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    mustavalkoinen PNG ja värillinen piirros, joka kuvaa sivuviistosta aurinkopaneelirivejä Paneelit ovat 2 m korkeita, 45 asteen kulmassa maasta, paneelin alareuna 1 metrin maantasosta, paneelin etu- ja takapuolella on kakkosnelosesta tehty ‘’törmäyssuoja’’. Paneelirivien välissä on 6-8 metrin kasvukaistale, jossa kasvaa vil...värillinen piirros, joka kuvaa sivuviistosta aurinkopaneelirivejä Paneelit ovat 2 m korkeita, 45 asteen kulmassa maasta, paneelin alareuna 1 metrin maantasosta, paneelin etu- ja takapuolella on kakkosnelosesta tehty ‘’törmäyssuoja’’. Paneelirivien välissä on 6-8 metrin kasvukaistale, jossa kasvaa viljaa. Yhdellä kasvukäytävällä voi olla pu...

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    I'm seeking professionals to collaborate on a 2D animated Minecraft series. The project is set to span four engaging seasons, ideal for a teen/adult audience. The necessary expertise for this project includes: - Anime-style 2D animation: It is crucial that the animation matches the visual style typical of anime. Experience in this specific style is a must. - Scriptwriting: A crucial component of this project is the creation of compelling scripts that align with the Minecraft universe and appeal to teens. - English voice-over: English-speaking animators should also be able to help with the voice-over work for the series, so experience in this area is highly preferred. Please send your portfolio or relevant samples of your work when applying.

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    ...with Blender and has a keen eye for detail and design. The task is to create a scenario in Blender that functions as an exhibitor of figures. The figures will range from anime characters, movie characters, to various video game objects. The key requirements for this project are: - Ability to present figures in a 360-degree view from multiple camera angles. - Incorporation of a specific color palette which I will provide. - Creation of a neutral theme or setting, suitable for varying characters or objects. The chosen setting will be an abstract space. Ideal Skills & Experience: - A strong portfolio of previous work in Blender. - Proven experience creating detailed, dynamic scenarios. - Preference for those with understanding and experience in anime, movie and v...

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    Anime-Styled T-Shirt Ad Video Editing 6 päivää left

    I'm in need of a skilled video editor to intertwine scenes from the anime "One Piece", specifically the "King of the Hell" moment with Zoro, into an ad video for my t-shirt. The desired outcome will essentially turn Zoro's peak moment into the ad's core concept. Key responsibilities: - Merging anime scenes with t-shirt design - Using the "King of the Hell" moment as the main theme Desired Skills: - Proficiency in video editing software - Familiarity with anime, particularly "One Piece" - Creative flair for seamless integration of disparate visual elements - Capability to work promptly Please note the project timeline remains undefined, anticipating your flexibility accordingly. Looking forward to your ima...

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    Anime Recap Editor 4 päivää left

    Looking for an Anime Recap Editor who can add funny elements, name of characters and simple editing. Here is an example: Usually around 30 minutes to 1 hour length

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    I'm looking for a skilled subtitler to assist in adding Chinese subtitles to a series of TV shows. The pri...Chinese, and there is no need for subtitles in other languages. Key requirements include: - Fluency in Chinese: Essential for accurate translation and subtitling. - Subtitling Experience: Previous experience in subtitling, particularly for TV shows, is highly preferred. - Attention to Detail: It's crucial that the subtitles match the spoken dialogue exactly, and are synced properly. - Passion for anime/cartoons is preferred. The selected freelancer will receive the TV show content in Chinese and must provide accurately timed and translated Simplified Chinese subtitles (.srt), as well as Traditional Chinese subtitles (.srt). A willingness to make revisions based on...

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    I'm in need of a skilled illustrator to bring my children's book to life with 6-10 charming and engaging cartoon illustrations. Some updates/clarifications; The main character of my story is created and the design is included below as well as a sample of what the cover might look like. I am looking for some diverse additional characters that can compliment my current design aka similar face shape/style, colour scheme etc. am open to male/female characters of various ethnicities and positions/outfits. Am not interested in anything anime/japanime. I will choose a design that is original and not ai generated and there is potential for future work developing my characters and story! My book is about a child named Daisy who is a bit clumsy. It c...

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    Dear Freelancer: DESCRIPTION 10 Different skill moves will be given taken by single camera mobile phone of an mp4 format. They need to be motion captured first (fbx file format or other), than the next step is they need to be transformed into 3d maya or unity anime characters. The appropriate maya 3d characters can be provided later to the awarded freelancer but contest participants can first choose fun free maya rigs online to illustrate their ability. REMARK No environment or specific backgrounds need to be created for now. Voice or sounds can be added according to your own creativity inputs! WARNING! Its important that the body, arms, legs and feet are well animated as well as the soccer ball inside

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    I want a youtube script writer, someone who loves Anime alot. I want to create videos like watchmojo for example : the video will be around 3-4 minutes I don't want AI templates because i can simply use chatgbt or jasper but i want a good quality script At the moment my budget is 5$ per script I want 1 script per week which is 4 scripts per month

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    Mac ai voice changer 4 päivää left

    ...can perform simple tuning (such as Pitch). 5. Sound quality optimization: Ensure that the audio quality after sound modification is as high as possible, without distortion or significant reduction. Technical requirements: 1. Use Mac development environment and tools 2. Suitable for general AI models that can be directly downloaded and used online (some AI models for celebrities, singers, anime characters, etc.) 3. All Mac computers (including Intel and M series) that support MacOS 10.15 and above systems are required 4. The presentation of software needs to be built and run through xcode Notes: 1. Ensure the maintainability and scalability of the code, and adopt good software engineering practices. 2. Comply with relevant laws and regulations, respect intellectual pr...

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    Create an anime story 4 päivää left

    Hello, I want to make a short anime with 5 episodes

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    Promotional Anime for Distance Learning 3 päivää left

    I'm looking for a talented freelancer who can create a promotional video in the style of anime. The goal of this video is to promote distance learning specifically to students, so it should be engaging and appealing to a younger demographic. Key Points: - Animation Style: Anime - Goal: Promote distance learning - Target Audience: Students Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in creating anime-style animations - Ability to craft engaging and persuasive content - Understanding of educational or promotional content - Experience in creating content for a student audience Please provide examples of your previous work in a similar style, as well as a brief explanation of how you would approach this project. I look forward to working with a talented indiv...

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    Hello, I am looking for around 60-80 seconds max. animation clips. Animation is related to anime and memes world. - I will provide the plot/ideas for the clips. The animation should effectively convey a narrative. The plot should be engaging enough to keep an adult audience entertained, possibly with a twist or a surprising element - I need 1 clip per day if possible, at least 1 every 2 days - I already have the characters (photos) needed for the clips - While not mandatory, a suitable soundtrack to complement the animation would be highly valued. - I am looking for long term business - I don't care if you do them by AI as long as they meet the quality requirements - For quality requirements, please check the videos from this guy: - i need something similar to this

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    i will make a 3d character from a referece that is going to be used in 3d printing and the client will pay 15 dollars

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    Für diverse Projekte benötigen wir in Adobe Anime gestaltete ProjVorlagen von unserem BRB Preiswicht. laufend, winkend, hüpfende Figur, Schild hochhalten ..

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    I'm working on a project examining One Piece's effect on Japanese media. I’m in need of someone who can effectively communicate this topic in a visually appealing PowerPoint presentation. The project details are: FUN TASK IF YOU LIKE ANIME/MANGA (SPECIFICALLY ONE PIECE -analyze how One Piece(the manga/anime) has influenced other forms of media, such as television, film, literature, etc. talk about about it has also influenced all of Japan, and wordwide, but mainly Japan *add in other stuff as you see fit* -mention Eiichiro Oda(creator of One Piece) -mention the live action One Piece (with Inaki Godoy, Taz Skylar, Emiy Rud, etc.) and it′s impact and whatnot -make the presesntation fun and eye-catching--I have attatched my previous Japanese presentation...

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    Diseño Ilustración 1 päivä left

    Estoy buscando ilustrador o equipo para un proyecto de diseño para parte de la fachada de un comercio de venta de figuras de anime japonés. Adjunto imagen del lateral donde tiene que ir el diseño.

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    Trophy icon "MAGIC SHOT" CBN Gummies Packaging Design 8 päivää left

    Project Overview: We are seeking to create a packaging design for our new CBN gummies product named "SMILE", with the subtitle "CBN GUMMY". The inspiration comes from the anime One Piece, specifically the Devil's Fruit, which causes uncontrollable laughter when consumed. We want the packaging to reflect elements of the Devil's Fruit - its patterns, colors, but without directly copying it to avoid copyright issues. Project Details: Objective: Design packaging for "SMILE" CBN gummies that subtly nods to the Devil's Fruit from One Piece, integrating its essence into the design in a unique and original way. Product Name: SMILE Subtitle: CBN GUMMY Package Size: Width: 8cm, Height: 13cm Design Inspiration: The pac...

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    As a clothing business looking to expand our reach amongst Anime lovers and young adults aged 18-24, I am seeking a social media marketing expert. The specialist's task will be to increase brand awareness, drive website traffic and generate leads. Main Responsibilities : - Develop and implement marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram - Engage and expand our reach amongst our target audience: the young Anime lover community Skills and Experience Required: - Proven experience in executing successful marketing campaigns on Facebook and Instagram - In-depth knowledge and understanding of the culture and trends amongst Anime lovers and young adults - Expertise in increasing brand awareness and driving web traffic - Proven record in lead generation Please only...

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    I'm looking for an experienced anime artist to create a 30-minute adult comedy cartoon. This creation will be targeting a mature audience and should carry the fun and entertainment aspect typically associated with adult humor. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in anime cartooning. - Strong understanding of how to angle humor towards adults. - Can effectively use animation to tell a comedic story. - Prior experience in making anime for adult audiences preferred. Details: - The project requires an anime art style. - The cartoon is targeted at an adult audience. - The genre of the cartoon is comedy. - Close collaboration is necessary to ensure the comedy aspect is not lost during animation. This project will provide an excellent opportunity...

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    I am seeking a creative and well-versed in anime style artist to design a unique piece, to mix two much-loved characters - Yoshi from Mario and Chainsaw Man. I want Yoshi to be depicted with chainsaws protruding from his forehead and forearms, mirroring Chainsaw Man in style. For the color palette, it should merge classic Yoshi colors with traditional Chainsaw Man hues. However, I prefer the artwork to have no background, focusing only on the character. Ideal candidates should: - Be proficient in anime art style - Be capable of working with specific color schemes - Have experience in character design and fusion Remember, the final image should capture Yoshi's charm while incorporating chainsaw man characteristics!

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    GUIONISTA para RESUMENES de Animes 17 tuntia left

    Estoy buscando a una persona que realice guiones de resúmenes de anime, los guiones deben contar la historia del anime de manera entretenida, lo cual requiere ver el anime y escribir el resumen. Cada guion tendrá entre 7500 a 8000 palabras. Los animes serán por lo general de 12 capítulos.

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    I have an anime clothing business and I'm currently in need of a talented professional who can help me improve my online visibility and engage better with my audience - young adults. **What I need:** - SEO optimization: My website hasn't had any SEO work done on it. Your tasks will involve analyzing, reviewing, and implementing changes for optimization to improve my website's visibility in search engines. - Social Media Management: Currently, my business is on Facebook and Instagram. I need someone to comprehensively manage and grow these platforms, drive engagement, create SEO-friendly content and boost organic traffic. And increase followers **Who you are:** You are an expert in both SEO and Social Media marketing. You have a proven track record in successfull...

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    SEO for Anime Apparel Business 14 tuntia left

    As an established business selling anime clothing, my goal is to expand my reach to the community of middle-aged adults who are passionate about anime. I need some one to increase domain authority in very limited budget Core strategies: - Increase organic traffic: I am looking for solutions to drastically increase the flow of unpaid, organic traffic to my website by leveraging search engine optimization tactics. - Boost search engine rankings: As a priority, I want my business to rank high in relevant search queries. This will require keeping up with search engine algorithms, optimizing on-page elements, building credible backlinks, and other relevant strategies. - Increase online sales: Ultimately, the goal is to translate this increased visibility into sales. I need a ...

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    I'm seeking a talented individual to create a unique, anime-inspired cartoon design for our next t-shirt line. The ideal candidate should have a strong portfolio of past work that demonstrates a mix of creativity, style, and effective composition. The design should be vibrant and attractive while capturing the energy and passion associated with anime. Key Requirements: - Skilled in designing cartoon and anime-themed graphics. - Provide examples of past work. - Excels in vibrant and unique designs. - Able to work within required timelines. Skills and Experience: - Graphic design - Digital illustration - Anime & cartoon style artistry - T-Shirt design

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    ...taking our existing designs and skillfully applying them to t-shirt mockups to showcase our products. Responsibilities: - Work closely with our team to understand the vision and requirements for each t-shirt design. - Create high-quality mockups that accurately represent our designs on t-shirts. - Ensure that the mockups adhere to our brand guidelines and aesthetic preferences. - Make any necessary revisions or adjustments based on feedback from the team. Requirements: - Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop or similar graphic design software. - Strong attention to detail and a keen eye for design. - Ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with team members. - Creativity and the ability to bring concepts to life visually. - Prior experience creating mockups ...

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    Anime Streetwear T-shirt Design 4 tuntia left

    ...create unique, engaging designs for oversized t-shirts. The key elements are: - Style: The designs should be along the lines of streetwear and anime. This is a crucial way to communicate the identity of our brand. - Target Audience: Primarily, these designs will cater to individuals aged 12-30. Understanding what appeals to this demographic is critical. - Colors: There are no specific color limitations; freelance designers are encouraged to exercise their creativity, but they should align with the streetwear style. Ideal skills for this project would include experience in graphic design, particularly within the streetwear fashion industry or with anime-inspired designs. A strong portfolio of fashion-oriented designs will be highly regarded. Knowledge of color th...

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    I'm looking for an experienced anime artist to create a 30-minute adult comedy cartoon. This creation will be targeting a mature audience and should carry the fun and entertainment aspect typically associated with adult humor. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in anime cartooning. - Strong understanding of how to angle humor towards adults. - Can effectively use animation to tell a comedic story. - Prior experience in making anime for adult audiences preferred. Details: - The project requires an anime art style. - The cartoon is targeted at an adult audience. - The genre of the cartoon is comedy. - Close collaboration is necessary to ensure the comedy aspect is not lost during animation. This project will provide an excellent opportunity...

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    I am looking for a proficient and talented character designer who specializes in traditional anime style and can accurately recreate characters from anime/mange to create a scene with many characters from various works in one 2560 x 1440 banner shot. Examples attached - The task primarily involves designing more than six traditional style anime characters. - Though the project requires a good understanding and proficiency in traditional anime style, incorporating unique creative spins is appreciated. - Experience with a wide range of characters and proven versatility in design concepts are ideal skills for this job. - Providing samples of prior work in traditional anime character creation will be highly advantageous for potential freelancers. Ul...

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    I'm in need of a versatile illustrator with experience in a variety of styles. Primarily, I'm looking for anime-style illustrations, but I'm also interested in digital art. The project I have in mind requires a combination of different styles for a cohesive look. Ideal skills and experiences include: - Proficiency in anime illustration - Strong digital art skills - Previous experience in combining different styles - Animation experience would be a big plus Would love to see a diverse portfolio showcasing your various styles and animations. Looking forward to working with a talented artist who can bring a unique and creative vision to life.

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    I'm looking for a 3D modeler to create a medium-detailed model of an anime character. The model does not require any specific texture, but it should capture the quintessential anime aesthetic. Here are the specifics: - Ready to 3d printing - Character Modeling: The successful freelancer will create a 3D model of an anime character. I'm looking for someone who understands and can replicate the unique style and proportions of anime characters. - Medium Detail: The model should be medium-detailed. I'm not looking for a basic low-poly style, but the design does not need to be hyper-realistic either. Please provide examples of your previous work with similar level of detail. - No Textures Required: While the model needs to have the right...

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    I'm looking for a 3D character artist to sculpted a character in Zbrush with polypaint. I'd be using it for 3D print, so need it with polypaint and once it is done, I need you to cut it in parts for 3D print. It is an anime character. I already have the required details and please send your previous work that you did. Send the work that is related to female character with polypaint, so easier for me to select the right artist. Looking forward to work with you. Thank you!

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    I am seeking to grow my YouTube channel, with a focus on increasing my subscriber count and boost video views organically. The channel centers on anime, manga, and comic book illustrations - a niche that appeals mainly to teenagers, young adults, and adults. The task requires an expert in YouTube organic promotions comprising skills in: -Google ads - SEO to enhance channel visibility and searchability - Creating engaging content ideas - Audience targeting and segmentation - Channel optimization The successful candidate ideally has experience in promoting YouTube channels with a similar demographic and topic. Your understanding of the anime, manga, and comic illustration niche will significantly improve the effectiveness of the promotion. The goal is to amplify the channe...

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    I am looking for a skilled performance marketer to increase my sales through a targeted and efficient marketing campaign. I run a anime clothing brand on shopify and since it's a startup, I'm choosing marketers around 5000INR Key Requirements: - The main goal of this project is to generate sales - We need an expert who can implement performance marketing effectively - The focus platforms for this project include Google Ads, Social Media (e.g., Facebook, Instagram), and Email Marketing - The target audience consists of individuals aged 18-24, 25-34, and 35-44 Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record in performance marketing, particularly in driving sales - Strong expertise in Google Ads, Social Media marketing, and Email Marketing - Experience in targeting and e...

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    ...video featuring anime characters designed to look similar to me. I want to depict unique, culturally specific experiences I've had in India, hence the main setting is a tea stall where the character is interacting with friends. Key elements to cover: - Main anime character: The protagonist should resemble me, an Indian male, both in facial features and clothing. More details and visual references will be provided during the project discussion phase. - Dynamics: The video should capture the character drinking tea and smoking while lamenting about his ex-girlfriend among friends. - Ambiance: A crucial aspect of the video is the authentic depiction of an Indian tea stall scene. Skills and Experience: - Expertise in 2D animation. - A strong understanding of anime...

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    "¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? Somos un equipo de One Piece TCG (Trading Card Game), llamado 'Los Nakamas'. Estamos en busca de alguien que pueda diseñar un logo para nosotros, el cual será colocado en nuestro PlayMat y nos representará como equipo. Tenemos la idea de usar una calavera al estilo de One Piece, con dos barriles debajo chocando (estilo Kampai del anime), junto con el nombre 'Los Nakamas'. Adjuntamos el PlayMat que queremos utilizar (sin el logo, el cual aún está por hacer), así como algunos ejemplos hechos con inteligencia artificial."

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    More details: What type of wallpaper design do you need? Anime What specific anime theme or characters would you like to see in the wallpaper design? Naruto, One Piece, Dragon Ball Z What color palette would you like for the wallpaper design? Pastel colors

    €55 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm in need of a skilled artist who can draw in a hybrid style that blends elements of anime and American cartoons, similar to the iconic Avatar: The Last Airbender series. I require the design of 18 unique characters. However, each character design will have a different color palette that I have in mind. This project involves drawing each character with a full body, and also a front and side profile of the character. The ideal candidate for this project should be able to: - Draw in a style that combines anime and American cartoons - Create original and unique character designs - Understand and be able to implement various color palettes - Deliver high-quality, detailed work within the designated timeframe If you're an artist with experience in crea...

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    More details: What platform(s) would you like the Mahjong game to be developed for? Mobile (iOS), Mobile (Android) Are there any specific features or functionalities you would like to have in the Mahjong game? Online multiplayer What art style do you envision for the game? Cartoon/anime

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    I am looking for a creative designer to create minimalist anime tshirt designs. The target audience for these designs is primarily adults, so the artwork should be sophisticated and appealing to a mature demographic. Key requirements: - Create 6 to 10 unique designs - Minimum of 2 years of experience in graphic design, with a portfolio of previous tshirt designs - Proficiency in Adobe Illustrator or other design software - Understanding of the anime style and the ability to create minimalist designs that are both engaging and sophisticated This project would suit a designer with a good eye for detail and a strong understanding of adult audience preferences. The successful candidate will be able to work autonomously and creatively within the brief provided.

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    Hey, I am looking for someone to make a 5 minute max of an Anime-intro style video that is from a DnD campaign I am running. Although anime style would be best, I am open to other styles of animations as long as they are similar in some way. I have most of the resources you may need and can get you anything else you may need too. I will provide you with some further descriptions of what is needed. I am willing to pay handsomely (within reason of course)

    €1293 (Avg Bid)
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    I'm searching for an exceptional graphic designer proficient in creating a powerful logo that can aptly personify my brand. The logo needs to serve multiple functions - it should develop a brand identity, foster brand recognition, and effectively attract potential customers. - Skills: The designer should be competent in designing a vector logo and have experience with anime designs. Graphic designers with previous experience designing logos geared towards teenagers and adults will be preferred. - Responsibilities: * Ensure the logo communicates the perfect brand message. * Balance artistry and market comprehension for a logo that resonates with the target audience. - Key attributes of the logo: * Reflect brand personality. * Stand out in the competitive market. *...

    €45 (Avg Bid)
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    I am in need of a creative script writer that can craft engaging and captivating scripts for my YouTube channel that will be 7k to 8k words long. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proven experience in script writing - Familiarity with YouTube content creation - Ability to make content engaging and entertaining - Time management and ability to deliver on deadlines Here is a sample video Looking forward to seeing your proposals!

    €215 (Avg Bid)
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    ...looking for an expert to help increase the visibility of my "Anime Lofi" Spotify playlist. Key Requirements: - Identify relevant keywords: The ideal candidate should be able to find and implement keywords in the playlist's title and description that will help it rank higher on Spotify searches. - Experience with SEO optimization on Spotify: Knowledge of how Spotify's algorithms work and experience in successfully improving search ranking on the platform is crucial. - Understanding of the Anime Lofi music style: It's important that the freelancer understands the specific music style of the playlist, so that they can accurately and effectively optimize it for search. - Target audience: The playlist is primarily targeted towards Anime fans, ...

    €72 (Avg Bid)
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    Estoy buscando a una persona que realice guiones de resumenes de anime con un toque de humor, los guiones deben contar la historia del anime de manera entretenida, lo cual requiere ver el anime y escribir el resumen. Cada guion tendrá entre 2500 y 3000 palabras Los animes seran por lo general de 12 capitulos.

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    I am in need of a professional who can design and create a rigged model for VTubestudio. The model should be in an anime-style or realistic-style to best represent the aesthetic I'm aiming for. Key Task: - Create a quality anime-style or realistic rigged model that includes different poses. Ideal Candidate: - Proven experience in designing and creating rigged models. - Provide samples of past work especially any that aligns with anime-style or realistic characters. Though the file format of the model was not specified, versatility in employed formats is definitely a plus. Your past work will be a crucial determining factor so be sure to include any relevant models you've worked on. Let's bring this virtual character to life!

    €235 - €704
    Sinetöity Salassapitosopimus
    €235 - €704
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    I’m looking for an adept digital artist skilled in creating cartoon style illustrations. These will specifically target a young adult audience. Requirements: - Mastery in creating cartoon style digital illustrations. - Previous experience designing for young adults preferred. - Ability to convey concepts effectively while maintaining an engaging style. - Anime like art style is what I'm looking for and hoping for So, if you love blending creativity with cartoons, this could be an excellent opportunity for you! Show me what you got!

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    ...looking for a talented graphic designer to create a fun and playful logo for my business, Grandma's Goodies brand cannabis edibles and food products The logo should convert my real grandmother to a sort of anime/cartoon character. Then potentially have her hold a spoon and spatula and look powerful. Maybe flex an arm and have a pot leaf on it, or pot leaf in reflection of her eyes or maybe sunglasses. The logo should incorporate a reflective green and black color scheme, but I'm open to including other colors that complement those as well. Key requirements: - Must be experienced in logo design - Have an understanding of color theory - Able to convey the fun and playful theme through the logo - Include reflective green and black mainly, with other colors as ...

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    I'm looking to build a one-page e-store using PHP, specifically for selling digital anime products. The ideal candidate would have a strong background in PHP and previous experience in building e-stores. While a deep understanding of anime isn't essential, it would certainly be a plus. Technical Requirements: * The store should be structured to sell digital anime. * eCommerce features aren't yet confirmed but the store should be built with the capability to add features such as search function, user-account creation, and a reviews and ratings system, as needed in future. Experience & Skills: * Strong PHP development skills * Prior experience creating e-stores * Familiarity with anime is a benefit * Ability to work in a flexible development e...

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