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Scala is a general purpose programming language designed to express common programming patterns in a concise, elegant, and type-safe way. It smoothly integrates features of object-oriented and functional languages, enabling Java and other programmers to be more productive.
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Currency pair analyse I need a simple project which can take currency pair history file on input and make a forecast for nearest 5 minutes. This could be done as webpage neither then qt application, UI quality is not an important main target is making a forecast. It must be done with self-education neural network, so If I proceed new currency pair history file it must provide a more exact forecast. If we did this part... 6 Java, Python, tietojärjestelmäarkkitehtuuri, Scala Jun 22, 2018 Tänään6 pv 14 h €41
Finish some coding in scala I'm working with a Scala based online IDE, based on a platform called OptionStack. OptionStack allows people to do back-testing of financial options online. OptionStack is a very simple to use, and offers users the ability to create strategies using Scala. What I'm hoping to do is to get advice to build some specialized backtesting Scala code that can do bulk backtesting. A big part... 2 Scala Jun 22, 2018 Tänään6 pv 10 h €15
Virtual Classrooms with BigBlueButton BigBlueButton is an open source web conference & virtual classrooms, we have to extend the features listed in the document and add some requirements (half of the requirements are already built in) mainly we need the html5 client (BigBlueButton 2.0) so that the user can enter from the browser. Please take a look and Make sure that you can meet all the requirements first before bidding on the pr... 19 Java, HTML, Scala, Ubuntu, API Jun 22, 2018 Tänään6 pv €3622
Relay compliant GraphQL endpoint in scala with neo4j graph to serve react-relay frontend for a medical educational website If you understand the name of the project and have experience working with these technologies then you're probably a good fit for the project. We're developing a web application which will host educational resources including, but not limited to flashcards, multiple choice questions, and exams. 19 verkkosivujen suunnittelu, HTML, Scala, React.js Jun 20, 2018 Jun 20, 20184 pv 4 h €2665
Telegram and Discord User add tool I want to have a program that is able to add users from a different channel or from a .txt file to a telegram group/channel and discord channel. It also should be able to do that about 1000 times in an hour (maximum) and send messages to 1000 discord users at once (to users in telegram is a plus) 3 Java, Python, C++ -ohjelmointi, Scala Jun 17, 2018 Jun 17, 20181 pv 13 h €26
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