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Joint Commission International (JCI) is an independent, not-for-profit organization that works to improve the safety and quality of healthcare around the world. JCI enables healthcare organizations to meet or exceed international standards and develop best practices, resulting in improved outcomes and lower costs. For any business or organization looking to improve its healthcare outcomes, JCI offers certification options to help them measure their progress towards meeting global standards. A Joint Commission International Professional is trained to analyze and assess an organization’s existing healthcare standards in order to develop, plan, and implement action plans for improvement as well as providing consulting services.

Here's some projects that our expert Joint Commission International Professionals made real:

  • Helped hospitals with licensing processes to obtain JCI certification
  • Advised on risk management procedures in order to reach or maintain JCI standards
  • Recommended Resource Optimization Strategies & Process Improvement Plans
  • Led organizational training initiatives & facilitated compliance transition plans
  • Designed change management programs & provided ongoing QA/QC services

Regardless of industry, organizations recognize that JCI certification helps ensure their personnel are trained on evidence-based medicine and best practices for promoting an ideal environment for providing patient care worldwide. If you're interested in optimizing patient care standards in your business or organization, our Joint Commission International Professionals can help turn your goals into reality on Post your project today and get started on your path towards meeting global healthcare standards.

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