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Bot for in game, with the details




* Build-Order Guide

* Upgrade Reminders

* Automated Build Queues

* Map Overlay for Creeps

* Auto-Cast & Auto-Target more spells

* Health Triggers

* Resource Triggers

* Auto-Cast for Items

* Single-key Spell Casting

Build-Order Guide

The Build Order Guide is designed to help new players know which buildings and units they should build in the first few minutes of the game. The Guild will display which building(s) to build first, and which units to create, as well as what tasks they should perform.

The initial build order is optimized to get the player's hero & 5 units built and ready for creeping. The instructions for the build order are stored in a text file, and can be modified if the user wants reminders for other buildings, etc.

The Guide can detect when the user builds certain units & buildings, and can then update the on screen reminder to the appropriate point in the build order.

This feature can be turned off, since most advanced players already have their initial build order memorized.

Upgrade Reminders

Upgrade Reminders are useful for players who are forgetful about doing upgrades at the necessary point in the game. The reminders are customizable by the players, so that if they focus on a certain unit they can just get upgrade reminders for that unit. The reminders are also flexible for when they are triggered. They can be time-based (e.g., 10 minutes into the game), resource-based (after reaching 1000 gold and 200 lumber), or some combination of time & resources.

Reminders are displayed in a small flashing window (the location is also customizable). The user can close the window, at which point the reminder will be "snoozed" until 1 minute (or some other time) later. If the user does purchase the upgrade, The not should automatically detects this (from the graphics and mouse clicks on the screen), and removes that reminder from the list.

Reminders are fully customizable in terms of which upgrades are desired, and at what point the reminder should be made.

Automated Build Queues

In War Craft III it can be very easy to forget to add units to your build queues. You can be so busy fighting creeps to gain experience, or engaged in battles with the enemy, that you completely forget to build units. And unlike other RTS games, War Craft does not allow you to queue units to build if you don't have the resources available immediately. This can be disastrous if units aren't built for a long time, because your enemy has certainly been building units!

Automated Build Queues work by setting a target mix of forces. For example, you might want to have 5 Knights, 2 Riflemen, 2 Priests and 2 Sorceresses. The bot Should detects how many units you currently have of each type, and also when resources become available.

When the time is right (i.e., not in the middle of a large battle), the bot should be prompted when you click a button to automatically add units to your build queues. Note that you must first set hot keys for the appropriate buildings for those units (see hotkey notes below).

Note that you can modify your optimal mix of forces in the game. If you notice your enemy is building only one kind of unit, you can change your target mix to better counter your enemy. A simple in-game user interface allows you to add or remove units from your optimal mix.

Map Overlay for Creeps

Finding and killing Creeps is an extremely important aspect of WarCraft III. Things won't go well if you bump into the enemy who has a Level 10 Hero and you only have a Level 5 Hero. The key is to find Creeps quickly, and to find Creeps that are within your level range. For new players who are unfamiliar with a map this can be a very difficult task. Even experienced players sometimes forget the location of certain key Creeps. On top of this the Fog of War only makes finding Creeps more difficult.

The Creep Overlay for the map helps you locate Creeps that are within you level range quickly. The bot should detects which map you are playing, and then loads the Creeps database for that map. Creeps are then displayed on the overlay map (even if that part of the map hasn't been explored yet). By moving the mouse over the Creep overlay, you will see the Creep Level and what types of Creeps they are.

The Bot should detect where you have moved on the map, and will remove Creeps from the overlay after you have visited that location on the map.

An in game user interface will be supplied to build a custom creep overlay map for new maps. The should have the Creeps database populated for all of the default maps.

Auto-Cast & Auto-Target more spells

The bot should constantly scan your units health & mana. You can then setup certain rules for the bot to fire spells when certain conditions are met. See below for which types of spells can be automated. Note that the examples below are given for the Human race, but equally apply to other races as well.

Paladin's Holy Light - automatically heal other units when their health drops. Priority can be given to other heroes or to certain types of units. the bot should automatically select your Paladin, activate the Holy Light spell, and automatically cast it on the target unit. Note that the target unit must be in your currently selected group.


Archmage's Summon Water Elemental (WE) - to ensure you always have as many WE's summoned as possible. At higher levels an Archmage can have up to 4 WE's summoned at any time. Since it can be costly to not have your WE's summoned, this reminder feature could save your Archmage's life.

Sorceress' Invisibility - can be cast as protection for nearly dead units. Can also "group cast" on all selected units to prepare for a sneak attack.

Priest's Inner Fire - although Inner Fire is already an auto cast spell, using the bot you can automate casting Inner Fire on all units (e.g., "group cast") before a battle begins, so that you know you are prepared, have sufficient mana, etc.

Priest's Dispel Magic - The unit selection window can be scanned for units that have harmful spells (based on their dark color), and the Priest will automatically cast Dispel Magic on that unit. This can be used to automatically counter the Undead's Sleep spell, etc.

Health Triggers

the bot should constantly scan the health and mana of your selected units and can perform certain actions when their health falls below a user-defined threshold. See the section on Auto Cast Spells above for examples of actions that can be performed on units with low health.

Resource Triggers

the bot should constantly scan your resources, and can be set to alert you when your resources are too high and you should build some units. See the section on Automated Build Queues for more information.

Auto-Cast for Items

How many battles have you lost and then realized your hero died with a Red Drake Egg, or with a healing potion that went unused? By turning on Auto-Cast for specific items, the bot will automatically use the item when appropriate.

Auto-cast for items is fully customizable. You can set a threshold for when to use a heal or mana scroll, based on a percentage of hit points, or an absolute threshold. You can also set a threshold for when to use a summoning item based on the severity of the battle. For example, you can set it to auto-cast on the item only when it is a major battle (i.e., lose > 10% of unit's hit points). That way you don't waste an item on low level creeps.

Single-key Spell Casting

In the thick of battle speed is everything. By using Single-key spell casting, you can just press one key (user customizable) to select a unit sub group and press the spell hotkey. For example, you could set up a single-key for the Sorceress' polymorph spell. When you press your key, the sorceress sub-group is automatically selected, the polymorph hotkey is pressed for you, so all you need to do is target the spell. This can make casting spells two to three times faster than normal.

Notes on How the bot should Work

* the bot only executes actions when the Alt key is held down. the bot never interrupts the user. So when you start a battle, you can do all of your initial moves, and then hold Alt down to let the bot auto-cast other spells, etc.

* All bot features can be stopped by releasing the Alt key (during important battles, etc) and can be restarted by pressing Alt again.

* the bot constantly scans the screen to get game information such as: current resources, health and mana of selected units, which buildings & units have been built, etc. When certain information is discovered (such as a hero has low health), some triggers may be fired (such as heal spells, etc).

* the bot constantly scans the "action" window where the user clicks commands for units & buildings. This way Xylobot knows when certain buildings or units are built.

* the bot decodes on-screen text to recognize when certain units or buildings are selected. bot also scans the keyboard for unit-formation commands (e.g., CTRL-1 to create a hotkey for some units or buildings). With these features, bot can recognize which hotkey is for the Barracks, and can automatically select the Barracks (using that hotkey) and queue units at the appropriate time.

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