Earn up to $1,000/month creating short training videos

We are a small training video production company looking to hire content developers to produce short (5+ minute) tip-based training videos over various technical fields. We are looking for videos that focus on graphics, animation and computer programming and will pay $10 per video, up to 100 videos ($1000) a month.

Each training video must be screen-captured with clear and concise voiceover using computer screen capturing software such as Camtasia. The required video length is a minimum of 5 minutes. Video topics are to be tips, tricks and functionality for any of the following applications:

- 3D graphics/animation applications such as Maya, 3ds Max, Houdini, etc.

- 2D graphics/animation applications such as Photoshop, Painter, Flash, etc.

- Game design topics (character, level, or other asset design) using current-gen game engines such as Unreal Engine 3, CryEngine, etc.

- Web design applications such as Dreamweaver or similar.

- Video editing/compositing applications such as Combustion, AfterEffects, Premiere Pro, etc.

- Computer programming with C++, C#, Java, Assembly, etc.

- APIs (OpenGL, DirectX, XNA, etc.)

Note: Other similar topics or applications are acceptable if prior approval is received. Please submit a PM detailing the application and topics you are interested in covering.

Bidders must be:

- Talented and driven individuals capable of producing screen-captured video tutorials using their own equipment. This will include requisite software (such as Camtasia) and sound equipment, quality microphone, etc.

- Highly experienced in at least one of the fields listed. We will give preference to those with professional experience.

- Comfortable presenting screen-captured tutorials with voiceover.

- Able to present topics in a clear and concise manner. Teaching experience is preferred, though not required.

- Fluent English speakers. It is not required that English is the presenter’s first language, provided that they can be clearly understood. Accents are acceptable, as long as the presenter can easily be understood by a native English speaking audience.


Bidders are required to provide the following for consideration:

- Credentials in the form of a résumé or CV.

- A portfolio, demo reel or similar example of completed works.

- A brief audition video, no less than 5 minutes and no more than 20 minutes, showcasing the presenter’s ability to teach the topic of their choice. This video must meet the same requirements that are expected from any other video that would be considered for pay. Think of it as an audition, impress us. Simply select any topic from the application of your choice, and create a short video of you teaching it. Please send the requirements via PM. It is preferred that you upload your audition video to a location of your choice, and provide us with a means of accessing it.

Once hired, the bidder must be able to provide:

- A list of the specific topics they intend to cover in their videos. This list must be approved before moving forward. We will not approve topics that have already been created by other content developers. We will also not approve topics such as “How do I open a file?”, “How do I save a file?”, or “How do I undo an operation?” We are looking for interesting and informative content. No videos will be accepted without prior topic approval.

- Completed videos in the required digital format (explained below), uploaded to a provided FTP location:

Video Details:

We are looking for short training videos that cover a single aspect of the selected topic. We call the format “How Do I” videos. Each video will start with the presenter asking a single question, such as, “How do I rig a character’s hand for animation in Maya?” After this, the presenter will answer the question by showing exactly how to complete the task in question.

The presenter should be ready to supply enough clear explanation of how and why the operation works in at least 5 minutes of video time. This should NOT include idle filler or “chatter.” The presenter should instead supply supporting lecture or examples to help the viewer completely understand the topic.

Topics for each video must be approved prior to production, though topic approval does not guarantee acceptance of the final video. Each final video must be approved before it is accepted for payment. We will judge videos based on the following criteria:

- Whether the video was provided using the required format. Naturally, if the video cannot be opened or is technically unusable, then we cannot accept it for payment.

- Audio quality, including technical and presentational. For example, we will not accept videos that suffer from static-filled audio or audio that contains a great deal of ambient noise (including traffic, animals, household sounds, etc.).

- Conciseness and clarity of presentation. Minimal idle chatter, with no rambling of unnecessary repetition.

- Professionalism of the presenter. We cannot accept videos that contain extensive stuttering, use of “Um,” or “Uh,” and so on.

- Whether the video falls within the time specifications. The video must be at least 5 minutes long. There is no maximum time length, so long as the presentation remains clear and concise. Keep in mind, however, that regardless of the length, we are only paying $10 per video!

Note: In the case of highly technical or complex topics, we are willing to authorize the presenter to divide the topic into multiple parts. However, each part must be well planned, having a clear start and finishing point and must contain relevant information with individual value. For instance, the purpose of a single part must be more than just getting to the next part.

Video Technical Specifications:

The bidder should be comfortable with and able to provide videos meeting these exact specifications:

- Screen capture resolution of 1024x768. This is the optimal size for our video system.

- Frame rate should be ten (10) frames per second.

- Video must be in AVI format and must be encoded/compressed through the use of a codec, such as Xvid. Do not send an uncompressed AVI file! The audition video can be encoded using the codec of the content developer’s choice, as long as the codec is freely available for Microsoft Windows. We do ask that developers provide the name of the codec used. Selected content developers will later be given a specific set of rules for capturing actual contract videos to our production standard.

- Voiceover audio must be encoded to WAV format. Specific parameters are: [url removed, login to view], 16bit, mono

- For computer programming topics, on-screen text needs to be readable by the viewer. No fancy fonts, please!

- We prefer that the Windows taskbar is hidden during videos. If it must be visible during the recording, then the content developer must make sure that only pertinent applications are showing. We will not accept videos in which irrelevant applications spontaneously open during the demonstration, such as a Skype or Windows Messenger window.

Payment Details:

We will only pay for videos that have been reviewed and accepted. We will review your videos within 2 business days from delivery and contact you with either acceptance or rejection of your submission.

We will remit payment for videos only on the first and third Friday of each month.

The pay cycle for each payday ends on the previous Wednesday at precisely 6:00pm Central Time. Any videos reviewed and accepted after 6:00pm CT Wednesday will be eligible for payment on the following payday.

Please keep our 2 business day review turnaround time in mind if you want to be paid promptly! For example, if you submit a video on Tuesday morning the week of a payday, we may not be able to review it until Thursday, meaning that you will not get paid for that video until the following payday!

Please be aware that we are only authorizing up to 50 videos ($500 payment) per pay cycle, or $1,000 per month!

Be aware that highly talented presenters may be offered the opportunity to produce larger-scale training videos with much higher pay possibilities!

Bidders acknowledge and accept that all copyrights to any videos produced will be transferred to and retained by our company upon payment as a part of this contract!

We are looking to begin as soon as possible. If you are ready to submit the requirements for consideration, then we are excited to hear from you. Simply PM the required articles, and we will get back to you promptly. Thank you.

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