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pls reorganize the following format in the well build concept writng format structure . which including grammer , structure in arrangement , paragraph in arragement , writng text /contents and etc suppose to added in the letter become perfect . pls reply in PM for the following letter in u new words become well build letter . AND THE letter need to add the ending conclusion become ending of the letter


Date: Nov30th 2007

To: micheal

From: amy

Subject: Account Manager in progress/status reports

This Report based on the Account Manager's duties as period during of Nov.

According to the follows tasks assigned:

1. A file is invoiced whenever work has been accumulated on file in each amount of USD$50K

2. Afile that has no activity for two months should be billed no matter how small the amount

3. No work should be carried out when invoices have been outstanding for more than 6 weeks

Work Completed

Based on above, I have created the Excel file of Summary of ABC Report and Outstanding Debt Report instead of hard copy. Also, I have been working on that and reorganizing and computerizing the Outstanding Debt with Robert that which is created the Excel File for tOM to follow up the payment status in record.

This Excel File every one can see it in the I Drive.

Summary of ABC report, I have provided to Fee Earners on 15th Nov for the first and 30th Nov for the second individually. Fortunately, the fee Earners are very helpful and returning on time after comment eventually.

For the data of Summary Report, the dates which is collecting from A/C department and we are now using the file link up data collection.

Debt Outstanding of the Excel File, TOM has been working and updating on it everyday, the Excel file will shows:

1. What dates have Reminder Letter been set out to the clients

2. When do we expect payment as Client inform

3. The reason of the client did not settling the invoice

Based on our credit period is 30 days, it was found that the Outstanding Debt most over 90 days overdue. And the most of first reminder letter was sending out over 25 days after due date and has not been follow up by telephone calls. According to this problem, I have been discussed to Terence who has been agreed will send the reminder letter within one week after over the 30 days credit term.

Further more, I had created the Report of Summary of ABC, In Progress File and Outstanding By twice a month present to you. That would be more clearly for you reviewing the performance for each Fee Earner.

Point Form for the work completed:

l Created the Excel file for reorganizing and computerizing the Outstanding Debt

l Link up the data with A/C department

l Created the ABC rport and sending out twice a month, mid and end of the month individually

l Reminder to fee earner of ABC after the first ABC sent out 2 weeks afterward

l Follow up and monitoring the Debt Outstanding with tOM

Problems Encountered

Because the Data collection keeps updating by everyday in A/C department which is now we are using the link up function against the computer. But we were found that the link up function will missed and not matched the data after insert into the file. It was quite difficult for data collection when the data will change every day.

I was found difficult to communicate with TOM. He is stubbornly not listening to what I am asking. Such as I would like to tell him that how to use the Excel file which I created, as expected, he would says that he is working on this for over 25 years, he knows how to do, with the sounds so rude. Basically, this working attitude will block the ways of more efficient

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