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I need someone to read a group of articles and provide me with a summary for each article. The number of papers I want to be worked on is 31 papers. The papers are publications, I have attached an example of a paper with this project. If you are interested, send me a summary of 200-250 words only for this paper if your work is good enough I'll gladly work with you. Work MUST be completed in 10 days. A summary of 200 words should cover the following:

1-) What the research addressed

2-) How he sampled the data, what methodology was used (survey, sample size...etc.)

3-) Findings (results) and conclusion.

You must write the paper using your own words, no copy/write of article contents. This is an example of a summary for a paper, see how it's organized and addresses all the requirements above? That's exactly what I want for each paper.

Gender Of Siblings And Choice Of College Major

Authors: Anelli, M and Peri, G

Anelli and Peri (2005) examined whether the gender of a students’ siblings affect their choice of college major. The researchers used a set of data that contained 30,000 Italian students who had graduated from high school between 1985 and 2005 which came from 15 high schools in Milan. The researchers used the last name and the exact family address to identify the siblings. This was done by searching the family address in the Google geo-coding system to get the geographic coordinates of the students. They researchers were then able to follow the students’ academic career from high all the way to their graduation from college by linking this data to student enrollment data from all universities in Milan. The researchers analyzed the effect of gender composition of siblings in a family on the choice of college major and then on the choice of high school track.

Anelli and peri (2005) found out that students that come from a family that has mixed gender have a tendency to choose college majors following a stereo typical gender specialization. Male siblings who had at least one sister are more likely to choose college majors that are male dominated or high earning such as Economics, Medicine and Engineering relative to male students that come from the same gender families. On the other hand female students who have at least one brother have a tendency to choose majors that are female dominated such as the humanities. In contrast students that comes from a family structure that has same gender siblings have a tendency to choose majors that are less influenced by gender stereotypes. The researchers also found out that gender composition of siblings does not sway the selection of high school track


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