We urgently need 300 -500 Good Craigslist Phone Verified Account (PVA's)

Dear GAF Professionals,

We are in serious need of good craigslist phone verified account (PVA’s) suitable for posting in the U.S.A. All accounts must be created with Gmail accounts only. We will pay not more than $2.50 per PVA, which is a very competitive rate. If you can bid lower, that will be great as well.

Initial orders must not exceed 20-30 accounts, because we would like to test them and see if they are good. We are serious buyers. We pay only through GAF escrow funds. Blocked or dead accounts will not be accepted.

All PVA’s must have been created from different IP’s, and DO NOT CREATE PVA’S with the same password. BIG MISTAKE. CL is always looking for similarities and this is a dead giveaway.

Please note that all bids must be submitted with at least one test sample. If you do not have a test sample, we will not take your bid seriously. In the past when we have posted similar projects, and we have gotten an overwhelming response. It is very difficult to determine who is a genuine bidder and who is not. We have therefore made a decision to request a test sample with every bid. If you insist on getting paid for your test sample we will pay not more than $2.50 for your test sample via Pay-Pal. If your sample turns out to be bogus after we have remitted funds via Pay-Pal, we expect a full refund / replacement or you will be subject to a Pay-Pal claim.


If you have no idea how to do this and would like to make some extra cash, please read the information below. (Valuable information. Most people sell this information for $30-$50 and more. We give it away for free).

How to create a PVA(s)

(A)Friends and Family. Write down all your friends and family telephone numbers. Call them and tell them that you are trying out a new phone answering system. Tell them to write down the code from CL and you will call them back. Go on the CL site and enter their phone number(s). Call them back in a few minutes and get the code. You now have a PVA, ready to sell. Easy as pie.

(B)Cheap used phones. If you want to do this on a commercial scale. Go to the flea market and buy a couple of old cheap phones that nobody wants and is trying to get rid of. Activate prepaid service using your local provider. Every week call them and tell them that you want to change your phone number because you’re ex boyfriend /girlfriend is trying to call you, or because you are getting to many solicitation calls, or think of any excuse to change your phone number. Most phone providers will gladly change your phone number to keep you happy. Get on CL and enter the phone number, get the code and you now have new PVA’s ready to sell. Easy enough.

(C)Work phones. Go to work early or stay over a little bit longer after work and use all your work numbers to create PVA’s. If you work in a call center with hundreds of phones, you are in business.

(D)Join a dating site. Join a dating site or post an ad on CL asking for a date. You will get tons of guys and girls emailing you. When they email asking for a date, get their phone numbers and tell them by email that you want to verify that they are legit and not police or crazy people. Tell them that they will get a call from your verification office and they should send you that code by email if they want to date. You will get tons of phone numbers. Enter them on the CL site and you now have enough PVA to be calling this a full time business. This example works best if you pose as a single beautiful woman. Never give out your phone number or address. Just play the game and make some money.

(E)Cold Calling. Pick up your local phone book and *67 (block your number) and call down the list. Tell them that you are calling from the local phone company to test their line. Ask them if they would be interested in performing the test. Let them know to write down the code to make sure it is correct. Hang up get on the CL site enter their phone number and call them back to retrieve the code. Remember to block your phone number. If you can do that all day long, you can quit your day job. Perfect zero capital home based business. You can use the cold calling idea and pose as a radio station calling to offer them a prize. Just wait for the call get the code and we will call you back. Now you’re in business. Easy as apple pie.

(F)Get Creative. Think of other ways to get a bunch of people to give you their phone numbers and plug them into the CL site. I once advertised a new computer for sale real cheap on the internet. E.g. $ 35.00. Potential buyers would email me expressing their interest in buying the item. I would simply tell them that I am a sales rep for a large distribution company that is going out of business and liquidating their entire stock. I will call them and find out for you if they have any more computers available at that price. Could I please have your phone number? The ware house will call you in just a few minutes with your order number please write it down and email it to me so I can complete your order. Once you enter their phone number into CL, they get the call. They then email you the code and you now have a new PVA. Real simple.

Easy stuff. Make some money. Sell your PVA’s..

You must submit your bid with at least one sample PVA created through a Gmail account. Bids submitted without a sample PVA will not be TAKEN SERIOUSLY.

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