Mobiads is mobile advertising agency based in Kenya we need a software developer who can develop or preferably has developed a mobile coupon software application following specifications;

 The coupon distributor will be able to setup any number of coupons on the system with all the relevant information relating to the product, amount of discount & expiry date. These coupons will then be ready to be sent out to mobile phones.

 Subscribers can either request for coupons by sending a keyword to short code number or subscribe to receiving coupons on a regular basis through our website. Upon request or subscription customers will receive an SMS with a wap link where they can download a coupon to their phone; coupons will look the same as paper coupons part with barcodes & a picture.

 Once received the customer will visit participating stores buy a product and at the checkout the cashier scans the coupon from the mobile phone & the item or items will be discounted.

 Once the coupon has been scanned, the back office will be notified that this customer has used the coupon & the necessary administration on the coupon is done automatically.

 Phone coupons can be used by all customers with a mobile phone.

The phone coupon system backend will be used by: coupon distributors, & manufacturers.

Phone Coupon Components

The components that make up phone coupons are as follows:


The phone coupons website is split into two sections:

phone coupons information portal

The information portal will be a standard website describing phone Coupons.

Administration area for coupon administratio

the administration area is the heart of m- Coupons. The following subsections make up the administration area:

Coupon campaign manager

The management of coupons will be done by store owners or marketing companies, coupons can be created and uploaded to the system ( or generated by the system, with manufacturers typing in the unique barcode ID number) & then a coupon campaign can be created and monitored through this interface.

SMS interface

The SMS interface will allow a customer to send a key word to a short requesting for a coupon. Any text entered in will be sent to the backoffice where a search for the product coupon or store coupon book can be sent to the phone.

Phone coupons back office

Administration area

Coupon management area

creating a coupon campaign

this involves creating a digital coupon, incorporating a picture & barcode, the barcode is generated by coupon generator and attached to the image of the coupon.

Monitoring coupon campaigns

All coupons can be monitored to assess any coupon campaign the following are some of the metrics that can be monitored:

o Number of coupons sent

o Number of coupons used

o Products bought by a particular customer

o Frequency of shopping

o Date/Time shopping habits of a customer & groups of customers

Coupon Generator

A subsystem that generates coupons & coupon books

A phone coupon is an image with an encrypted barcode attached, the barcode is the unique identifier used to track each coupon sent to each customer.

Barcode manager

the barcode manager is an ancillary component and is also a part of phone Coupons. The barcode manager allows product manufacturers to send to distributor barcodes associated with a product to distributors. These barcodes are then used by the distributor to create phone coupons.

A manufacturer uploads a barcode & product description to the portal (or generates one on the portal itself), an note is sent immediately to the coupon distributor that a new product barcode has been added to the portal, the distributor can now use that product barcode to create a m-coupon & m-coupon campaign based on this barcode.


1. Subscription Lists - Allows you to build an unlimited number of subscribers to one or more groups. Members either text in a keyword to a short code, or sign up online. You may then send out future text messages to subscribers.

2. The control manager should be a user-friendly application that is easy for non-technical staff to create campaigns for various advertisers.

3. the coupons can either be serialized (for campaigns where multiple redemption is not allowed) or viral (where multiple redemption is allowed)

4. Able to report call-in mobile numbers by date, campaign e.t.c to show usage rate for each item being created, and prepare reports on coupon requests and redemptions for advertisers to be able to view the campaigns performance in real time online.

5. Auto response from recipients if they need to stop receiving further text messages from sender.

6. there should be two online interfaces one for the advertisers whereby they open an account and are able to get reports on the performance of their campaigns and another one for consumers whereby they sign up to receive coupons. ( I suggest that we create another website for consumers only to avoid the site being to big and also customize the two sites for the different visited i.e. one to be packed with contents for advertisers and the other with contents for consumers.

7. the application should be in such a way that we will develop further application based on it such as contests, voting, downloads e.t.c


The system should operate in two scenarios

Scenario 1 - A customer text a key to a short code;

A customer will send a keyword to short code requesting for a coupon. A reply from will be sent to her phone with either a wap link to download the bar-coded coupon or a simple text telling her to visit a store to redeem the coupon.

She then goes to the supermarket & takes the product to checkout, the product is scanned along with the m- coupon. The item is discounted by the amount stated on the coupon.

In the M-Coupon back office that coupon is marked as been used, all details regarding the sale of the product are recorded including time/date bought, and added to the history of products bought by this customer. This information is available at the back office for viewing by the relevant parties.

Scenario 2 – Creating a coupon campaign from start to finish

A customer visits our website and subscribes to be receiving coupons on a regular basis

The redemption process is the same as in scenario one above

Coupon campaign creation

A product manufacturer uploads a number of barcodes & product descriptions to the Barcode portal.

An email is then sent to the distributor(s) of those products, the distributor then enters coupon management portal & sees that new product barcodes have been added to the system. The distributor can choose any number of products with which to create a coupon campaign with.

A new campaign can then be created by the coupon manager and to this campaign products can be added, by selecting each product including ones added by the supplier. Coupons are generated & can be sent to customers’ immediately.



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