Adobe After Effects is a motion graphics and compositing software from Adobe Systems. The film and video post-production businesses rely on this software for running the technical side of their businesses. After Effects allows users to animate and alter composite media in 3D space. If your business is into motion graphics, you could surely use some help from After Effects freelancers. You can find After Effects freelancers simply by posting a job today!

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    Come up with a story line using a demon/devil and edit it into an awesome 4K automotive short film. Just need a title plate on black. No need for ending plates. MUST USE video in folder provided below. Edit it to your story. MUST USE the music provided in folder below. Edit it to the sequence. You can add sound efx. DO NOT REPLACE car sounds with another car. BONUS for adding visual effects like SABER or anything else. Deliverable: Project Files, 4K rendered file. Footage: Good luck! The time on the contest is the time you get. GO BABY GO!

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    Hello there, I want to add a little jingle at the end of every video I make (on IG and Youtube) with the attached Logo. Can you make it animated ? Thank you

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    Trophy icon Facebook ad for an Apartment complex 6 päivää left

    I need a jazzy Facebook ad for an apartment complex and prefer Canva. Check back here occasionally in case we have added clarification. The ad should include: The Oaks of Moritz (not Oaks AT Moritz which is an error that we will correct soon) The website, which is This phone number, which is 713-461-2309 The Oaks of Moritz Logo Optimize the color scheme from the logo Pictures of the interiors Upbeat music in the background Option: video clips Length between 15 and 45 seconds Text to include: Recently Renovated Apartment Homes featuring plank floors and granite countertops, Garden style Community, Highly Rated Schools, Nearby Access to Shopping and Major Freeways, *Please allow enough time to read the text I do not want: Exterior photos that show the blue roof shingles The phone numb...

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    Trophy icon Business Office with Avatars 8 päivää left

    We want to get a 40 seconds video showcasing several spaces of a Virtual Business Office with avatars in it talking between them or performing tasks like writing on a computer. The attached logo must be showcased in different places of the office.

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    Trophy icon Create a logo annimation 3 päivää left

    Hi, I am looking to make an animation where a dog (specifically George, the Saint Bernard) is running from the background then runs through my logo breaking it in pieces. Then the dog sits there for a second or two where it says something about buying or selling a home. Thinking the clip should be 5 to 7. 10 seconds top long. Happy to provide a picture a Saint Bernard if you would like.

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    Trophy icon Custom Logo Animation IV 1 päivä left

    I am looking to have the attached logo used to create a video intro using Adobe After Effects. The logo is for a law firm that works with cities. You can learn more about that company here: The animation must meet the following: - Be unique, no templates should be used. Entries that use templates will not be considered. - Plugins are acceptable as long as the plugin is available for free or is on Envato Elements - Last no more than 5 seconds in length The final deliverable will be - Adobe After Effects .aep; and - Final video version in .mp4 format. Let me know if you have any questions. *** Update *** 1. DO NOT submit the same design repeatedly. Doing so does not increase your chances of getting selected and it makes me more likely to disregard your entries. 2. DO NOT copy oth...

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    Trophy icon Create me an animated logo 17 tuntia left

    I would like this logo created with the "green" portion (the "i" in "Wise" that looks illuminated) to be "surging". It must be animated. The logo must be in high resolution, with both background themes shown (one in all black and one with the faded beckground). Thanks! UPDATE: PLEASE READ. The logo must be animated, not still. The "surging" portion must be actively surging brighter and dimmer.

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    Trophy icon Create a real estate video-2 4 tuntia left

    I would like a real estate promo video made from the following sources videos: !Au23WGZTpWBdpMVsFvNLyuU6XCI_1g?e=ooSvRB The video should have good background music and good transitions. Needs to be in portrait. Please try to keep the video length to below about 2 minutes. I will provide the logo, company name, address, ect to the winner to add to the video after it has been awarded to them. Here is an example of something I expect to receive: You can also get ideas of what I am expecting by reading the feedback I left on the videos of my previous job:

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    Trophy icon 30-45 seconds video 1 päivä left

    We are an education abroad consultant based in Mumbai, India. We are looking for a 30 to 45 seconds video for our new website homepage. We want pacy and impressive video with a little voice over. The script is attached to this post. Our logo (also attached )has to be there in the video throughout. Our company name is "KHATEEB STUDY ABROAD". Please read the script and select the visual to match the information to be delivered in the script. PLEASE TRY AND KEEP THE ACCENT AS INDIAN AS POSSIBLE. (Sample audio is attached to the post)

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    Make an animation where the AS and afrocinestream logo will appear within 3 seconds. An animation in the same type as Netflix with possibly animatic variations. Something like Netflix style see the link >> @onsefaitdesfilms/video/7127023598027525382?_r=1&_t=8Xl2QcfLJGn&is_from_webapp=v1&item_id=7127023598027525382

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    We had our logo done and now we need an animated logo. 5 Seconds long Incorporate the sun, mountains and residential properties.

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    What We Are Looking For: We are looking for a 15 second Tik Tok like fun viral Video that depicts people jumping out of a cold shower and into a hot sauna. Here Is The Script: "Take a Cold shower and jump in to a hot sauna! You'll feel better, everyday." Use Royalty Free Stock Footage. Examples: Listed in Attachments. We Will Also Need These Various Formats As Well: 1) YouTube Format 3840x2160, 16:9 aspect ratio, H.264 High Bit Rate 2) Facebook Format (Square) with captions 1080x1080, 1:1 Ratio, H.264 High Bit Rate, w/ captions bottom center 3) TV Format 1920x1080, Apple ProRess 422, 10-25Mbps, MP4 or MOV 4:5 Aspect Ratio Version as well Facebook Version Must include Closed Captioning titles at the bottom. Do An Amazing Job! We will pick a Winner before thi...

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    Trophy icon Fun Snowman Animation 22 päivää left

    What We Are Looking For: I need a snowman animated like in this production - , for a short commercial (see script attached) Here Is The Script: INT. JOE'S HOUSE - DAY Wrapped in a towel, JOE stands outside of MEDICAL 8 PLUS SAUNA. He opens the door to go in and is startled when he's greeted by a Hey Joe. I'm Abo, Frank's friend. I really appreciate you letting me check out your sauna. Joe is surprised. JOE Oh hey. Frank, um... didn't say you were a snowman. SNOWMAN Well, I'm more than just a snowman... I'm a Capricorn and a registered CPA amongst other things. JOE Right, sure. But... are you going to be okay in here? SNOWMAN Oh, I'll be great -- let's sauna! INT. (BRAND) SAUNA - MOMENTS LATER They sit across from each other. SNOWMAN is melti...

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    Trophy icon Lyric Video for 80s artist 1 päivä left

    Hi, Looking to get a lyric video made, 3min 22sec in length. 80s artist, no brief as such... just needs to be in keeping with the synthwave / 80s vibe of the track. The track & lyrics are in the attachment. Winning entry will be sent the wav file to render the final version.

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    Be creative and dynamic. Use your talent to convert this longer commercial into a Savvy 15 Seconds Animated Video. Website to our Product: Use the Voice Over here: Here is the Script: A message to all seniors. It's time for a medical breakthrough. A couple of months ago my mom had a stroke, the entire half of her body was paralyzed. I made this video to help all seniors and anyone with seniors in their family. You can’t just sit and wait for a stroke. There are large adipocyte cells, fat cells, in your body that cannot break down on their own. These cells can only be broken down with movement. Our doctor told us without daily exercise, another stroke would be inevitable. I searched everywhere for a product that could help prevent another stroke. I tried to find someth...

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    Trophy icon Logo Animation for Agriculture Business 18 päivää left

    Looking for Logo Animation for the attached logo we are into organic farming & food businesses, animation should use elements in the logo and create respect for farmers.

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