three single phase transformers each

rated 127/13.2 kV, 100MVA with leakage reactance of 10%. Series reactance of

transmission line is 0.5 km. Generator ratings are base.

a) reactances of transformers

b) base impedance of transmission line

c) reactances of motors

d) draw the equivalent circuit diagram of the one line diagram



20 kV T1 T2

b) An interconnected generator Reactor system is shown in . Use the base

MVA 60 MVA. Find the fault current and fault MVA if V A 500kV 50 Hz 180 km long three phase overhead transmission line delivers 1600 MW at 475 kV and at 0.95 power factor leading to the receiving end at full load. Using nominal circuit calculate the;

a) ABCD parameters

b) Sending end voltage and current

c) Sending end power and power factor

d) Full load line losses and efficiency

e) Percent voltage regulation

f) What will be the value of characteristic impedance of the line?

g) Commment about the maximum Power that will be transferred.

z = R+ j 0.335 km , y = j 4.807 x 10-6 S/km

Note: Conductors are ACSR 1113- kcmil Finch. Assume 50 °C temperature for the conductor to find resistance of this line.

If the Conductors were ACSR 954000 cmil Cardinal, assuming 50 °C temperature do you expect any change comment on your resuls.

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