Visual Design is an integral part of any brand and product development. The perfect mix of colors, presentation, and user interface not only drives engagement and increases brand recognition, but attracts people towards the product or any creative works. Visual Designers are experts in creating visual elements that both entice and inform users. From initial sketching to developing prototypes they help create designs that bring life to products. Through the help of their creativity, Visual Designers can create unique websites, apps, presentations, video games or any other art or design project.

Visual Designers specialize in identifying colors, fonts and layouts that resonate with the target audience. Themselves being crafters of all visuals, they are also able to effectively create high-quality graphics such as logos, icons and images. A professional Visual Designer understands the constraints while developing project related visuals and ensures it meets all criteria necessary for a successful design.

Here's some projects that our expert Visual Designer made real:

  • Creating custom mastheads and headers for landing pages
  • Developing imaginative user interfaces for websites
  • Establishing powerful storyboards for explainer videos
  • Leveraging sophisticated typography to make presentations more engaging
  • Crafting motion graphics for animations showcased on digital platforms

By incorporating their knowledge in principles of design such as layout, Gestalt psychology, color theory and font types, our Visual Designer can provide you a professional visual solution for your product. The customized creative solutions enable you to stand out from the competition while engaging customers at the same time. If you’re looking to breathe life into your ideas than hire the services of a talented designer to create an unparalleled experience for your applications or products. Don't wait anymore! Post your project right now on and get started with a Visual Designer today!

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    I would like to have a logo created for my company. Also, a corresponding business card. The company is called IMBERA. The company offers services in client advisory for building owners, interim management, consulting, project management, and budgeting. The logo should appear professional, as my clients will be municipal administrations, cantonal administrations, and foundations. It should have recognition value like my abbreviation (see attached image), but it doesn't have to. I am a civil engineer and prefer a clean structure. This should also be reflected in the logo. Looking forward to your ideas! Gerne möchte ich ein Logo für meine Firma erstellen lassen. Auch entsprechend eine Visitenkarte. Die Firma heisst IMBERA. Die Firma bietet Dienstleistungen in Bauherrenber...

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