Analog engineering is an evolving field that requires precise understanding and deep expertise of the technologies associated with electronic systems. An Analog Engineer is an expert in handling electronic signals as a continuous range of values, as opposed to digital signals which involve far fewer values. These analog signals are usually related to vacuum tube audio amplifiers, control systems, and any device that handles a wide array of levels at once. With their extensive knowledge of the analog technology, Analog Engineers are well positioned to solve dozens of problems clients face in various industries 24/7.

Here's some projects that our expert Analog Engineers made real:

  • Developing complex analog filters for signal processing
  • Designing and troubleshooting high end audio amplifiers and control systems
  • Analyzing circuit designs with humidity, temperature and pressure sensors
  • Designing custom embedded controllers with integrated analog inputs
  • Improving testability of legacy analog systems

Analog engineering is essential for many types of projects, making it necessary to have experienced professionals willing to take on complicated tasks. Our team of Analog Engineers offer state of the art solutions for clients across different industries with their unparalleled quality work in a timely manner. If you have a project that requires superior knowledge in this field then don’t hesitate to post your project on Freelancer and hire an Analog Engineer from our team!

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