Write and edit- 1) PRIVACY POLICY text- 2) TERMS of USE/SERVICE text- 3) FAQ text- 4) ABOUT US text- 5) 2257 NOTICE text- 6) PROTECT KIDS text- and 7) DISCLAMER page text. This will be for a MySpace type of a website that is targeted for a mature communit


Write and edit- 1) PRIVACY POLICY text- 2) TERMS of USE/SERVICE text- 3) FAQ text- 4) ABOUT US text- 5) 2257 NOTICE text- 6) PROTECT KIDS text- and 7) DISCLAMER page text. This will be for a MySpace type of a website that is targeted for a mature community of adult members only. (Non pornographic)


The lower end of the $30.00 to $100.00 range will be considered the most for this task.

Background information and setting the stage:

We are getting to ready to launch a mature friendship community network site that will allow mature individuals to post, their own pictures, home made videos, blogs and etc. This site will be very similar to a “MySpace dot com” type of a community, but will also be similar to “Adult Friend Finder dot com”. In addition to being similar to these two sites, it will also have some elements of “Sex Search dot com” and “Eros dot com”

We are interested in someone with GREAT writing skills who will create the information text that will be linked in from the bottom of all of this site’s pages. We are not interested in someone who wants to plagiarize work and try to pass it as if is their own. If this is your intent please select a different project to bid and work on.

NOTICE: below


NOTICE: above

Description of job to be performed:

With the above said and out of the way…

The winner bid provider will need to go through the above mentioned websites to get a good idea of what we will need for our site. Since this site is similar to all of the above mentioned websites, you will need to have a very good idea of what is included in the above websites and WILL want to use them as reference when writing you own original text.


Three of the above mentioned sites have excellent information as to how this text should be written. We really liked the easy to follow format of SEXSEARCH dot com has and perhaps it may be used as a partial template, but we also liked some of the elements about no children or minors in ADULTFRIENDFINDER dot com included in this text. We prefer to have this text about children at or near the beginning. MYSPACE dot com also has some elements that would be required as this site will be very similar in nature, but with “mature” theme, please incorporate this into privacy text.


This perhaps is the single most important part of this assignment. Great care and complete thoughtfulness will be required on your part to complete this part of the task at hand. We prefer for this part to be too long as oppose to it being to short. Please no short cuts here.

Again three of the above mentioned sites will be very relevant as to what it is that we are looking for in preparing this text and the way it should be written. Here we like the flow of SEXSEARCH, but you may want to look at ADULT FRIEND FINDER for any elements that may be missing and incorporate them here. DO NOT CUT AND PASTE! All text needs to be original, as best can be. MYSPACE also has some elements that will need to be incorporated without duplicating information already mined form above references.

The following text needs to be included in the body of this section. You will need to proof read, correct English, spelling and grammar and if necessary rewrite to fit in.

This is a “mature” site, not a pornographic site, however members WILL be allowed to post and record both audio and video clips that are mature in nature and targeted to an all adult audience. Pictures and home made video clips with a mature nature will also be allowed in the member galleries. Pictures to be posted as the primary member’s photo cannot be obscene. Obscene is described as any picture or image that shows a close up picture of any member’s genitals. Also any bodily fluids and or excrement and or bestiality images are not allowed. Any human or foreign object penetration either vaginal or anal is not allowed either. ANY DEPICTION OF A MINOR OR SOMEONE WHO APPEARS TO BE A MONOR IS STRICKLY FORBIDED AND ANY MEMBER POSTING OR ATTEMPTING TO POST SUCH WILL BE SUBJECT TO IMMEDIATE TERMINATION AND WILL BE REPORTED TO AND ISP ADDRESS WILL B PROVIDED TO THE PROPER AUTHORITIES FOR PROSECTION TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE UNDER THE LAW.

3) FAQ

The scripts that will be powering this site can be found and tested at [url removed, login to view], scripts used are Dolphin 5.3, Ray Pro 2.0 and Ray Multimedia. Use the demo site to come up with some generic questions they may be asked by the users. Also look at ALL of the above mentioned sites to determine which questions and answers may be prudent to include in this section.


Again the scripts that will be powering this site can be found and tested at [url removed, login to view], scripts used are Dolphin 5.3, Ray Pro 2.0 and Ray Multimedia. Use the demo site to come up with some ideas. Also look at ALL of the above mentioned sites to determine what else may be included in this section. Below are some rough ideas of what we would like to see included in this “ABOUT US” text.

About this site:

This site is not meant to be a pornographic site, however it is intended to be a fun spot for adults to meet and make mature friends. This is “Your Spot to Meet & Make Mature Friends...” The World's Greatest Adult Personals & Swinger's Community, Meet Millions of Real People looking for Real Sex. “This site is just like a [url removed, login to view] but just for adults!” “Finally a [url removed, login to view] just for adults!”

Members will be able to:

View and/or post your own homemade sexy video clips! Record and make your very own mature Flash Video files! Listen to other member's mature Audio files! Record your own Flash Audio files! View mature members picture galleries and/or post your very own Sexy Pictures! Flash Chat with Audio Video or Instant Messenger (IM) with Audio Video or Web Cam! Connect, make friends and meet new interesting real people all looking for real sex and more!

We would really like to see your creative flow in this text section, the above is required, but would like any suggestions and input on your part.

5) 2257 NOTICE

Take note of the 2257 disclosure on SEXSEARCH and ADULT FRIEND FINDER and provide text that is very similar in nature, some parts of this text will be nearly identical because of the legal nature. Contacts and address will be provided to winning bidder to complete this section.


Use the ADULT FRIEND FINDER site (protect kids) section as a reference and also the MYSPACE (Safety Tips & tips for parents) section to come up with original text that can be incorporated into this part of our web site. Referring and encouraging parents and guardian to use such software as Net Nanny and other similar software to protect their children from adult content on the web.


Our site will allow escorts of all types to post profiles. As a result you will need to look at the EROS dot com website and incorporate similar text as can be found on their “DISCLOSURE” section.

Time is of the essence and we will be selecting a winning bid by 8:00am PACIFIC STANDARD TIME CALIFORNIA USA.

Thank you kindly for your consideration,



The last bid winner really let me down on this task. He took nearly a month and produced nothing for us. When he finally did give us something it was clear that he did not even read the assignment of task we requested.

I want to make sure that you have very clearly read what it is that we are asking. I also need to know that you WILL keep to a deadline and most importantly it is important that you have a good command of the American English language.

This is a very important task for us and we will be relying on you to complete an excellent quality job within the time allowed.

If you are selected for this task, the below instructions will be included as part of the task request/description.

1) Please write back to us with any questions that you may have about this project.

2) E-mail us back with information about your time zone and normal business hours. (We are in the Pacific time zone, California USA)

3) Web domain name is %%%%%.com and will need to be abundantly incorporate this name into the text to make it difficult for cut and paste theft. The corporate address information and information custodian will be provided at a later date or filled in by us for section 2257 NOTICE. For now just leave in a generic address such as 123 Maple Lane, Anytown, USA 10001.

4) The terms of service/use is the most important part of this task, please use great care and attention when writing this text. The part about obscene pictures not being allowed to be posted is just for the users primary profile picture. I have written this here as a clarification, in case there was a question. Please write to us should you have any questions at any time.

5) The FAQ section will require that you visit the [url removed, login to view] site and test and or research the demo for Dolphin 5.4, Ray Pro 2.1 and Ray Multimedia. You will need to do this so that you can anticipate what would be FAQ. Also visiting the other sites mentioned in the description will be a good guide for you.

6) The ABOUT US section will require you to put on your creative hat! Please show us your great talents here. There are some ideas that want included in this section. These ideas have been posted in the original job description.

7) We will be setting up an escrow for payment at GAF for this task or pay you upon completion via paypal

Thank you once again, we look forward to hearing from you very soon,


P.S. Please reply back to us if you should find that you are still interested in this task, as we would like to hear from you regarding our above concerns.

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