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Based on your readings and your personal experiences, prepare an essay-style

summary (800-900 words) of your understanding of the role of project management in

today’s business environment. Include practical examples by applying your

understanding to your own workplace.

Guidelines for assignment 1:

 Consider your workplace; are you involved in projects. If so, what is your assessment of

how well they are selected, managed, resourced, appraised, and closed? If you are not

involved in projects, can you talk to someone who is? Even if project management does

not exist in your workplace, is there scope to introduce it? If not, why not? (What are the

barriers?). What elements of project management could you introduce into your own

daily tasks?

 The purpose of assignment 1 is to have you reflect on project management as an

efficient way of getting work done, to consider your workplace culture and organisation,

and to assess their impact on project management.

 The assignment is not due until after the lectures have completed. This is to allow

students to reflect on the class-room material just covered, before assessing project

management usage in the workplace.

An understanding of Chapter 3 “Organisation structure and culture” in the text book will

benefit the completion of assignment 1.

 References are not essential for assignment 1 and should be limited to course material

including the text book.

 To gain a high grade, students must compare course material to what they see and

experience in their workplace, using their own terms to describe and analyse their

organisation’s approach to project management.

Assignments should be typed using 12 font size, Times New Roman font style and 1.5 line spacing. Must be using APA referencing.


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