Animation is the art of creating moving images through any combination of art, design and/or technology. An Animator brings each story and idea to life, by creating characters, backgrounds and visual elements in powerful, realistic or abstract ways to bring it life. Animators help convey the message in an effective and artistic manner using their deep understanding and knowledge of animation methods and technologies.

Animation helps bring color, sound, movement and emotion to a presentation or story that would be difficult to achieve through traditional methods. Animators have the power to create scenes from scratch or modify existing digital or physical objects according to its need. Through their work, audiences are able to easily comprehend a situation or visualize abstract concepts with clarity and ease.

Here's some projects that our expert Animator made real:

  • Creating believable moving footage from static objects
  • Engaging viewers with compelling general visuals
  • Constructing lifelike 3D characters
  • Blending abstract images into the story line
  • Crafting motion graphics that capture attention
  • Drawing 2D cartoon animations that are vivid and lively
  • Rendering video with realistic special effects

No matter how complex an animation project is, our talented Animators can handle it with ease. Our team can create stunning graphics and videos that draw audiences attention as well as meet a given budget and timeframe. Our Animators ensure that not only the visuals of a project looks great, but its sound also creates an even greater impact on the viewer.

If you have a story you'd like to share with the world in a unique way, hire an Animator on! Our talented animators will work with you to create stunning visuals for your project that will captivate your target audience like no other medium can. So don't hesitate, post your animation project today on!

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    Trophy icon Facebooks ads 2 päivää left

    I need 3 separate Facebook ad designs created in the following dimensions 1080 x 1080 pixels that will catch peoples attention. 1) a still ad that says “We're Open 24hrs” 2) an animated ad that says "We’re Open 24hrs" 3) a still ad that says “$10,000 Same Day Refund Advance” 4) a animated ad that says "$10,000 Same Day Refund Advance”

    €46 (Avg Bid)
    12 työtä
    Trophy icon a caricature 6 päivää left

    Abstract Color Caricature of a Person - I am looking for a talented artist who can create an abstract caricature of a person in a colorful style. - The caricature should have exaggerated features and a unique, artistic interpretation of the subject. - The final artwork should be vibrant and eye-catching, with bold colors and interesting shapes. - The artist should have experience in creating abstract caricatures and be able to bring a creative vision to the project. - Attention to detail and the ability to capture the essence of the subject's personality in an abstract style is important. - The project requires a skilled artist who can work with color and bring a fresh, unique perspective to the caricature. - The final artwork should be delivered in a high-resolution digital format s...

    €74 (Avg Bid)
    Mainostettu Taattu
    8 työtä

    Looking for an animated husband-wife superhero couple, preferably black but not necessarily, for a short film animation in motion graphics style. The animation should be 5-10 minutes long. Skills and Experience: - Experience in motion graphics animation - Ability to create engaging and captivating characters - Proficiency in creating dynamic and visually appealing scenes - Understanding of storytelling and narrative structure - Knowledge of animation software and tools

    €155 (Avg Bid)
    4 työtä

    I want an ad for our company to be used for facebook, and instagram showing our company name and in the background, cameras, access control, structured cabling and video intercoms. Company Name Critical Security Systems I have included our logo attached

    €186 (Avg Bid)
    52 työtä

    Looking for an animated husband-wife superhero couple, preferably black but not necessarily, for a short film animation in motion graphics style. The animation should be 5-10 minutes long. Skills and Experience: - Experience in motion graphics animation - Ability to create engaging and captivating characters - Proficiency in creating dynamic and visually appealing scenes - Understanding of storytelling and narrative structure - Knowledge of animation software and tools

    €155 (Avg Bid)
    Taattu Sinetöity
    1 työtä
    Trophy icon Logo Animation 5 päivää left

    Logo Animation - Seeking a skilled animator to create a 2D animation for our logo - We have a specific color scheme in mind for the animation - The project needs to be completed as soon as possible Ideal Skills and Experience: Create a logo animation for the attached logo. - Proficiency in 2D animation techniques - Strong understanding of color schemes and their impact on branding - Ability to work efficiently under tight deadlines

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    39 työtä
    Trophy icon ANIMATED LOGO 5 päivää left

    We are looking for a skilled animator to create a 2D animated logo for our website. The animation should be engaging and visually appealing, capturing the essence of our brand. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in 2D animation software such as Adobe After Effects or Toon Boom Harmony - Ability to bring static elements to life through animation - Creativity in designing visually appealing and eye-catching animations - Understanding of branding and the ability to incorporate existing elements into the design - Flexibility and openness to new ideas in order to create a unique and captivating animated logo The final animation should be in a format that can easily be integrated into my website and should effectively represent my brand. Project specifics: - The client ...

    €33 (Avg Bid)
    17 työtä

    Luxury Candle Short Advertising Video Project - Desired video length: Less than 30 seconds - Style of video: Abstract - Project completion deadline: ASAP We are looking for a skilled video editor who can create a captivating and visually stunning short advertising video for our luxury candle brand. The video should be less than 30 seconds in length and should have an abstract style. The ideal candidate for this project should have experience in creating abstract videos that effectively convey the essence and luxury of a product. They should be able to use their creative skills to capture the attention of viewers and create a visually appealing video that highlights the unique features of our luxury candle. The project needs to be completed as soon as possible, so we are looking for som...

    €24 (Avg Bid)
    19 työtä
    Trophy icon SM logo, and character 1 päivä left

    Necesito un logo minimalista para un proyecto basado en los cambios estacionales (invierno, otoño, verano, primavera) Se trata de una comunidad comprometida con la creación de un estilo de vida para facilitar la adaptación estacional. Nombre del proyecto: The seasonal movement El eslogan de la marca: Unlocking the Power of Seasonal Harmony Elementos a tomar en cuenta: El ciclo infinito. EL yin y yang. El círculo o cualquier elemento que represente equilibrio y armonía siguiendo esta paleta de colores (adjuntar imagen) El ganador de concurso deberá entregarme: 1. El archivo original de ilustrador (con todas sus capas) 2. Manual del logo. El color blancoy negro son en mayoria para lineas y background, el rojo es color secundario para diseno y...

    €23 (Avg Bid)
    233 työtä
    Trophy icon Animation for Logo 18 päivää left

    I would like to start a Video-Production Company. In the logo you see an old film band. An idea ist to make this film band moving, it comes in and end uf in a cyrcle in the logo-end-position. This is just an idea. If you are creative and have a good idea i'm open up for something good looking. The Logo is in white/black/colour version. The logo is under my copyright. Artboard 1 is the mainlogo. Be creative, be outstanding. Thank you very much for your time and work so far.

    €30 (Avg Bid)
    42 työtä

    YouTube Thumbnail Design Project Description: I am looking for a talented graphic designer to create eye-catching and informative thumbnails for my YouTube videos. No text on the thumbnail/. The video title is I translated my channel into 10 languages with AI. And got this many views. Check out my existing video thumbs:

    €14 (Avg Bid)
    130 työtä

    Hello, I would like to animate my logo to create a loader for my website. I need the format to be usable for the web.

    €99 (Avg Bid)
    111 työtä
    Trophy icon GIF made of company logo - URGENT 4 päivää left

    I have a existing logo that's black with colors at the tips of 4 of the letters. The color tips are in a gradient. I need the gradient animated so it looks like the colors are flowing. The word "immersify" with the gradient tips should be the ONLY part animated. The word "digital" should remain as is. Need all raw final files that can be edited in the future. Gif file that can be deployed and resized on my website. (provided file is NOT the size that will be used on my website).

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    25 työtä

    I am looking for a skilled 3D motion animator to create a video similar to this but with more details and it should feel as if your in the scene. and Requirements: - Must be original work - Project Files. ( Proof ) - 60 Second Seamless loop. - Experience in creating 3D motion looped animations - Ability to create a loop animation of a nebula with bright and vibrant colors - Proficiency in using animation software to achieve the desired effect Skills: - 3D motion animation - Graphic design - Creativity in creating visually appealing animations If you have the skills and experience needed for this project, please submit your proposal.

    €1602 (Avg Bid)
    Mainostettu Taattu Sinetöity Huippukilpailu
    43 työtä

    I am looking for a logo for my movement & energywork boutique studio that is classy but also surfy (I live near the beach) and simple. I have specific preferences for the colors and design elements of the logo. I would like the logo to represent both the movement (dance) aspect and the energetic (spiritual) aspect of my business. And meaby you can incorporate the figure 8, swastika, in the word flow?! The main colour of my logo is RGB nr. 74A4AB The support colour in my communication is RGB nr. debc65 I Already have a current logo that has undergone many changes already. Now I am moving to another space (near the sea) and the logo and housestyle should be renewed. Please make it timeless and easy for print since I do not want it to change for the coming 5 years. Oh and I only need t...

    €70 (Avg Bid)
    549 työtä
    Trophy icon Animation Video 2 päivää left

    I need an animation video 1080p quality to show our Google reviews and Trustpilot. Each review is a testament to the exceptional service and satisfaction we strive to deliver every day. ? Watch as our customers' words come alive through enchanting animation, illustrating their delightful encounters with our products/services. From heartfelt testimonials to glowing recommendations, this video encapsulates the essence of our commitment to excellence. ? Created exclusively from your feedback, this animation celebrates YOU, our incredible community! also add ? Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel for more engaging content! ? Hit the notification bell to stay updated on our latest videos. ? Follow us on social media for behind-the-scenes stories, exclusive offers, and more excit...

    €34 (Avg Bid)
    11 työtä
    Trophy icon Workout Buddies - animation clip 2 päivää left

    We're launching a revolutionary fitness platform (Workout Buddies)—think "Airbnb for home gyms." Hosts list their gyms, users book sessions. Here's a concise overview: *Key Points:* 1. *Personalized Workouts:* Users choose workouts in unique home gym settings. 2. *Seamless Booking:* Easy booking for users, showcasing varied workout options. 3. *Community Connection:* Fostering a fitness community between hosts and users. *Target Audience:* - Home Gym Owners - Fitness Enthusiasts *Key Messages:* - Unlock Tailored Fitness: Unique workouts in distinctive home gyms. - Easy Booking: Convenient sessions at flexible times. - Community Driven: Join a fitness community with passionate gym owners. Looking for someone in order to collaborate on an engaging animati...

    €99 (Avg Bid)
    13 työtä
    Trophy icon 3D Model of a Banyan Tree 1 päivä left

    I am looking for a skilled 3D artist to create a highly realistic and intricately detailed 3D model of a metallic looking Banyan Tree. This model will be used for a VR experience, so it needs to be immersive and visually stunning. - The level of detail required for the tree should be highly realistic, with intricate details. - The 3D model should be rigged for animation, as there will be some movement and interaction within the VR experience. Skills and experience needed: - Proficiency in 3D modeling and texturing. - Experience creating highly detailed and realistic models. - Expertise in rigging and animation. - Familiarity with VR development and optimization. If you are passionate about creating immersive VR experiences and have the skills and experience needed for this project, I...

    €166 (Avg Bid)
    35 työtä
    Trophy icon Logo for Website 1 päivä left

    Welcome to our logo design contest for our Mindful Teacher Community Network (MTCN)! We are seeking a creative and inspiring logo that encapsulates our vision of collaboration and love in the field of mindfulness. Our mission revolves around bridging connections, nurturing non-competitive collaboration, and supporting the well-being of all life and our planet. We invite you to express this spirit of unity and mindfulness in your design. Let your creativity flow, and help us visually represent a community where mindfulness teachers and organizations network together to share, grow, and make a positive impact.

    €46 (Avg Bid)
    529 työtä
    Trophy icon DTaylor Solutions LLC 1 päivä left

    I need the best logo for my credit repair company looking for the best logo something that will stand out as a brand something that catches eyes it’s pretty simple the Company name is DTaylor Solutions LLC with the best colors doesn’t have to be animated but make me happy

    €9 (Avg Bid)
    39 työtä
    Trophy icon Intro video for Company 2 päivää left

    Project Description: Professional Company Intro and Exit Videos for Climax X LLC Overview: We are looking for a skilled video production specialist to create two high-quality and professional videos for Climax X LLC, a credit restoration and financial services company. These videos will serve as an introduction and exit for our company and will be used for promotional purposes. Video 1: Company Intro Video (1-2 minutes): Objective: Create a captivating introduction video that highlights the core services and expertise of Climax X LLC. Key Elements: Start with an attention-grabbing opening shot, possibly featuring our company logo. Incorporate visuals of our office, team, or clients to establish credibility. Use subtle animations of "X" or financial symbols to represent our se...

    €28 (Avg Bid)
    11 työtä

    Ima uploaded an audio file for an example of what I’m looking for and I’m trying to keep it a video under one minute long. You can use the uploaded file but you’re gonna have to modify the voices so they sound like two different people maybe a Mexican guy and a black guy To achieve the best results, having a talented team comprising an illustrator for the original image, an animator to bring the motion to life, and a skilled voice actor can work wonders. Each plays a crucial role in creating a seamless and engaging final product. I am looking to create an animated video commercial for my AC company. My companies name is My AC Hookup. The idea involves a ventriloquist on stage asking his puppet who he should call to fix the AC. They argue “funny style” back ...

    €232 (Avg Bid)
    27 työtä

    I am looking for a freelancer to create a short vlog-style YouTube video for me. The desired length of the video is more than 10 minutes with a reference video running about 30 minutes. The subject matter of the vlog is about the recent Floatingman festival that took place in Liberland earlier this summer. Make me look like a survivor of a crazy human rights violation event and a disaster of a festival. Project Description: "Left For Dead By a Banned Country!" YouTube Video Video Flow: (More detailed events timeline below) Intro: Teaser with audio of EU ban by Croatian Police. Liberland Explained: Animation-heavy segment inspired by Nico's video. Context: Explanation of Floatingman Festival and my visit. ARC Arrival: Initial Floatingman Festival location. Venue Change: ...

    €500 (Avg Bid)
    36 työtä

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