Coldfusion 8 Snippets

This is for VERY EXPERIENCED Coldfusion developer only!!!


I need help to get some ColdFusion 8 based pieces of code that can run with Flash Forms. I need these as completely contained fully functional snippets that I copy onto my server and run.

1) Delete confirmation pop-up for self posting flash form pages

2) Multiple CFSELECT fields bind to a CFGRID using the new CFC technique

3) Button status within form depending on selected CFGRID result.

4) Picture crop

1) Delete confirmation pop-up


In a self posting form, (... form action=#CGI.Script_Name#...), we have to manage a delete button.

If the delete button is pushed, the delete process shall only be started after the user confirmed OK in a popup field. If the user confirms a “cancel” the delete process should be ignored.

What I need is a way to show a popup window requesting the user to confirm the delete prior to go through the actual delete process.

2) Multiple CFSELECT bound to a CFGRID


Using the enhanced CFC method of CF8 this is now possible. This need to play in a FLASH FORM. I know there is a new method in CF8 using CFCs. The CFSELECT need to change the displayed values based on the values provided by the respective grid column content once the grid item is selected.

What I need is the syntax for both, the CFCs and the Flash based forms – a complete example to do that.

3) Conditional button activation based in CFGRID results


We have a flash form page similar to the one above. Now, some of the results after selecting an item from the grid shall allow to push a button and link somewhere else. But other results shall suppress that function.

I think there may be a work around via Javascript or also a new CFC method to do that with an onchange statement on the grid that may make the button visible or not.

So the expected behavior is that if I click on a grid item and an item value may be "private" a button in the same page shall be visible="no". If the item value is "public" the button shall be visible="yes".

4) Image adjustments


To upload images into our application we allow the user to go through a upload process which then stores the image on the server. But we are lacking a method to crop the pictures so we can shrink them automatically to the right size. We are having multiple size levels for multiple types of images (Logo, photo, screenshots) that need to be available as thumbnails and properly resized for the application. Obviously the challenge is to make it work so the image ratio (height to width) remains intact, regardless what the use uploads (within limits of course.



Please include in your responds :

1) State that you have experience with CF8 and it's new features

2) Tell me that you reviewed the attached code example and know the solution.

3) Tell me what time you need to finish it.

Sorry but I won't respond to generic "I can do that for you".



$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Payments $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

I will put 50% of the agreed fee in escrow and release after I saw all 4 functions running on YOUR server inside the attached Flash Form.

I will put the other 50% in escrow and release after I received the code.

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