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Tax Risk Management is the process of understanding and evaluating potential risks associated with an organization's taxation practices, decisions, and strategies. It is the responsibility of the Tax Risk Management Professional to analyze this process, develop strategic solutions and effective controls that can be implemented in practice, to mitigate or eliminate taxation risk.

The goal of Tax Risk Management is to provide a proactive approach that enables clients to identify, assess, and mitigate potential risks before they materialize. Tax Risk Management professionals carry out this process by utilizing a wide range of analytical techniques to review both current and past data. This allows them to make meaningful interpretations of an organization's potential tax risks to provide better solutions for managing their tax affairs over the long-term.

Tax Risk Management is essential for any business looking to manage their corporate tax commitments effectively while still staying compliant. Using a professional Tax Risk Manager helps create superior planning strategies that minimize liabilities and maximize cash flow through mitigating risks and enhancing rewards.

Here's some projects our expert Tax Risk Management Professionals have made real:

  • Creating assessment strategies with internal audit teams
  • Developing frameworks for managing the enterprise-wide tax risk profile
  • Working with offshore partners on looking into international tax issues
  • Reviews of financial models used in U.S. taxation
  • Providing financial advisory services on internal control requirements set by organizations.

At, we understand that finding the right professional for a Tax Risk Management project can be difficult, which is why we give our clients access to highly trained professionals who have expertise dealing with a wide range of areas within the field. Our aim is to ensure that organizations can manage their taxation risk at their own pace with the best possible outcome. So why not post your project today on, where you can get professional help to make sure your enterprise-wide taxation strategies are successful?

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