Redmine is an open source, web-based project management and bug-tracking tool that is used by development teams to plan, track, and manage software projects with more clarity and visibility. Redmine Experts possess the skills to help their clients quickly respond to important project changes with an app-centric approach that supports agile methodology.

At the core of any successful software project is a good Redmine expert – someone who can plan, build, and maintain an effective tracking system that helps team members stay up-to-date. With a customized setup of Redmine and its plugins, Redmine experts are able to help teams reach their milestones faster with a user-friendly interface that comes with an extensive range of features. These include issue tracking, roadmap definition and timeline management, personal notes for team members, project resources management, multiple projects management in a single application instance, file attachment capabilities, notifications and emailing settings, permissions management, Gantt charts for project estimation and monitoring, wiki page creation/editing, custom fields support for all entities, dashboards creation/editing/viewing throughout the application instance, integration with other SCM systems (version control systems), automated workflows and much more.

Here's some projects our expert Redmine Experts made real:

  • Configured custom workflows according to customer requirements
  • Implemented custom logic into the bug tracking process
  • Automated the project management process
  • Resolved security issues related to data protection
  • Connected third party applications with Redmine

With the help of our Redmine Expert network on, we can provide comprehensive support for all your project needs from design to implementation – allowing software development teams to work faster and smarter. Empower your team today by joining our community on and finding the perfect Redmine Expert for your next project!

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