Zemax is a professional optical and illumination design software for light of all wavelengths and their applications. With Zemax, Design Engineers are able to offer clients reliable guidance and proven solutions for a variety of optics applications.

Whether working in the field of imaging, illumination, displays or laser systems, a Design Engineer experienced with Zemax can create designs that will shoot down the barriers between an idea or concept and its physical realization. They will bring clients closer to their product's specifications by understanding their needs and providing the right tools.

Here's some projects that our expert Design Engineer made real:

  • Rapid prototyping of custom optics with time-saving accuracy
  • Maximum brightness and efficiency designs of LED applications
  • Optimizing optical designs with real-world measurements
  • Detailed graphical simulations to validate optical designs
  • Automation of optical design tasks to save time and cost

With the help of Freelancer Design Engineers, clients have access to skilled professionals who can help make their ideas more practical, achievable, and above all, successful. Our Freelancer experts can guarantee the results demanded by each project by taking on the toughest optoelectronic engineering challenges that require Zemax expertise.

By leveraging our proven performance in optical product development, simulating complex 3D problems with speed, accuracy and repeatability, we deliver innovations that bear customer satisfaction, reliability and quality assurance for any optical design challenge. Our experience allows us to foresee any possible surprises or setbacks and guarantee consistent delivery of your project on time and ready to be launched into production.

With Freelancer Design Engineers experienced in Zemax, customer requirements can be met efficiently, cost effectively, and successfully within tight time lines while taking into account customer insights. Using Zemax as the primary engineering tool, we strive to bring customers smarter solutions that are of better value than what they expected.

Hiring an expert Design Engineer at Freelancer can help you maximize the effectiveness of your projects with superior quality results - every single time. Invite your customer to post their project as soon as possible on Freelancer.com so you can get started on changing their products for the better!

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