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Traditional Animation is a craft that dates back multiple decades and has been perfected by some of the most prolific talents in the industry. It is still used today in film, television, games, and promotional advertisements. Traditional animators are highly skilled in the hand-drawn animated art form along with using modern software programs to produce work of a high level of quality. From character designs to illustration and animation, Traditional Animation Specialists can provide a creative edge to every project.

Here's some projects that our expert Traditional Animation Specialists made real:

  • Developing unique characters for television shows, animations, and video games
  • Designing 3D animated environments for promotional campaigns
  • Animating 2D characters for short films and advertisements
  • Crafting frame by frame animations for feature length movies
  • Creating digital effects for videos, trailers, and more

Traditional Animation Specialists have an incredible talent for bringing life to any project through their skill and artistry. With their expertise, they can help clients design and animate memorable characters, worlds, and stories. Their ability to artistically capture the essence of any concept is unrivaled. offers a wide variety of talented Traditional Animation Specialists who can realize any vision during their next project. Why not post your own project on and hire your own personal Animation Specialist? Get started now!

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