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DO-178 Certification is becoming the gold standard for any aircraft or avionics software development system. Developing software that requires DO-178 Certification requires the expertise of a special type of Aerospace Engineer to make sure all the necessary conditions are met and that the system is compliant with aviation industry standards. Such engineers must be familiar with international aviation legislation and have experience with creating, verifying and validating airborne software.

When projects are taken up to create software that will be used in an aviation system, they should always be overseen by a DO-178 Certified Engineer. This type of expert will ensure the project comes out free of any bugs and abides by aviation industry standards by following the Approved Software Development Plan. Without this kind of oversight, safety can be compromised and aircraft accidents can happen as a result.

Here's some projects that our expert Aerospace Engineers made real:

  • Verification of a real-time fail-safe system for emergency generator control onboard aircrafts
  • Development of an avionics system controlling a flight vehicle’s navigation route planning
  • Implementation and qualification of Safety Critical systems within airliners’ flaps systems
  • Testing and documentation of a simulation program running wind tunnel experiments over flight vehicles
  • Building a fault tolerent ATC approach powered by programmable logic device technology

These are just some examples of how Aerospace Engineers can use their skills to develop aviation software in compliance with DO-178 standards in order to add extra safety and reliability to an airplane’s systems. By hiring a certified expert on, you are assuring yourself a higher quality product or service delivered within budget and on time.

Whether you need help with preparing for the certification process prior to installing your software in an aircraft or any other service related to DO-178 Certification, has qualified experts ready to help you make your project come true. Post your project today on and hire an expert Aerospace Engineer!

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