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Graphic designer to draw up plans I need a graphic designer to draw up plans for my property to convert to a childcare center. They have to have worked with Canterbury council. 6 graafinen suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu, Rakennusmittaajia Oct 19, 2017 Tänään6 pv 19 h €137
My Building Designer Project Plumbing , PHE design for an Airport Project. Desired candidate needs to have designed Plumbing & Fire Fighting systems for large Projects such as Airport, Shopping Mall or similar urban infrastructure. 3 Koneenrakennus, Putkityöt, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 19, 2017 Tänään6 pv 5 h €1530
Action Center Blue prints for a 7 story building (ground and 6 above ground floors) and a roof The lot is rectangular measuring 40.0 meter x 21.5 meter for a total of 860 Square meter. The two underground levels to be constructed over the full area of 860 m2 of the lot whereas the 7 floors (ground and 6 above floors) would have an area of 758.5 m2. The area is reduced to allow for air and light at two sides o... 1 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 17, 2017 Oct 17, 20174 pv 2 h €657
Structural Design a building 2 Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 15, 2017 Oct 15, 20172 pv 2 h €13397
Drive-Thru Container Cafe Restaurant Hi, thank you for viewing my contest. Please message me if you have questions. Task: Architectural concept design of drive thru coffee shop made from a 20ft shipping container (exterior only). Details: - Require concept design for marketing and presentations. - Concept should be unique and attractive. - You can use the attached dimensions of the container with windows and site plan. 3D... 20 3D-suunnittelu, 3D-renderointi, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 14, 2017 Oct 14, 20175 pv 6 h €166
supermarket interior design the project is a mini supermarket that will be wood based thats interior. i have a wood factory and would like to create an african super market that sells every day produce as well as african art and crafts , there would be wooden floors , wood on the walls and ceiling with wood shelves. with fantastic lighting , african art painting placed on the walls. signage will have an african feel to it... 63 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-renderointi, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Loppunut €339
Build a under construction landing page i just need a simple under construction landing page with all the info logo and contact us form to be made and uploading on to my hosting of word press. 39 PHP, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, HTML, Rakentaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 10, 2017 Oct 10, 2017Loppunut €20
Residential Interior Design Project Freelance interior designer wanted by [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] for residential interior design project. Skills in 3D modelling in SketchUp and AutoCAD is mandatory. Willing to commit for at least 8 weeks per project. 16 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-renderointi, Sisustussuunnittelu, 3D-mallinnus, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 9, 2017 Oct 9, 2017Loppunut €325
Architecture Design for a Garage IMPORTANT 1.  Bidders must provide a high-level description of their proposal for bid review, before the bid is awarded. OVERVIEW 1.  Design a garage to match an existing house subject to the DESIGN CRITERIA and BY-LAW STIPULATIONS details below. 2.  Provide REQUIRED DOCUMENTATION detailed below. DESIGN CRITERIA 1.  The garage must be attached to the house. 2.  ... 29 graafinen suunnittelu, CAD/CAM, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Loppunut €187
Construction Contractor Logo The name of my company is "ALLSTAR MARBLE & TILE PLUS, CORP." The services of my company are : • Demolition • Installation of Marble & Porcelain • Tile and Terrazzo Contractor • Finish Carpentry Contractor • Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning • Drywall and Insulation Contractor I need a logo with this in mind. Crockery, Marble ... 60 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 8, 2017 Oct 8, 2017Loppunut €72
Logo For Commercial Construction Company New original logo needed for a commercial construction company. Unlimited samples with unlimited revisions included in all bids. Make sure to send example work of your best work. May take some time to get the final logo draft approved by the client, this understanding is part of your bid. $30 - $40 50 graafinen suunnittelu, logon suunnittelu, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakentaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Loppunut €47
PEB design for industrial shade Need detail structural design for an industrial shade of 300 X 100 feet and 20 ft clear height. 9 Koneenrakennus, Yhdyskuntatekniikka, Rakennetekniikka, Rakennussuunnittelu, Tekla Structures Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Loppunut €749
My Building Designer Project The retail store at the mall needs a new look to it. We are looking for a professional who can visit the site, take measurements, get to know the nature of a business and recommend us some possible looks of our store. 0 Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 7, 2017 Oct 7, 2017Loppunut -
new construction floor plans I want to have clean floor plans from the attached construction plans (no dimensional lines) and I want a clean colorized version of the attached front elevation of the home (just front not sides and back 81 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, AutoCAD, Rakentaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Loppunut €15
Construction Service APP - Similary UBER we need to develop an application of services of construction, for example painting of walls, change of ceramics, gasfiteria. The business model of this application is similar to UBER with many suppliers and commission fee for work. We need a Freelancer with experience in application development and examples of something similar. 74 Mobile App Development, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakentaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu, Sovellusten suunnittelija Oct 6, 2017 Oct 6, 2017Loppunut €2134
Strcutural analysis I've a small building in etabs that needs reviewing. I need a Strcutural analysis from an expert determing the errors and check the safety of this building and make a report about it. I need to understand what are the errors and how we can fix it. 3 Yhdyskuntatekniikka, Rakennetekniikka, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 5, 2017 Oct 5, 2017Loppunut €44
My Building Designer Project design all logos web site and business 12 Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 4, 2017 Oct 4, 2017Loppunut €131
interior design we are looking for someone who can help us designing our packaging from scratch, edit existing packaging, help us designing promotional activities etc. Thank you, 37 graafinen suunnittelu, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Kannet ja pakkaus, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Loppunut €895
Mountain weekend house I am looking for some one who can speak hungarian. I am going to build a weekend house somewhere in mountains in Transilvania. I build this house with to giving in rent for people who want to party, I like very much the modern house build styles. 4 Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 3, 2017 Oct 3, 2017Loppunut €280
Illustrate turn of the century storefront In the middle of developing a small deli, but have have decided to see some options for the exterior. I would like the exterior black with maybe copper highlights, but looking for something to represent the turn of the century. I have included some pictures of the space, but be creative and provide a feasible solution. **There is a window going in over the door that is the full width of the d... 28 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakennussuunnittelu, graafinen suunnittelu, Kodin suunnittelu, Kuvitus Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 20173 pv 20 h €51
Florida Architect & Home Design I'm a Realtor, looking for an architect, that can help me design & build homes for Florida Home Buyers. 28 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Kodin suunnittelu, Rakennetekniikka, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017Loppunut €429
Olad Africa A new building project to beginning Jan2018 in Africa. I am looking for an architect to design and provide materials estimate. An all glass modern building. Designs and ideas welcomed. It will be built on owned land and this is my first of hopefully many projects. 5 graafinen suunnittelu, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-renderointi, Kodin suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Oct 2, 2017 Oct 2, 2017Loppunut €2757
Shopify Store Designer Design my Shopify store, adverts, banners, and any other graphic design work I need. Must be able to deliver results extremely fast and be interested in eventually working with us full-time, becoming a project manager and managing a team of designers. We need them to be able to start straight away Possibly up to 40 hours + a week $3 - $5 an hour 8 graafinen suunnittelu, Shopify, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Loppunut €168
interior design i'm building my house and am looking to hire interior design to help me on my project 103 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-renderointi, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 30, 2017 Sep 30, 2017Loppunut €857
Home Exterior Refresh We are re-siding our home with Certainteed Cedar Impressions siding in the Flagstone color and staggered pattern. [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] We love the look of the showcase home on Certainteed's website and are attempting to duplicate their color scheme. [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] In addition to the siding, w... 1 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Kodin suunnittelu, 3D-suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 27, 2017 Sep 27, 2017Loppunut €508
MVC Report Dashboard Design and Code we need a full stack developer to update our existing two report pages. Project requires mvc c# knowledge and design (NOT ONLY ONE OF THEM) We need to start working immediately from team viewer (remote access) Important Note: Before bidding the project please make sure we are not going to change budget target as 100 U$. if you feel you can do it for that budget please DON'T apply. we... 4 Javascript, SQL, HTML5, MVC, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 24, 2017 Sep 24, 2017Loppunut €144
floor plans looking for someone to draw up a floor plan for an existing restaurant. 0 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 21, 2017 Sep 21, 2017Loppunut -
My Building Designer Project elevation 16 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 19, 2017 TänäänLoppunut €354
build new tobacco store brand new store to sell cigars and pipe tobacco and accessories as pipe,hymidor,cases, cutters and of course cigarette 3 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 2017Loppunut €5489
Creative - LP's , Banners Copy writing Looking for a proven creative and copy writing freelancers for an ongoing project for the financial vertical. 4 tekstisuunnittelu, Käyttöliittymä/informaatioarkkitehtuuri, Luova suunnittelu, Käyttäjäkokemuksen suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 17, 2017 Sep 17, 2017Loppunut €3780
CONCEPT ARTIST needed to sketch, draw, and color a conceptual artwork piece of an architechural building for a presentation Looking for a CONCEPT ARTIST to sketch, draw, then color/finish a conceptual artwork piece of an architechural structure for a proposal presentation. This art project should show a realistic building. Drawing people in the piece helps provide perspective. • Project budget: $55 USD • Possible $10 USD "tip" for a job-well-done at the conclusion of project. • 3 Mileston... 16 graafinen suunnittelu, Maalaaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu, Seinämaalaus, Drawing Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017Loppunut €143
Derive bill of materials with quantities The project is to create a BILL OF MATERIALS (with quantities) from a) already existing architectural drawings b) invoices from a prior similar project. This will be a complete list of all materials needed to build the house - steel, hardiboard, wood floors, cabinets et al. The build will take place in Vietnam, thus these materials will be in context to what is generally available ... 10 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakentaminen, Rakennuskonsultteja, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 13, 2017 Sep 13, 2017Loppunut €14
My Building Designer Project - 13/09/2017 03:02 EDT I need someone to design a two storey building layout with cost estimate and plan document. 7 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 13, 2017 Sep 13, 2017Loppunut €391
Amendment of a previous design or, if not, a completely new design I have a CAD design for a turbine blade which is tapered from top to bottom. I need to change this to being symmetrical. I have pictures, diagrams etc. I need a quote as I have no idea what a reasonable cost is. 3 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 10, 2017 Sep 10, 2017Loppunut €31
Plot Plan for Pool Permit Need to submit my township a stamped lot grading plan for an inground pool permit. Must be an Architect, [osoite poistettu, kirjaudu sisään nähdäksesi] or Ontario Land Surveyor. 0 Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 8, 2017 Sep 8, 2017Loppunut -
Design Living Room Hi I need someone who can design my living room based on the Drawings I have received from my Architect. 8 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Kodin suunnittelu, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu, Sisätilat Sep 7, 2017 Sep 7, 2017Loppunut €122
mata pita construction civil,electrical,mechanichal and manpower supply. 6 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakentaminen, Rakennussuunnittelu, Jiddis Sep 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017Loppunut €322
U.A.E construction project estimation excell sheets i need excel sheets with ready formulas for building construction estimates + prices in dubai ( Labour, materials and subcontracts ) + VENDOR LISTS IN DUBAI + calculation of project schedual +includes labour needed 5 Taloudellinen tutkimus, Rakennetekniikka, Microsoft Office, Rakennussuunnittelu, Rakennusmittaajia Sep 6, 2017 Sep 6, 2017Loppunut €73
Lakehouse Curb Appeal Exterior design modifications to enhance curb appeal and create a look that conveys an upscale, modern house. This is a 3,600 sq ft house (with most of the sq footage on the back side of the house) on a large lake. The front of the house is single-story and 66 feet long. The front has just been done in solid brick and the twin decks are new. Each deck measures 6' x 12'. The concrete dri... 33 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-suunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017Loppunut €26
Hire a engineering/ english speaker we are in need of a professional to help us on doing some renovations in our building to make a restaurant, it is not a big property but it has 2 floors, on the 1st floor there will be the space for tables, a bar counter, and one restroom, in my mind it would fit more or less 10 tables. Second floor has total for 4 rooms, it is linked to the building next us. However we do not have plans to use ... 1 tekniikka, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017Loppunut €386
Engineering/ English Speaker We are going to open a small restaurant located 2min walk from Patong beach. The building´s condition is good but completely empty. It has 2 floors. On the 1st floor there is space for more or less 10 tables, a bar counter, and an already built small restroom. On the 2nd floor we plan to make the kitchen, with the need of equipments to make BBQ. We also will need to design the entran... 1 tekniikka, Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 4, 2017 Sep 4, 2017Loppunut €1545
construction engineering final presentation I have a final construction engineering presentation that I need help with please. My team already started working on the project. we finish the first month and now we have a presentation that needs to be set up within 50% and then the other 50% will be finished next week. I have every thing we worked on that I can send it to you. So all I need is an appropriate presentation set up. Our project is... 4 Rakennuskonsultteja, Rakennussuunnittelu, Rakennusmittaajia Sep 3, 2017 Sep 3, 2017Loppunut €141
تصميم فيلا سكنية - 01/09/2017 09:44 EDT - open to bidding أريد تصميم فيلا سكنية على الطراز الامريكي بطريقة الهياكل المعدنية بمساحة 230 متر مربع من دورين ( خمس ماستر نوم) ومعيشة وصالون وسفرة وحمامين اضافية وغرفة خادمة و مطبخ مفتوح صغير ومطبخ خارجي التصميم الخارجي أمريكي ريفي لمنطقة جبلية ، السرعة بالتصميم مهمة 24 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Sisustussuunnittelu, Huonekalujen suunnittelu, Rakennuskonsultteja, Rakennussuunnittelu Sep 2, 2017 Sep 2, 2017Loppunut €44
3d modeling using chief architect i need to do a 3d design based on 2d plans using chief architect software. 20 3D-renderointi, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu, Maisemasuunnitelma Sep 2, 2017 Sep 2, 2017Loppunut €388
My Building Designer Project design building 0 Rakennussuunnittelu Aug 31, 2017 Aug 31, 2017Loppunut -
Club House Design Looking for a modern architectural design of a small club house. 210sqm total land area with ability to build on 100sqm. 3 floors; basement +2. Outdoor swimming pool. More details later. 27 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Kodin suunnittelu, Sisustussuunnittelu, Rakennussuunnittelu, Sisätilat Aug 30, 2017 Aug 30, 2017Loppunut €1704
Drawings for a DA I need some graphic design. I need drawings for a cafe/cake shop. Which I can then lodge with council for a DA (development application) 11 Rakentaminen, Rakennusvalvojia, Rakennuskonsultteja, Rakennussuunnittelu, Suunnittelu Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Loppunut €267
3D rendering A simple structure of Stilt + 2 Floors for which an elevation need to be done 8 3D-renderointi, Rakennussuunnittelu Aug 29, 2017 Aug 29, 2017Loppunut €105
Convert 2D into 3D Architecture someone who can convert a 2d into 3d. thanks 17 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, 3D-renderointi, 3D-suunnittelu, Rakennuskonsultteja, Rakennussuunnittelu Aug 28, 2017 Aug 28, 2017Loppunut €11
Design the structure of a building RISA software Design Structure of 7 story building 38 Rakennusarkkitehtuuri, Rakennetekniikka, Rakennussuunnittelu Aug 27, 2017 Aug 27, 2017Loppunut €17
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