Video Editing is the process of manipulating and rearranging video shots to create a new work, and can significantly enhance the quality of raw video footage. By hiring Video Editing Professionals, clients gain access to experts who can seamlessly combine visuals with audio, add special effects, and create engaging content. Talented video editors can turn raw footage into polished, attention-grabbing videos that captivate viewers and effectively convey your intended message.

Here's some projects that our expert Video Editing Professionals made real:

  • Creating captivating advertisements for social media platforms like Instagram
  • Crafting visually appealing video tours of real estate properties
  • Developing engaging product demonstration videos for e-commerce websites
  • Transforming raw sports footage into compelling highlight reels
  • Producing impactful animations and explainer videos for various industries
  • Stitching together drone footage to create stunning aerial views of events or landscapes

By leveraging the diverse talents of freelance video editors on, clients can achieve professional-quality results at a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with video production. Our platform enables you to post your project and receive bids from countless skilled individuals within minutes. Whether you're a small business owner in need of promotional material or an individual looking to enhance your personal content, our freelancers have the skills and experience necessary to bring your vision to life.

Hiring Video Editing Professionals through is simple, cost-effective, and efficient. You can easily browse through portfolios, select an expert that matches your specific needs, and collaborate with them throughout the entire process - all from the comfort of your home or office. So why wait? Post your own project on today and let our Video Editing Professionals showcase their creative prowess for your benefit.

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    We need to update the thumbnails for this small theater build series. Parts 1 - 4 We would like to title to say "Home Theater Build" + the #1 and so on. The handover needs to includes 4 thumbnails, all exact except for the numbers 1,2,3,4 Exsting video for reference - Thank you for helping us update. Cheers,

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    0 työtä

    We have done a bunch of these. Attached is the current Thumbnail and Idea on where content should be placed. Our video entails 3 cool tools, It would be nice to have these on the right side of the thumbnail while keeping the title items left un changed on the left. Link the exact video where images can be viewed for the Tools: As always no contact off freelancer. Thank you again

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    19 työtä
    Trophy icon Add Captions to a tiktok video 1 päivä left

    Please look at the 'caption example' video to see how I would like the style of the captions. Please have 3 different colors for each person talking, white for the person behind the camera. Light blue for left (ZACH) and Light red for the person on the right (LEE) Please have their names on the screen the whole time like the example shown. I am looking for a part time editor that can do these accurately and quickly because I have lots of videos that need captions so hoping to find someone that can help me long term and edit more videos for me. You dont need to caption the little words like "oh" "ummm" any cuss words you can leave out. Basically just if its a main talking in the video here is the download link for the video and the caption example

    €18 (Avg Bid)
    37 työtä
    Trophy icon Movie Style Trailer 1 päivä left

    Project Description: - I am looking for a freelancer to create a movie style trailer for a interview the script is attached, just looking for some stock video footage to go along with it. The video is used to highlight some career goals and present them in the style of a movie trailer before my presentation. I would like it to be dramtic. I think it should be around 1 minute long.

    €34 (Avg Bid)
    7 työtä

    I want a video about alphabets from a to z with good visuals with music and rhythm for kids u can refer given video as example create something better than this , video should be 2 minutes 30 secs long,

    €6 (Avg Bid)
    10 työtä
    Trophy icon Digital art, short video 10 tuntia left

    A short video showing the transition of a real model to a digital cypherpunk world. Example of how to do the transition - (attached) Use the model image but change the background to something interesting. Create the digital art counterpart in a cypherpunk style. Mood - The background should also change. Create a video showing the transition same as in the sample video Music: use the reel music "now I am become death the destroyer of worlds" e.g.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    17 työtä
    Trophy icon VIDEO EDITING FOR MY HOLIDAY 4 päivää left

    I am looking for a skilled video editor to create a video editing project for my holiday. The final edited video will consist of multiple 1-minute videos with different activities we did and a video summarizing the entire holiday. Download raw Footage: !AuCVoK3lw7-4jbJJWHsuE3-MXsxB3g?e=CGJwM0 Skills and experience required: - Proficient in video editing software - Ability to create a cohesive and visually appealing video - Experience in editing music videos - Attention to detail and ability to meet deadlines The client will provide the footage for the project. The style or theme desired for the video is music video style.

    €116 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Video Editor - Angry guy in traffic 3 päivää left

    This is very easy work, I need you to make a 30 second video. You can find clips from youtube and make it. This is a 30 second commercial that adverises a sauna company. Watch this: The video will show an angry guy yelling in traffic, getting mad, road rage, the angerier the better. Then showing another guy mediatating in a steammy sauna. There should be a voice over that says Frustrated? Relax & Get Heatlier in a medical sauna. 50% OFF Black Friday Starts Now, no more waiting. We will not wait 15 days for this contest to be over, as soon as we find a good edit we will select the winner so submit your enteries fast.

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    39 työtä
    Trophy icon Short form video editor 6 päivää left

    We are the leading Muslim-only personal branding agency looking to hire 6 editors. This is the standard to which we edit: I'm in need of a skilled video editor to create short-form videos for my business. These videos should be edited for social media platforms, with a length on an average 1 minute each. In total, I need around 90 videos edited. The ideal video editor will have a good understanding of modern editing techniques, motion graphics, and animation, as well as good organizational skills. They should also be able to work quickly and efficiently to meet deadlines- If you have the skills and experience needed to complete this project, I'd love to hear from you. Please get in touch with a portfolio of your past work or any additional information you think would be us...

    €60 (Avg Bid)
    28 työtä
    Trophy icon Tiktok Insta Reel edit 6 päivää left

    Seeking: Artistic Video Editor for "2024 Pulse: Leaders' STR Predictions" Social Media Reels Engagement: Contractual, Remote Duration: 30-60 second edits per reel We are on the hunt for an exceptionally talented video editor with an artistic flair and a penchant for creating visually stunning social media content. Your mission is to craft TikTok and Instagram Reels that not only inform but mesmerise, turning our "2024 STR Pulse: Leaders' Predictions" series into a visual spectacle that captivates and educates our audience. Project Overview: Our series is a collection of predictions from 30 thought leaders in the short-term rental space, each forecasting the evolution of the industry as we edge closer to 2024. Your edits will be the gateway through which th...

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    44 työtä

    I need you to create a video animation of my logo (youtube format). You've got two choices : You can start with a black screen and make the logo appear gradually in the audio or you can start with the logo already there and animate it. However I think making the logo appear gradually would be the best idea. What I think I would really like is a fade in from the center (see "" in the uploaded files - start at the "red dot" and fade in gradually following the direction of the green arrows). You should also add the mention "by the self hacking academy" in the bottom right, and face eveything out to a black screen at the end. Best and most creative proposal will win.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    74 työtä

    I need you to create a video animation of my logo (youtube format). You've got two choices : You can start with a black screen and make the logo appear when the bear grunts in the audio or you can start with the logo already there and animate it when the bear grunts. You should also add the mention "Beat Factory" under the logo and add fade everything out to a black screen at the end. For the rest you are completely free to do what you want as animation. Best and most creative proposal will win. EDIT : Please keep the bear watermark recording complete and don't add any music or any sound around it. Just do the video anmation.

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    50 työtä

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