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    audio reader Loppunut left

    Zdravei, Trqbva mi da se razraboti ultra maluk audio chetec na magnitni karti , koito da chete i v dvete posoki i da zapazva dannite kato .wav ili .mp3. Chetecut trqbva da raboti okolo 5-6 chasa na baterii za chasovnik i s vazmojnost za prezarejdane. Sushto taka trqbva da moje da se svalq informaciqta na PC s USB kabel naprimer. Mojesh li da izrabotish podobno neshto ? Za celta i standartni MP3 u...

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    audio chetec Loppunut left

    Zdravei, Trqbva mi da se razraboti ultra maluk audio chetec na magnitni karti , koito da chete i v dvete posoki i da zapazva dannite kato .wav ili .mp3. Chetecut trqbva da raboti okolo 5-6 chasa na baterii za chasovnik i s vazmojnost za prezarejdane. Sushto taka trqbva da moje da se svalq informaciqta na PC s USB kabel naprimer. Mojesh li da izrabotish podobno neshto ? Za celta i standartni MP3 ...

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    Project for Mst A. 9 päivää left

    Hi, I would like to hire you for Individual image of : 1. VP in boilling water and aside of a boiler 2. Hands being washed (under the tab) 3. Hand with the VP 4. Hand placing the VP on Vulva 5. Vulva with VP 6. Products waxing vulva shaving around vulva 7. Hands washing the Vam protect 8. Hands placing it back in the pocket + Anatomy of the Vam Protect. Instructions are on a file. I send as so...

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    Trophy icon skincare company branding 2 päivää left

    I need a logo designed and branding guidelines for my clients new skincare company that focuses its products on "digital aging" my client is a mother and two daughter trio who has a combination of health and beauty background. this digital aging skincare will be a mixture of science based and natural ingredients. it's a collection of 5 products 4 skincare and 1 supplement to protect...

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    Dc-Dc converters are massively used for switch mode regulated power supply, renewable energy conversion system and electrical drives. In this paper we have implemented digital PID controller voltage mode control method on the dc-dc buck converter. Digital controller application is considered due to their superiority than the analog converter and due to more reliability. These converters are nonlin...

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    need to genrate a password protected zip file in codigniter 3

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    Hi there, I am the founder a new company company called Quip Design. We are dipping our toes in the water to develop a kickstarting campaign for a USB HDMI capture device which can be used with Android systems. However need to develop a basic application for most android versions in order to test our hardware. Apps which are similar but far more advanced features: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi ...

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    This is my initial description of our module capabilities. Let me know if you need more detail: We want to create an independent camera with two 8 Megapixel IR lenses for distance calculation, an RGB 12MPixels all in global shutter. There is a second possibility which is to use two 8Mpixel global shutter CMOS that are sensitive in the near infrared so we do not need three sensors but two. The idea...

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    What I need: - Smart mirror schematics; circuit, camera, power, interaction area (digitiser), lighting, wifi, bluetooth, other sensors (you can recommend as you deem necessary as you read further) and additional connectivity option. Why: 1. Camera : - to snap picture - Tracking measurements and movements (elbow, shoulder, wrist, hips, knee, feet, neck, face (including width and height)) - Virtua...

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    Project for Sallemi A. 8 päivää left

    Hi Sallemi A., as we discussed in chat, I need you for job to find way to protect/hide urls in iframe videos in the source code like is used on this website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] or like is here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I am not finding just simple base64 decoding, which could be encoded with online tools. I need some simple and fast solution, which can I simple use fo...

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    I am writing some software for talking to smartcards with QT API. would like someone to finish the project design code for dumping and writing to SLE 4442 / 44428 smartcards or other ebay variety smartcards. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I have the basics working sofar would like someone to finish the app with read write scripting support, python is already implimented just needs to be c...

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    your task is to deliver a bash script which installs a bunch of services 1. you get a fresh installed server with [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] installed 2. only SSHD and apt is ensured to be prior installed on ubuntu your task is to: - use default packages of ubuntu - get latest usvn package from internet - install all required packages for subversion + webdav + usvn - install subversio...

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    Looking for SEO writers 5 päivää left

    Business: Selling recovery softwares which recover everthing you lost and recover from all Mac-based devices including USB, SD Card, digital camera, etc. 100% securely recover deleted files on Mac with high success rate. What I need done: We are looking for copywriters to write articles about our recovery softwares and we'll offer outlines and referrences for what you need to write. Desire t...

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    I need a prototype of a universal device for reading signals from CAN bus . With support for 2 display. the maximum download time should not exceed 4 seconds. the device display should show the following information: time and date, odometer, speedometer, fuel level, fuel consumption, coolant temperature, battery charge, total mileage, today's mileage, parking mode indicator (P), brake pad i...

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    I have an Android application where the data can be downloaded to external device now it's only compatible upto 32gb USB from 64gb on wards the application is reading but cannot able to write i mean cannot download to external device so i think a piece of code will help to complete it.

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    I need a VERY basic command line tool to capture and analyze an image from a USB webcam and give me coordinates of corners for boxes of all multi-color items on a plain white background shown on camera. Specifics of the small program I need: Fairly efficient (will be running on a 1.6ghz duel core mini-PC running windows 10) Command arguments I will send : Drop file location (drive:directory[kir...

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    Create a non-admin user that is controlled by group policy restrictions as follows: Cannot install any programs Cannot access internet Can access RDP (windows remote desktop connection) to enable access to a server connection Can access USB flash drive if used but no other folders on the PC Can access and adjust sound controls and speakers/headphones Admin users have no restrictions. All work to...

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    We are likely to launch an educational product. The product is a USB drive with MCQs installed on it and has Artificial intelligence. It will do adaptive testing and find the strengths and weaknesses of the student. Students can practice, solve mock tests and solve tests received from school /tuition/teacher This product is not for teaching but for self-test and practice. .Internet connectivity i...

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    Little Boy 4 päivää left

    As you've probably noticed, adjectives for "little boy" are listed above. According to the algorithm that drives this website, the top 5 adjectives for "little boy" are: generally nasty, naughty and impertinent, pale and bright-eyed, extraordinarily devout, and troublingly quiet. There are 737 other words to describe little boy listed above. Hopefully the above generated l...

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    PHP Web Application for - 1) Dynamically generate pdf document based on data from MySQL database, 2) Digitally sign that pdf document using DSC USB Token attached to your computer system. Lets connect only experienced with POC first to discuss and proceed further.

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    WebCam PHP and JS Script 4 päivää left

    Hello I have chat Rooms Web i looking for Dev Web Public Cam 1. Create a system For Webcan 2. Create a Form Of Webcam 3. Protect It From xss and more hacks ways 4. Create a small Panel to Users price 100 $ Website Host on Linux And MYSQL

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    Web application support 4 päivää left

    I want to protect my Web application from the threat. configuration of firewall too

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    music sound system board 4 päivää left

    required to design sound system card with FM, BT USB and Aux facility.

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    We need an engineer with practical, direct experience writing Audio Server Plugins and user-space drivers for macOS. Please do not apply if you do not have this experience. If you have written Audio Server Plugins or worked with kernel extensions which are now deprecated, and converted them into DriverKit-based user space system extensions, this is right up your alley. Please tell us about what y...

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    1. A backend MP4 to HLS conversion service and a frontend HLS player need to be demonstrated 2. A Web based Upload to the backend will be an MP4 video with sound (example: 720p/30fps) 3. The back end should convert the MP4 file into HLS 4. The converted HLS playlist (m3u8) should be playable via a web-based HLS player (js based) which should be able to play the above file 5. An encryption/decrypti...

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    I am looking for a developing a tool that I can analyse the customer data quality without taking the data from the customer premise. Anybody to help with these development options are welcome.

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    im looking a indian guy who know about everthing on linux vpn for security beacuase want to protect my vps server from heavy ddos attack

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    Looking for someone with experience in Altium and Raspberry Pi CM4 to design a simple carrier board. - single USB C for 5V power input and programming - 40 pin GPIO Header Further details will be given to the suitable candidate. Only apply for the job if you have already designed a carrier board for the CM4 before using Altium Designer

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    We have some software that runs that allows data to be written across multiple disks (spanned volume) the problem we have is if one of the drives was to become unavailable this causes the data to become unavailable / damages indexes etc as the software cannot find the fragments it needs across all the drives. best way to describe it is like a raid 0 configuration but software level ( all our disks...

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    Sir, I have one application in VB6.0, in which one report is dos print. Right now there are parellel port. So to take the dos print from usb. I need a solution how to get the dos from USB printer

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    I need a tool to hide process in task manager. I need the code to hide the process which i want to use in my existing .NET coding

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    I need a solution to show the output of a USB web camera (not PI Camera) on a monitor on a Raspberry PI The output needs to be in realtime with a lag <1second and run on Raspberry Pi OS Lite (command line not GUI mode) Be able to select the size and location on-screen of the output DONT BID IF YOU DONT KNOW HOW TO DO IT

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    Google Cloud Spanner Architect 3 päivää left

    Array is revolutionizing how businesses leverage and enhance consumer data. Our platform (APIs, components and rules engine) enables innovative companies and developers to seamlessly integrate credit and identity data into their apps, websites or workflows. Founded by serial entrepreneurs (with several exits), we’ve been nearly doubling revenue monthly. We’re looking for passionate and...

    €45 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    We prefer a South African copywriter only. We are a South African company called NextNow. NextNow is an e-hailing service providing company. We are looking for a copywriter for us who can understand the South African local context and handle the below responsibilities. Continually raise the bar on creativity, writing fresh copy that connects with the desired audience and drives action Comfortab...

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    project to modify the weight reading function from the pos interface so that it works in android through a tcp bridge connection that an android app provides. this to avoid the use of posbox and to be able to connect the weight scale directly to the android device via usb otg cable One approach that I would like is to adapt the code of the posboxless that I already have running with linux mint, s...

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    Develop P2P exchange similar to Paxful 3 päivää left

    I need someone who can create/fork a coin and develop P2P Exchange similar to Paxful. P2P exchanges offer an escrow service to protect both sellers and buyers until the payment is done. For example, when you start a trade to buy Bitcoin, the P2P exchange will hold the seller's bitcoin in an escrow. And only release the bitcoin to your wallet once the seller confirms payment is received.

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    Startup script have to start the x86 OS opening a Chrome window on each connected monitor (we manage two monitors and one monitor pc). Before starting the Chrome instance the device should call an REST api to get the URL to open with Chrome sending out the MAC address of network card. Each box started this way should also connect to a server to let an admin to log in traversing any firewall in SSH...

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    Using an Raspberry 4 with LCD. create an app that can Identify a person identity using ZKTEKO LIVE 20R usb biometric device, and apply the attendance punch in or punch out according to schedule. There will be a graphic interfase (GUI) to add a new biometric user and to link it to remote zoho people user. And if you want to select one of the 6 possible punch in - punch out options, you can manually...

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    Connection strings protection with C# 2 päivää left

    I would like to protect connection strings, activation codes, security-sensitive things like that from reverse engineering. I need someone experienced in that. The purpose of that protects only sensitive codes instead of whole software obfuscation.

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    Bluetooth Linux Consultation 2 päivää left

    I need to incorporate in an existing C language program running on embedded Linux on an IoT device the capability to receive via Bluetooth short commands in the form of a string of alphanumeric characters ranging from 3 to 35 characters. The IoT device uses an LM506 USB bluetooth module supporting dual mode (Classic and LE), with a class 2 TX output power and full speed USB 2.0. The device sendin...

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    I would like to intergrate a fanless mini pc stick (Intel CeleronN3350 windows 10 pro computer) into a heavy duty HDMI cord. The computer stick would need to be taken out of it's casing and stripped down to simply an on and off switch, a sim card slot, and a USB port that provides bluetooth connection. A favor for a nephew.

    €210 - €630
    €210 - €630
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    Looking for someone to design an app for andriod and iOS. I would like to use a long range RFID reader to read livestock tags in 2 scenarios. First scenario, farmer drives past a group of livestock with the reader with cattle in range. The reader will reader the tags, tell the farmer on the app which livestock are there, and which ones are missing. Scenario 2. A reader will be mounted above a ga...

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    Project for Andrei V. 5 päivää left

    Hi Andrei V., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. I want a basic branding 1 page UI for OpenWRT. Display current connected wireless devices and USB device connection status. The only functionality of the router will be to act as a DHCP server for wireless devices and provide network access to the USB port. No custom routing, firewalls, qos, or even manual ip address...

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    Hiring for expert freelancers to work as ASIC Verification Engineers for our enterprise client. Must be amenable to work full time for 12 months or more. Billing rate is hourly and based on merit. Requirements: 4 to 8 years of experience in ASIC/SOC/IP/block level functional verification using System Verilog/UVM. Must have worked on developing testplan, testcases, sequences, constraint randomi...

    €13 - €21 / hr
    €13 - €21 / hr
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    Require an expert automation engineer with Siemens PLC and VFD experience. Existing project has some bugs that need to be fixed. Advantage if you can configure 4G wireless router as well and set up remote access via router. Must have eperience with Siemens Simatic Manager and VFD drives. Should only take a few hours / less than a day for a confident engineer. DO NOT APPLY IF YOU DO NOT HAVE E...

    €395 (Avg Bid)
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    9 tarjoukset

    I need a program that should be able to show the USB data in the waveform when the USB is plugged in and sending data to the computer. It should have a button that says “Decode to Binary”, so basically what this button does is translate the data waveform to Binary. There should be another button that says “Decode to Hex”, and what this button does is translates the waveform...

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    need a app for android 1 päivä left

    I need an Android app. I would like it designed and built. so it's really simple but requires some android system knowledge. we have an OS we want to add a feature that the phone only unlocks when the USB key is plugged in. without the USB key it will not unlock. it will be RSA encrypted. with public key on the phone and private key on the USB C flash drive

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    I require an Android app for a personal project which will create a "mirror" effect from a web camera, duplicating and flipping the USB web camera input stream in realtime. Other desired features are listed below. THIS PROJECT IS URGENT, ANY BIDDERS WHO CAN ACHIEVE BASIC FUNCTIONS BY THURSDAY APRIL 8 WILL BE ELIGABLE FOR THE WORK. Basic functions are items 1 and 2 below. The app must a...

    €112 (Avg Bid)
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    Create 4g proxy 1 päivä left

    I would like to build my own 4G mobile proxies using USB dongles. I need this features: Automated IP Rotation/Change Basic API Management Dashboard HTTP or SOCKS Proxies. I only need the script, thank you.

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    You should follow a full development cycle for designing a low cost, portable, PIC based signal generator and produce a full set of firmware and production files. Your final production files may use different components, but you must discuss the differences in your report. The desired specification for the device is listed below: Output signal specification: - Output waveforms: o Basic: Triangle, ...

    €234 (Avg Bid)
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