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File Encryption program:

You are NOT coding an encryption program but are tapping into the same encryption functions that are already built into the Mac systems. So basically you are just making a pretty interface with a few extra's. You are tapping into the same code. We are just making it a one step process to do the encryption and with a professional styled interface. We are unsure of what programming experience requirements are needed to complete this project.

Mac OS already has a built in way to make encrypted files and retrieve them by password. I want an application designed to make this process simple and pretty for users. Basically a well designed application with eye-candy features for new Mac users.

You are to design a modern good looking interface and code an application that will use the same options and functions that the built in Mac OS has plus any helpful options you may decide to add.

You will provide a unique and original desktop icon.

Your interface will include a brand logo to be approved by us (We will provide the name - you make the logo).

You will include an installer as needed.

We will provide a users agreement to use with the installer.

Include color labeling option in interface.

You will code in [url removed, login to view] code to allow the application to be sold and activated through their system. We will tell you which options we require.

NOTE: If you are not able to provide the interface graphic design work or icon then bid lower and let us know we need to provide this -- but you will still need to provide us with an interface layout so we have something to give to a graphics designer.

Project to start immediately. Please give an accurate time frame for completion.

Confidentiality agreement required.

Below are basic instructions on how the Mac OS built in encryption works. Try it out to see how it functions:

First, launch Disk Utility (/Applications/Utilities). Choose File: New: Blank Disk Image. Choose a maximum size for your folder; I use [url removed, login to view], so even if I fill up the disk image, I can still burn it to a DVD-R. Under Encryption, choose AES-128 or your encryption preference. From the Format pop-up menu (near the bottom of the New Blank Image dialog box), choose Sparse Disk Image. Give your encrypted disk image a name in the Save As field, and choose a storage location on the hard disk. I called mine [url removed, login to view] and saved it in my Documents folder. When you're done with all of that, click on the Save button.

Now its password time. When the Authenticate dialog box appears, choose a password. Many of us choose bad passwords we use obvious words or number sequences that anyone with a bit of patience, intelligence, and password-cracking software could figure out.

That's why you should press the key button next to the Password text box. Doing so will summon Apples Password Assistant, which will help you generate a good, strong password. In the Type menu, select Memorable (it uses combinations of words, numbers, and punctuation that are relatively easy to remember). You can create shorter or longer passwords by adjusting the Length slider; longer passwords are, obviously, more secure. If you don't like the password in the Suggestion box, click on the down-arrow button to see more. Password Assistant will rate each suggestion in its Quality bar. You can provide your own passwords; Password Assistant will tell you whats wrong with them in the Tips box. If you absolutely must, write down the password and store the paper in a secure place away from your laptop; otherwise, commit it to memory. Remember that if you lose the password, you'll lose the data in the folder.

Once you have picked a password, verify it in the Verify box, deselect the Remember Password option, and click on OK. Disk Utility will save your new disk image wherever you specified, with the name you supplied.

Test your new disk image by double-clicking on it and supplying the password. It should appear as a new disk in the Finder sidebar, just like any other drive or removable disk. The only difference is that when you eject it, the disk image file remains on your hard drive, though no one can read or mount it without the password.

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