Simple Android App to view IP Camera Stream (just camera stream)

for my hobbies, I want to learn to do some basic Android app development, but need a hand to "kickstart" my project. (I have a background in .NET / PDA development as well as web, and C++), but I am new to Android / Java development and don't yet understand the framework. My end goal is to have an app that allows me to remotely control a tracked robot using Bluetooth and, on the same screen has a feed from an IP Camera that will be mounted to the front of the robot.

For this project, I only need you to drop a window on a blank screen that shows me a streaming view of my IPCam (see attached pic). - I have an HTC EVO View - 7" screen and mostly intend to use it in landscape mode.


- Must run on Android Gingerbread 2.3.4 or later.

- I will be using the Ai-Ball IPCam, but this should support any IP Camera that streams. [url removed, login to view] I will provide a second Foscam camera URL for you to test as well. I'd like to make sure both can be made to work, but will need to understand what parameters need to change (i.e. username/pwd)

- Single full screen app with the streaming result showing. I want streaming video, not a still image capture that refreshes every xxx ms. I believe the mjpegview handles this?

- Ideally, I will be using this in landscape mode, but it would be nice if it could revert between portrait or landscape. In landscape mode, stream output can be a box on the left side approx 70% of the screen space (this will leave me some space to drop nav buttons when I learn how to code. (see attached file). In Portrait, the stream view can be on the top. If adding portrait mode is cost prohibitive, then indicate this in your bid as to which mode you can deliver. Preference will be given to the bidder who can deliver both within the budget.

- Since I don't fully understand the Android dev environment, I assume I need an exit button (I want to be able to explicitly close the app and not have it always running in the bg). if the Android "back" button performs the same as exit, then I don't likely need the button. The exit button can go at the top right.

- Will want the following info from you (really Android 101 stuff):

- What class you used to show the stream? i.e. mjpegview

- how to resize / move the window you created

- link to documentation for whatever class was used (to allow me to understand it's parameters)

- any other tips or suggestions.

What I will provide:

- Other than details about my device, I will provide a URL to 2 different IPCams that I want to test.

- I will install the Android SDK on my machine. Just need you to guide me on how to get the app running on my device.

My passing criteria:

- I can get the app running on my dev machine and HTC EVO view and see the streaming output from the 2 IP Camera's in the window provided.

I don't imagine that this would take an experienced android developer more than 30 minutes to setup. My goal is two fold. One to get me familiar with the SDK and how apps are developed, and two to get me a quick app framework that I can build upon to allow me to then add Bluetooth and control buttons to remotely control the robot that the IPCam will be mounted to.

- Project delivery timeframe negotiable, but generally must be delivered within 2 weeks of selection.
- All source code to be provided. I want to be able to edit and update the app after is is complete.

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