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Senior Data Loss Prevention Manager

€30-250 EUR

Julkaistu 27 päivää sitten

€30-250 EUR

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I'm seeking a senior-level Data Loss Prevention (DLP) expert with 8+ years of experience in the field to improve our data security. Your primary tasks will be to: - Design and implement DLP policies - Configure and monitor DLP solutions - Conduct risk assessments and provide recommendations for improvement The primary objectives of this role are to protect sensitive data from unauthorized access, monitor for potential data leaks, and ensure we’re compliant with relevant data security regulations. It's essential you're well-versed in the latest industry standards and technologies, can effectively communicate complex concepts to various stakeholders, and possess sharp analytical skills. Proven experience leading similar projects will be highly valued. REQUIREMENTS: 1- Hardware: - External media of any kind cannot be connected. 2- From our route Z:\\Projects: - Files cannot be sent anywhere via the web, email, or any other means. - Files cannot be moved outside the path, but between folders within the path. - All documents that are placed on the route will be labeled and will no longer be able to leave the route. - Documents can be deleted and will always remain labeled in the trash until they are completely deleted. - If files are created with Solidworks, Catia, Autocad applications, the files created will be labeled regardless of where they are saved and the same policy will be applied. - If files are opened with their respective application, e.g. Solidworks and "saved as" will also not be able to be saved outside the path. 3- From any route; - Point 2 applies to pfd, txt, word, odt, etc. files. that contain the word confidential. - Point 2 is applied to screenshots of applications that have confidential files open. NOTE: - Of course there is no point in trying to circumvent the protection with simple means such as compressing documents, changing extensions, editing binary documents and altering their content, etc., etc. - Before any EXCEPTIONS: - It is allowed to upload certain extensions generated from confidential files such as pdf, dxf, stl to a specific url, which is a cloud that we use to share information with authorized providers. ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONALITY: - Receive notifications to the administrator when a policy is violated. - Notify the user when they have violated a policy. - Be able to analyze policy violations and historifications. - Area to see the use made of the PC, such as viewing the applications used in hours/day, websites visited, etc....
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In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, data security is of paramount importance and I am a seasoned expert with over eight years of experience specializing in Data Loss Prevention (DLP). My name is Md Shofiur and I bring a comprehensive skillset that includes being certified in Windows Security, Ethical Hacking, WEB APP SECURITY FUNDAMENTALS and Website Hacking/Penetration Testing. My core competency lies in performing black and gray box testing, on the live web applications/networks or in lab environments. This helps me ensure systems designed are not just secure but also impenetrable. My expertise extends beyond just configuring DLP solutions to designing and implementing DLP policies based on industry's best practices and latest regulations. I can also effectively communicate complex concepts to various stakeholders, a skill that will be invaluable in your project where you have various policies for different file types. My experience includes providing vulnerability assessment for PCI & HIPAA Compliance which showcases my capability to design and implement fool-proof security solutions adhering to even the most stringent compliance standards. Lastly, one of my key strengths is being proactive. I do not just configure and monitor DLP solutions, but I proactively scan for potential risks and make recommendations for improvement. This aligns with your objectives of protecting sensitive data from unauthorized access and potential leaks.
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Hi Jesus A., How are you doing? As a professional mechanical and civil expert with expertise inIntrinsic Safety Applications, Computer Security and Safety Consulting, I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to complete this project for you. Please drop me a message to discuss the project detail. Thank you for considering my services.
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I have many years of experience on Computer Security, Intrinsic Safety Applications, Safety Consulting
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