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Hello GetAFreelancer Members,

I'm in urgent need of a few qualified writers who are skilled in re-writing articles. Most articles I will send you are no more than 500 words, and you should be able to knock it out in 10 minutes...possibly less if you know what you're doing.

I'm looking to hire a team of writers and I can provide you with ongoing work if you meet the criteria!

That being said, I'm only looking for writers who KNOW that they are the BEST!

Please do NOT apply if you know that you struggle with English, don't understand

American idioms, and have serious problems with grammar! Understand that having a keyboard doesn't make you a writer, so please only apply if you actually have the skills it takes to create high quality content!

I'm looking to hire at least 3 writers who wish to have a steady stream of work DAILY!

With that being said, I need to weed out those who simply can't write well by requiring that everyone who applies rewrite the first 250 words of an article I paste below. EVERYONE will have the same test, but only those who write well enough will be assigned the job.

I will pay you every three (3) days for any articles you complete that are APPROVED and are PLAGIARISM-FREE!

When re-writing articles, I will NOT accept you just switching around the order of paragraphs, or making words plural, or substituting synonyms only. I expect to see competent writers who can reword paragraphs and sentences so that they still keep their original meaning, yet they are worded differently.

If you cannot do this, DO NOT APPLY!

Payment for each article will start off at $1.25 per article with a maximum of 600 words, minimum of 400. If your work is good, I will begin paying $2.50 per article!

Each writer has the opportunity to write up to 35 articles per day, meaning you can make up to $218 per week, or $872 per month.

If this sounds like something you can handle, please re-write the first 250 words of the article I pasted below. Send me a PM (private message) with your re-write and if you're an AWESOME writer, I will hire you TODAY!

Please place all bids for 35 articles.

Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you!


Most of us like to look good and why not this is how we can attract the opposite sex. Very few are born with a natural look but that does not mean that others can’t look good. There are certain things that need to be taken into consideration to improve your image.

7 Useful tips that can help you improve your image

1. You need to take good skin care: Good skin care is easy. Soap or lotion and moisturizing are the two main ways of improving the look of your skin. Our skin runs pat dry due to lack of water especially during the winter season. You need to have at least eight to ten glasses of water everyday to moisturize your skin. It’s very important to protect your skin from the harmful ultra violet ray of the sun. Pick a moisturizer with sun protection because sun damage is the main factor that ages skin.

2. Acne: One of the best ways to treat spots and acne treatments would be to use appropriate creams, soaps, cleansers and medications. It would be advisable to change products if you feel they are not working for your skin. If nothing works you can try antibiotics and specialized creams to get rid of them.

3. Body Odor: No one likes bad odor and we are surely you too. One of the best ways to get rid of body odors is by having regular showers and wash. You could also try out Anti precipitants and deodorants spray to regulate your odor and sweat.

4. Hair Cut: Workout on the look of your hair. Discuss with your beautician a haircut which can go with your image. Use a shampoo that is appropriate for your hair type and makes your hair look good.

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