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Please don't dismiss me out of hand because of my starting budget :)If I had more money, I would offer it. I will put your agreed bid in escrow -- I may be broke but I'm also fair :)

I'm thinking that this is a simple todo app that links to file folders on my computer (music, text) but has user templates to choose from for the day's appearance ... If necessary, I can be happy with a simple application that satisfies just my basics, and that I can return to you later to upgrade when my budget upgrades. Please let me know in comments.

I need this program to become organized enough to complete the deadline project I'm counting on to launch my company.


I need a small todo application that does the following:

a) on Saturday or holiday, or summer, I can click a button and choose from a pre-set todo list template that I've already made for those non-work days (and I can add new templates as I need them!);

b) lets me click a button to play pre-chosen songs while I work if I want to;

c) lets me click a button to pop up some text notes if I need to see them while I work;

d) I'd like to group my todo items by 5 categories, each of which automatically has a different color font;

e) and I'd like to be able to choose which tasks display and hide those I don't want, so my todo list for a given day doesn't get long or cluttered.

That's everything! I'm sure you will have specific questions that I haven't thought of, but these are the functions I'm looking for.


Job type: I don't know enough about this to choose correctly; correct provider will most likely be familiar with enough platforms that he/she can expertly decide.

Database: Same as with job type

Operating system: Windows is mandatory; I desire to ALSO be able to see my current todo list on a blackberry; cross-platform would be wonderful, but I can wait for that if it's out of my limited budget for the moment. I am also open to provider's expert opinion as to whether this should be standalone, online or offline app., as I don't know enough about the pros and cons of each. I just need it on my PC and the list itself on my blackberry.


I respectfully ask that you DO NOT write me a list of all the platforms you know and how competent your staff is, etc. I won't understand and you needn't go to all the trouble of listing all your credentials.

Instead, if you could please just (a) send me a link or attachment to any program(s) which show me you know how to do this; (b)ask me questions that you need the answers to in order to know if you want to bid; and (c) inform me of anything I've written in these details that I should have done in a way that is better for you in future.

Thank you!

Dear Interested Bidders:

I have made changes to this project in the following manners: First, a friend who is not able to customize this for me right now has written me directions to accomplish it in his application.

I STILL NEED a custom version of my own however, so this project remains open.

However, this means that I will have an opportunity to see, as a beta user in a way, exactly what it feels like to use it, what modifications and user experience are needed. Then I can show you exactly what I want from you, to whatever extent the copyright owner will allow me.

Therefore I am extending this project for a week in order to play around with the similar app and express it more clearly to bidders here.

It has been suggested to me that Ruby/ruby on rails, with MSQL is probably the platform that this should be built in, as there will be cutting edge support available for current and future use. I have no idea what ruby is, but good support sounds good to me, so I'm passing that info on :)

I will return shortly with the clearer info. Thank you for your interest.

Taidot: Java, Javascript, Ruby on Rails

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