OTRS is a powerful open source customer ticketing and service management system created to help organizations organize and manage their customer service related tasks such as help desk request, IT service, customer inquiries and orders. An OTRS Expert is a specialized freelancer with advanced expertise in the OTRS system, who can provide solutions that help improve the organization’s operations.

From customizing and optimizing ticket creation process, managing all customer conversations in one unified platform, developing tailored plugins and extensions for existing systems, to setting up extensive monitoring for detecting and preventing issues - OTRS experts can be an essential addition to any team looking for efficient solutions for their customer service requests.

Here's some projects that our OTRS Experts made real:

  • Built customizing automated ticket creation process based on predefined criteria
  • Developed intuitive UNIX CLI tool for efficiently managing customer conversations
  • Implemented comprehensive monitoring system with predictive alarming mechanism
  • Designed tailor-made plugins and extensions for existing systems, to expand the OTRS capabilities

Our professional OTRS Experts are ready to help you implement an optimized customer service system tailored for your specific business needs. Allow us to make your customer service tasks simpler, faster and more intuitive - contact us today to post your project and hire an experienced OTRS Expert on Freelancer.com.

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