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WPF, or Windows Presentation Foundation is considered as one of the best program development platforms in the world. Jobs that make use of this unified programming model are focused on the process of making programs as it enables web developers to create outstanding Windows experiences that utilize documents, media, and user interface. One type of WPF job is application development that focuses on lay outing, data binding, and animating. Those who know how to use templates, styles, documents, media text, typography, 2D and 3D graphics will also benefit from available WPF jobs.

Layout experts will also enjoy WPF jobs as it makes use relative positioning layout instead of the usual activity of creating a code that goes with the layout. It also allows web developers the opportunity to view and edit data through ADO.NET and the Microsoft SQL Server. WPF also boasts of an advanced graphics and animation support, making this program perfect for those who want to manage animation scenes without rendering loops and scene processing. 2D shapes, geometries and rendering, as well as 3D rendering animation can be done easily with the program as well.

WPF jobs are also good for web designers as the program and play both audio and video files. As for text and typography, designers can utilize the ClearType enhancements and OpenType font support, among many others. Web developers and designers who want to create content that will satisfy their clients should use WPF. For best results, users should undergo WPF training to fully utilize the program.
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Create a script to rename and resize all my gui-controls Hey guys, im looking for somebody to create quiet a nifty script. The details are the following : I dont want to have any static components in my GUI so I plan to randomly scale every item in my Interface from 80-120% with another clue. The script starts by selecting a random number between 80,120 and resize a vector-graphic i use as background accordingly (i have a cli tool for the resizi... 8 Javascript, Python, WPF, Powershell, Scripting Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20175 pv 22 h €201
I'm looking somebody who creates a custom-control from the following xaml-code <Button x:Name="button2" Click="btClick" HorizontalAlignment="Right" Margin="0,0,60,20" VerticalAlignment="Bottom" Width="231" Height="36"> <[osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi]> <TextBlock Margin="10,... 2 XML, WPF Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20175 pv 10 h €30
Design a Windows application using Mircosoft Accsess or WPF for Employees Salaries We're a Construction company that has around 60 workers. We need a windows application to manage their salaries and working days. I can provide the full requirements 27 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, Sharepoint, WPF, VB.NET Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20175 pv 9 h €252
Hire a .NET Developer The purpose of this project is for the supplier engineers to fix and resolve UI accessibility issues in SQL Server Setup related to Installation, configuration and servicing user experiences. SSMS C#, .NET WinForms/WPF Windows App Development UI Experience & Accessibility UI reader experience. 37 .NET, SQL, WPF Oct 21, 2017 Oct 21, 20175 pv 3 h €421
Looking for an .net, wpf & windows expert Hey guys, i have a task that requires expertise knowledge of both wpf and windows and definitely some creativity. I've got a problem with an anticheat flagging my 100% legal software (no injection) in windows 7, which results in me automaticly getting booted. I nailed the problem down to the anticheat somehow scanning all strings on my Wpf-gui 5 strings ("abcdefg" for examp... 18 .NET, Windows Desktop, C# -ohjelmointi, Microsoft, WPF Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20174 pv 8 h €438
C# winform, TreeView drag drop control I have a winform, that has 2 TreeViews, source and Destination, on form load it loads files and folder in tree sctructure (all files/folders of given path - like c:Treesample) , user can drag files from source to Destination tree, (Destination tree also preloaded folder location like D:Projects). Now user can drag and drop files/folders (one or multiple files) to destination tree in any of... 11 .NET, Windows Desktop, C# -ohjelmointi, Microsoft, WPF Oct 20, 2017 Oct 20, 20174 pv 8 h €18
Expert Structural Software Developer maniac wanted We are a civil engineering company with the aim of developing software products for the construction domain. We looking for an experienced freelancer to be part of our team. To qualify: - Have a bachelor's degree in civil engineering - Have experience with C#, openGL, Microsoft Visual Studio, TFS - Capable of writing algorithms - Have a deep understanding of BIM concepts and familiarit... 15 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, Yhdyskuntatekniikka, C++ -ohjelmointi, WPF Oct 19, 2017 Oct 19, 20173 pv 10 h €485
Integrate the design with winform Need to build an winform application in c# which has design with photoshop. Also need to integrate with ID card design leaving the field blank. If accepted all the PSD will be sent and just copy and paste. 14 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, WPF, ASP.NET Oct 18, 2017 Oct 18, 20172 pv 19 h €121
.NET, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF Oct 16, 2017 Oct 16, 201712 h 58 min
Simple nodejs function that allows me to POST .zip files from my c# project to my node-api Hey guys and girls, i need a working solution for my C# software to upload .zip files to my [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] endpoint. As minimalistic as possible. I can already upload .xml/.json files but am stuck uploading a .zip file If you want to do this you should have C# and NodeJS experience 21 Javascript, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF, node.js Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017Loppunut €160
Visual Basic 6 to WPF C# using MahApps I have an old VB6 program that I need to convert to .net. I don't have the time needed right now to sit down and complete it. I currently have 2 forms laid out in WPF to show you how I am wanting it to look. Mahapps: [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] Material Design In Xaml Toolkit: [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] I am... 22 Visual Basic, .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF, VB.NET Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 2017Loppunut €564
Design Coloring and Windows WPF C# application like Star Trek Control Console We are looking for a customized Windows WPF C# program that will have some information that is on our network multicasted (such as telemetry streams and clock information) shown. You can choose a mission, open our voice application, open a video selection webpage, Open another type of webpage and all of this is on the windows 10 desktop like a widget that can be minimized into the corner to make ... 22 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, C++ -ohjelmointi, WPF, ASP.NET Oct 14, 2017 Oct 14, 2017Loppunut €2188
Create an auto-suggest feature in my Combo Box in WPF Visual Studio 2017 I want an auto-suggest feature in my Combo Box. Here's what I want to happen: 1. I want the suggestion to appear like Visual Studio's intellisense wherein if I type a command, it suggests the possible ones based on the letters I typed and bolds them 2. It needs to be a combo box and NOT a text box because I don't want users entering invalid items inside the text box 3. If ... 4 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, Microsoft, WPF, VB.NET Oct 13, 2017 Oct 13, 2017Loppunut €5
Document Repository Development using DropBox API or amazon API Hello, Looking For Expert .Net Resource who have experience working on DropBox or amazon API. More detail will be provided to selected candidate. 5 C# -ohjelmointi, Amazon Web Services, WPF Oct 11, 2017 Oct 11, 2017Loppunut €135
VB6 existing program error correction (Run time error-13 type mismatch) i have an existing program in VB6 . which has few forms . for example , when i want to assign form3 to open first under project properties ->Startup object , after trying to run the program that assigned form opens , but opens with an error (Run time error-13 type mismatch) i need this to be corrected . Program ( VB 6 ) 4 Visual Basic, Delphi, LabVIEW, WPF, VB.NET Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Loppunut €24
Read More Fix Stop Read More from appearing when not invoked. 5 WPF Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Loppunut €162
WINFORMS PAYROLL I need a simple payroll system based on winforms 1-user must be able to register and login for a trial period admin side will be able to manage liscence server side . 2- user dashboard with some reports( using crystal report) 3- a screen for admin parameter ( that will be used in payroll calculation) if you had done a similar project before please indicate in your bid proposed for me... 8 Delphi, kirjanpito, Palkkalista, WPF, Kirjanpito Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Loppunut €536
Small lightweigt c# native(!!) cryptonight cpu-miner An example implementation of a Monero miner in c++ that could be used as base-template for a c# recode : [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] or i : [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] Some resource of people who already managed to do a cryptonight c# miner : [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] [osoi... 12 Algoritmi, C# -ohjelmointi, Salaustekniikat, C++ -ohjelmointi, WPF Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Loppunut €596
WCF Webservice Hi I am trying to create JSON for Google Charts. I am developing in WCF - Visual Studio 2013. I want it in the required format as output "cols": [ {"type":"string"},{"type":"number"} ], "rows":[ {"c":"20-01-13"},{"v":35}, {"c":"21-01-13"},{"v":30}... 6 WPF, Verkkopalvelut, RESTful, JSON, LINQ Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Loppunut €16
Convert Program VB6 Convert a medium size of program written in VB6 into VB Net. 47 Visual Basic, Delphi, LabVIEW, WPF, VB.NET Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Loppunut €451
Convert VB Project to VB.Net Project -- 2 I want to convert a vb 6.0 project to [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] . 10 Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, WPF, VB.NET Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €29
Convert VB Project to VB.Net Project I want to convert a vb 6.0 project to [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] . 6 Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, WPF, VB.NET Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €20
Looking for a simple Cryptonight C# WPF Monero miner I am looking for a small, lightweight C# WPF Cryptonight (Monero) miner. An example implementation of a Monero miner in c++ that could be used as base-template for a c# recode :[osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] Some resource of people who already managed to do a cryptonight c# miner : [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] ... 10 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, C++ -ohjelmointi, WPF, Assembly Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €155
WPF application with embeded Unity3D I'm looking for someone with advanced knowledge in WPF and a litle bit in Unity3D As the attached image shows, I'm looking for someone to create an WPF application that can host 2 diferent Unity3D applications. These Unity3D applications must be desktop applications and not web. Example in annex 4 .NET, Unity 3D, WPF, Sovelluskehittäjä Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €153
Problem with WPF performance I'm having trouble running 2 embeded Unity applications withing my (main) WPF application. This project is meant as a research. I'm trying to use Unity3D as a 3D visualizer of objects that I will save in a database, but none of that matters for now. When I run 2 or more embeded Unity3D applications, my WPF app gets super slow. If I run just 1 Unity3D, my WPF runs smoothly. I'd ... 9 .NET, Unity 3D, WPF Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €146
Offline Excel File Font Converter in C# I need a offline converter to convert fonts. Actually we got the excel file for our reports and two three columns in that file contains some text which uses "DVB-TTSurekhEN" Font and we want to convert that text into Hindi Unicode Fonts and English. Basically I need a software which can took that file as an input, convert those 2-3 columns to readable Hindi or English format which eve... 16 Visual Basic, Delphi, Excel, WPF, VB.NET Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €313
Project for Mustafa S. Hi Mustafa S., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 3 Mobile App Development, Android, C# -ohjelmointi, , WPF, Xamarin Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Loppunut €71
Design of Windows Application We have a database. This database holds the person images. The images also have metadatas age, gender, time and location (camera). You can think of table design as follows; PersonName, Location, Time, Gender and BinaryImage. I do not expect you to write the code, only do design. We want the presentation layer to be created with WPF or UNITY 3D. Must be a full screen application. It must be f... 20 Photoshop, Unity 3D, WPF, Sovellusten suunnittelija, Suunnittelu Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Loppunut €565
Build a Loader for my WPF Software Hey guys, I'm looking for a small program that loads my [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] from the harddrive and executes it in its own memory. I managed to create a Loader that loads console projects just fine with : byte[] buffer = [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi](@"c:[osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään n&... 10 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, WPF, Ohjelmistokehitys Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Loppunut €89
WPF movie poster menu with animation I have a WPF project that I am in need of. A strong WPF animation guru is encouraged to apply as this project relies on the animation to be JUST LIKE it is in the example .gif animation attached. A menu that allows me to display movie posters and using a keyboard run through them. Once I find a movie i like i can click on it and the poster animates toward the user and the movie information come... 7 .NET, Windows Desktop, C# -ohjelmointi, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, WPF Sep 29, 2017 Sep 29, 2017Loppunut €50
ADD WPF Dynamic Linear Scale to Slider I need to add dymanic linear scale to Slider as video attached. [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] 7 Illustrator, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF Sep 28, 2017 Sep 28, 2017Loppunut €69
WPF MVVM professional wanted for long term contract I am looking for someone for long term contract (initial contract will be for 3 months). Must be proficient in WPF MVVM, Web API, SQL, Good knowledge of 3 tier architecture. Basic understanding of Odata endpoint and Telerik UI. Job responsibilites will be do some small project or modification of existing project. You will be paid hourly basis, you have to be available between Canada time 7:... 28 Windows Desktop, SQL, WPF, LINQ Sep 25, 2017 Sep 25, 2017Loppunut €10
I need a WP web developer near Littlehampton Mentor me in creating website with blog and shop. 31 WordPress, eCommerce, Blogin asennus, WPF Sep 23, 2017 Sep 23, 2017Loppunut €178
Point of Sale System We want to develop a Point of Sale system. Details of the project will only be shared with the short listed candidates. Please apply for this project only if you have prior experience of developing Point of Sale systems and have expertise in the skills required for this project. 98 Android, WPF, PostgreSQL, ASP.NET, iOS Development Sep 22, 2017 TänäänLoppunut €1388
Intel RealSense Source Code Program functions need to detect real time detect user's body joints points using Intel RealSense Camera Models: SR300, or F200. Intel RealSense Source Code Program functions need to detect real time detect user's body joints points using Intel RealSense Camera Models: SR300, or F200. Body joints point tracking: User's head center, face size, body width (Shoulder width), left hand center point and right hand center point. In C# WPF program, on XAML have Labels or text fields to show real-time detected body... 4 Windows Desktop, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF Sep 19, 2017 Sep 19, 2017Loppunut €1010
Project for Mustafa S. Hi moustafashaban, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 2 .NET, C# -ohjelmointi, , WPF, ASP.NET, Xamarin Sep 18, 2017 Sep 18, 2017Loppunut €10
two 3 state reusable controls i'd like this project to be done detailed explanation is in files 7 WPF Sep 5, 2017 Sep 5, 2017Loppunut €159
Telerik UI for WPF We wish to hear from developers who are highly experienced in Telerik UI for WPF We have a number of projects to be developed and wish to add new developers to an already existing team of contract developers working on these projects. We are located in western Europe and so would particularly like to hear from developers in eastern Europe. 57 .NET, SQL, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF, XAML Sep 5, 2017 Sep 5, 2017Loppunut €7505
WPF CODED UI HAND CODE C# Hello Friends, I need a simple WPF CODED UI without play and record, all should be Hand Coded. only i need you to give me a Login Screen with hard coded user name and password. This must be without record and play. all should be in c# I need this in next few hours. i am welling to pay $10 for this small work. 17 .NET, WPF Sep 5, 2017 Sep 5, 2017Loppunut €14
VB.net WPF application with metro window and datagrid. Application to display and edit (dynamically) Fields of 2 tables. The tables tbl_asset and tbl_equipment are shown in a datagrid with 1:n relation (linked by Key Fields COMPANYCODE ASSET, SUBNUMBER). Related entries of tbl_equipment to be listed under tbl_asset entries. Option to hide tbl_equipment records in display. Filter Options by single or multiple existing values of these fields: ASSE... 26 SQL, WPF, VB.NET Sep 2, 2017 Sep 2, 2017Loppunut €364
Biometric desktop aplication help Aim searching c# expert to help biometric desktop application and do some modification 24 Windows Desktop, C# -ohjelmointi, WPF Aug 28, 2017 Aug 28, 2017Loppunut €6
Project for marvaland Hi marvaland, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. 9 Windows Desktop, tietojenkäsittely, Excel, , WPF, Visualisointi Aug 26, 2017 Aug 26, 2017Loppunut €7
Create textbox date format with using WPF and VB.NET In a window, there will be a textbox component. In this textbox; ../../.. structure is going to be static. User can type only numeric, other chars will be blocked. ui is WPF and code type will be VB.NET. 28 .NET, WPF, VB.NET Aug 23, 2017 Aug 23, 2017Loppunut €23
IT Management Software I have a project already 90% done But needs to be bundled for easy release. It was designed around my business and I wish to add customization so anyone can use it. I may wish to add security to it as well. 27 Windows Desktop, MySQL, WPF Aug 20, 2017 Aug 20, 2017Loppunut €406
Loyal membership card service We got some hotels at different different locations and we do have perspective billing system already. Now we want to expand this system. There are around 1k customers use to come to us. Simply we want a loyal membership card service so that we can provide a loyalty to our customers. So now we have some business offers so that one can gets rewards on the basis of invoice details, also we have scem... 16 .NET, Verkkoturva, WPF, MVC, Stripe Aug 19, 2017 Aug 19, 2017Loppunut €552
Consultant for WPF ,WCF, Web services, Angular.js - open to bidding We need 2 days KT on WPF, WCF, Web Services, Angular js. Need to develop good hands-on on these skills. 1 Visual Basic, C# -ohjelmointi, PayPal API , Windows Mobile, WPF Aug 17, 2017 Aug 17, 2017Loppunut €81
hire a .net consultant for Wpf , wcf , angular js hire a .net consultant for Wpf , wcf , angular js , need 2-3 days of training on mentioned topics with hands on. 6 WPF, MVC, Angular.js Aug 16, 2017 Aug 16, 2017Loppunut €148
Hire a .NET Developer I have several clients that I need a full time person to work with me on. The clients range from maintaining .net WPF applications to brand new [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] MVC web applications. There will be improving existing applications and creating new ones. Will need to work closely with me. Open to hourly or fixed monthly rate. If it works out, could b... 62 .NET, Windows Desktop, WPF, MVC, ASP.NET Jul 22, 2017 TänäänLoppunut €7222
Microsoft visual studio Developer We have a Inventory Software written in Microsoft Visual C# 2012. Now we want to add new features to the existing software. 9 Delphi, Microsoft, WPF, Ohjelmistokehitys Jul 16, 2017 Jul 16, 2017Loppunut €1538
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