Scrivener is a powerful content creation tool for all types of writing projects, from blog posts to epic novel series. Buying Scrivener is the starting point for many authors, who find themselves enticed by the possibility of finally finishing a project, ticking off all their pre-publishing boxes, and getting organized - but not sure where to begin.

This is where a Scrivener specialist can help - they can get to know you as a writer and work with you on a freelancer basis to help you create and execute your writing projects. They can help with research and outlining of your book, section by section organization into manageable chunks, give publishing advice, provide an opinion on any title or cover designs you’ve made - in short, they’ll be the supportive partner in your creative journey.

Here's some projects that our expert Scrivener Specialists have made real:

  • Creating an e-book outlining plan for a self-help e-book
  • Developing a detailed table of content for user Manuals
  • Developing a style guide from scratch for fiction stories
  • Writing keywords and metadata for literary works
  • Designing an entire publishing workflow with Scrivener

Working with a Scrivener specialist means that you’re certain that your amazing ideas will become reality. Our list above only scratches the surface of what’s possible with this powerful writing software and the talented freelance professionals here on are the perfect team members to easily make the process happen smoothly. So if you are considering creating a book or any other writing project but not sure where to begin, take a moment and post your project on today! Hire a Scrivener Specialist and watch your story turn into unique creation!

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