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Who: [url removed, login to view] | A health library & Online Pharmacy

What: Need article content formatted to HTML from plain text.

Minimum: 50 items per week. Most average ~200 - 500 items per week on our other site.

When: Start immediately.

Location of provider: Any.

Wages: $1.00 - $1.75 per "item" (See schedule below).


-ALL candidates must speak / write english as their primary language.

-A strong comprehension of writing composition, sentence structure, and grammar are mandatory.

-Must be familiar with PHPWCMS 1.2.3(dev) and it's built-in WYSIWYG

editor (FCKEditor v2.0 FC). This is a free opensource CMS downloadable via sourceforge.

-Must Sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure agreement).



You will be following an easy, 3 step process to complete the task, per item.

1. Go to a web URL (we provide), copy text.

2. Using FCKEditor v2.0 FC, which is accessed through an account we provide to our editorial staff, you will paste as plain text & format the plain text copy (from step 1) into HTML. Specifically, format the heading, subheading, anchortext, etc. to make the text look cosmetically pleasing & correctly formatted (For both the reader & the SE crawler like googlebot). Only the font "ARIAL" in black is used to maintain consistency with current content.

3. Save item, check your work in IE6, [url removed, login to view] and NS7+ to ensure no formatting mis-alignment or display problems are present.

If you aren't familiar with PHPWCMS's article system, get a free copy and practice the process of creating new articles. The basic PHPWCMS platform can be experimented with for free at www dot opensourcecms dot com. It is not 1.2.3(dev) like we use, but it

will give you a chance to experiment without harming anything. We can assist with basic questions on how to do basic things *IF YOU GET STUCK*, otherwise, RTM.

There is one rule that is non-negotiable: ALL HTML FORMATTING MUST BE CLEAN!! If you copy & paste something from an existing HTML document, you know that many times "extra" unnecessary code goes with it from the original creator / editor. We will reject any and all items that have dirty code / tags that are not directly used in the formatting of the item's text. This is one reason we instruct our editors to use a plain text copy for step 1, because as plain text, all the extra junk code is stripped.

Pretty easy and if you're fast, you will make some good money.

We will provide the resources, you provide the elbow grease.

If you are more comfortable with this kind of text formatting in MS WORD, FCKEditor allows you to use a "Paste from WORD" function which supposedly retains the HTML formatting. We haven't had a lot of success with this, but haven't tried it more than one time. Should you do this and find it works better for you, we have no objection as long as our criteria is met for end product.

You can earn more money per item (see schedule below) if you link keywords / anchortext to other documents within our site. As the database of items you add grows, the more interlinking opportunity

you have. Should you desire to go back through and complete the links after a set number of finished items, you may do so. We will only pay for completed items, however, so don't submit your "paysheet" to us with any item you still need to revisit / finish.

We reserve the right to reject any item for any reason. If an item is rejected, you will not be paid for said item and we will not publish or hold rights to use your work done on such.


-NO creative writing or scripting is necessary. This is simply Copy, Format, Save.

-NO copyright considerations are in question. In the event we recruit you to find content, we will NOT accept / publish / pay you for ANY copywritten material.

-All editors we hire -MUST- be up to speed with this platform upon starting the job. You will be working in a live environment with very little room for error.

-Very flexible payment options. If you prove to be an asset to us, we can accomodate basically any pay frequency / method. We suggest paypal Once a week. If requested, we can process a one-time initial payment from the first 20 items completed as an act of "good faith".

-Long Term possibility. We have enough work to keep someone busy for at least 8-12 months. Should our financial model become unbalanced from this project, we reserve the full right to exercise "throttling" of your submissions. This will not happen as long as you follow the procedure for submitting your "paysheet" (See schedule below) and maintain open dialog with us. We provide a toll-free contact phone number for reaching us during normal business hours. This toll free number is for use in the USA only.

SCHEDULE A: Getting Paid.

-Current base pay: $1.00 (One US dollar) for each item you correctly format. Currently, there are no maximum item quotas. The more you do the more you earn. We don't have minimum / maximum quotas for word count, but we expect you to work systematically throughout each URL we provide, gathering all items long and short.

-Base + $.50: If you link at least 3 different words in the item to other articles within our site, we will add $.50 ( one-half Dollar US) to the base payout. Links must be relevant and not redundant. In otherwords, you cannot link 3 instances of "dog" to an article about "how to wash your dog". Doing this part correctly will bring you a total of $1.50 per article.

-Base + $.75: Same as above (base+$.50) except you do 5 links instead of 3. So for an article that contains at least 5 internal links, you will earn a total of $1.75 per article.

-We pay weekly! Submit (via email) your paysheet on Friday, get paid within a few hours. We verify each item submitted for quality, duplicate content and copyright compliance. This normally takes a couple of minutes per item. Once paysheets are verified, we immediately pay you via paypal or other agreed upon methods.

-All wages are paid in US dollars.

-You will be considered a contractor for all intents and purposes. You will have no traditional employment relationship with our company, therefore not be entitled to any benefits, insurances, or other components typically offered under an employer / employee scenario.

-If you're a US citizen, you will be responsible for your tax obligation, if any.

Obviously, this is NOT rocket-science. If you are thinking about bidding with an hourly rate, don't waste your time. We will not hire anyone based on an hourly wage. We pay only on COMPLETED WORK. No advances, no draws.

We are a fair company and respect our business partners for the valuable work they do. As such, fair & promptly paid wages are a certainty.

All final candidates will be given a sample "test" item (via email) to format. It's simply a few paragraphs of plain text from a randomly selected source. Candidates will process said text and return it (via email).

ALL hiring will be done via this website. We have no time for independent screenings, phone calls, etc.. Any contact made outside of this forum will immediately result in disqualification.

ALL bids on this project will be reviewed regardless of the dollar amount. Since this project is paid per unit, NOT by flat fee / project price, the bid amount you submit is irrelevant.

We welcome your questions via PMB on this site.

Additional Instructions:

We will not be personally responding to every PM each day they arrive. We will read what you have to say, but don't expect a reply immediately. Half way through the project bid duration we will send responses to everyone who has bid on this project, and provide a sample as described elsewhere in the project information. Until then , please be patient. Thank you.

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