Financial Reporting Project on a publicly traded company

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Task: Answer the questions listed below for my chosen company "Facebook", double spaced, font size 12

The Task is to answer the following questions based on Facebooks financial statements:

[url removed, login to view] does current year’s sales revenues and net income (i.e., earnings) compare with that in previous years? Compute the annual growth rate for the last five years for both sales revenue and net income. [For example, if revenues in Year 1 and 2 are 100 and 125 respectively, the growth rate from Year 1 to Year 2 is 25%]. What earnings trend do you observe and what factors may be causing this trend?

[url removed, login to view] the gross margin percentage (Gross Profit divided by Net Sales) for each period presented in the income statement. What trend in gross margin do you observe and what factors may be causing this trend?

[url removed, login to view] are the resources of your company employed? Figure this out by calculating a percentage of the total assets for each asset displayed in the balance sheet. The total should equal 100%. What are the three largest individual assets as a percentage of the total? Why do you think the company needs to have these assets as part of their business?

[url removed, login to view] method(s) of depreciation does your company use? Does the company use the same method of depreciation for all types of long-lived assets? Where did you find this information?

[url removed, login to view] method(s) does your company use to value its inventory? Compute the inventory turnover ratio for the last two years. This may require you to locate the financial statements for the most recent three years in order to compute average inventory. Comment on the trend observed.

6. Examine the financial structure of the company. Do this by calculating the amount of total liabilities

and stockholders’ equity as a percentage of total assets. The total should equal 100%. Which is the

primary source of funding for assets and what conclusions can you draw from this?

7. Identify the major components of stockholders’ equity by examining the Statement of Stockholders

Equity. What types of accounts and transaction resulted in major changes in the Stockholder Equity

accounts during the most recent year? Did your company make dividend payments to stockholders

during the most recent year?

8. The 10K provides some important information to interested parties, including the stockholder, which

is not found in the Annual Report. Briefly explain the nature of the some of this additional

information contained in this SEC filing. Include at least two items of interest.


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