Introduction to unemployment and history !!Unemployment issue at the moment one of Almhklt facing most basic Dolalm Pachtlv levels in their systems and provide economic, social and political problem not only Taadabatalh the third world, but has become one of the most serious problems of the worst countries [url removed, login to view] highlighted the global economic crisis, which features There are in rich countries Almottagdmhonamah both are any worsening of unemployment continuing the steady increase in the number of Lafradalkadirin to work and wishing the researchers about the problem without [url removed, login to view] find the following pages we dealt with the nature of unemployment, causes, and its history Madltha Puri Tmmvhomha in peace and look to peace and proportions in Saudi and peaceful [url removed, login to view] who is unemployed. Labor Organization Atahatal defined as follows: "Anyone who is capable and willing to work in it, and looking for him, and accept Andmsnoy prevailing traction, but the feasibility of Donne." Through this definition, it is clear that not all Mnl works unemployed, Valtlmz, students, disabled, elderly, retired, who lost in mil Alosoraly worked, temporary employers, from Aai from a lack of use, those in richer Analaml They are not considered unemployed. This definition purports to reduce the real figure for the unemployment rate Atlin.o is calculated as follows: Unemployment rate = number of unemployed individuals / number Lafradalkadirin to work and is the rate can not be accurately determined (the unemployment rate is calculated on the Osasalsaat that has been functioning, the recession Many of the workers abandon their job search. The percentage of unemployed varies by urban, urban or gender depending on gender, age, type of education and level of [url removed, login to view] historyHistory of unemployment began with the history of industry. Unemployment had no meaning in remote rural areas, despite disguised unemployment, where rural workers could have little to do in some areas where there was a population surplus. The term unemployed or unemployed refers to other inputs in the production line that are not fully exploited - for example, idle production goods. Unemployment is one of the major challenges facing Arab countries for their serious social and economic effects. For years, warnings have been circulating here and there, alarming the negative consequences of this problem on Arab nationalism, yet unemployment is increasing day by [url removed, login to view] most recent event to study the problem and propose solutions to it was the twenty-eighth session of the Arab Labor Conference which was held in Amman during the period 2-9 April 2001, during which the conditions of unemployment in the Arab countries were discussed through several axes: the employment situation in the Palestinian territories, The Arab strategy for the development of manpower and employment, and the impact of modern technology on [url removed, login to view] convening of the conference comes at a crucial time following the decision of the Arab Summit held in Amman to hold the first Arab economic summit in Cairo in November and the repercussions of this on the employment situation in the Arab world. The conference will also be held under complex political, economic and social conditions. The Arab world will face the challenges of globalization and will be subject to a new reality in various aspects of human life,The unemploymentThe problem of unemployment is defined as one of the most important economic phenomena and problems that hinder the lives of many in our time, which are rooted in the era of the flourishing of [url removed, login to view] is defined as the person who has the physical ability and mental fitness that qualifies him to work, and who wishes to find him, and continues to search for him, but without any small result. Hence, many categories that do not work do not fall under the category of the unemployed , Even if the person is unemployed must apply to the previous [url removed, login to view] rateUnemployment has been linked to various indicators, mainly the unemployment rate, which is calculated by dividing the number of unemployed in a community by the number of the labor force and the output multiplied by 100 percent. This rate differs from one society to another according to many factors such as education, Sex, school level, and many other [url removed, login to view] of unemploymentUnemployment has three types: structural unemployment, the type of unemployment resulting from the cycle in which the capitalist system usually goes, where the system is financially comfortable at a certain period, the period in which jobs thrive, then shrinks in another period, The number of posts has declined very [url removed, login to view] second type of unemployment is unemployment, which is linked to the economic structure. It is the unemployment resulting from the transfer of centers of power from certain products to other products, which also result from technological progress or the transfer of industries from one region to another according to certain circumstances. The latter is disguised unemployment, which means that someone is doing insufficient work and that a number of people are doing one job, which could have been performed by only one [url removed, login to view] in the Arab WorldUnemployment rates in the Arab world may be slightly higher than in other parts of the world. Unemployment rates in some parts of the Arab world may reach nearly 20%, while in other regions of the world they may reach only about 6%, and the number of unemployed increases annually This is not a vacuum, but for many reasons, the most important of which is the stereotypical stereotype of individuals, which is the inability of the unemployed to work in certain occupations for certain prevailing beliefs, besides the ineffectiveness of the role of women in the labor market in some areas.

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