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    Trophy icon Design a logo and brand name Loppunut left

    ...blocks stacked on top of each other (see attached file). The logo may take the meaning of the platform name "StackTrack" into account. Whereas StackTrack means that the user can track his progress by "stacking" the mentioned 3D blocks. It must be possible to use the logo as an mobile App (iOS, Android, Windows) logo as well as favicon for the website (ma...

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    ...projects. We are in need of somebody or a team that can develop an photo management and archiving app that works on Android & Apple Smartphones and Tablets. It is called PICTOCOM. We will handle design, but you will have to program it. WHAT THE APP IS ABOUT: The construction site manager takes a lot of photos of the houses and work during the construction

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    €2997 - €4995
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    ...projects. We are in need of somebody or a team that can develop an photo management and archiving app that works on Android & Apple Smartphones and Tabletts. It is called PICTOCOM. We will handle design, but you will have to program it. WHAT THE APP IS ABOUT: The construction site manager takes a lot of photos of the houses and work during the construction

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    €1620 - €3240
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    ...project. We are in need of somebody or a team that can develop an photo management and archiving app that works on Android & Apple Smartphones and Tabletts. It is called PICTOCOM. We will handle design, but you will have to program it. WHAT THE APP IS ABOUT: The construction site manager takes a lot of photos of the houses and work during the construction

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    ...experienced developer to assist in the creation of a Universal Windows Platform (UWP) File Picker application. The coding will be done using the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] namespace in Visual Studio and deployable across a range of device targets. The initial scope will be limited to the secure storage, retrieval and synchronization of file assets across a...

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    ...industry, requires the development of a standalone desktop app which will manage incoming truck inventory at their construction sites. The app will form a small but vital component of a larger collection of planned products. The app should be: (1) Able to run smoothly on touchscreen-based, mobile Windows PCs (2) Should have the following workflow: (a) The

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    The end-goal of this job is to create a fully functional, high performance, high scalability shell namespace extension; capable of working on Windows versions XP through Server 2016, both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. This shell namespace extension will replicate and extend the capabilities found in the existing shell namespace extension found in the

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    Build a Website Loppunut left

    ...responsive web application with high-end features. Also, such features as calendars and file uploads should be created with the use of the most up to date jQuery plugins for the best responsive performance and convert this web app into an app for mobiles and even an app for Windows and OS X desktops. The scope further involves to integrate the API for Movie Ti...

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    ...of work: To create and publish a dynamic Android app which will be informative in nature for users and is meant for sales people as a knowledge and sharing platform. Also to create a CMS and a control panel for the same. Further details are as below: (The same is attached with formatting in word file for more clarity) Rumigest = Name of the product

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    Write some Software Loppunut left

    ...took training and did some programming with VB 4.0 on a 4-5 different projects and then later with VBA on several different MS Office projects. I became certified MCSE for Windows - I ran the IT dept for a small 60 employee company from 2007 - 2009. I have been entirely out of the IT Tech stream of consciousness since 2010. I have had an idea for

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    We need a Windows (7, 8.1, 10) application that will take an existing MS Word document (2010 & later) as a template and, similar to a mail merge, fill it with data from an Excel file. Currently we use a Word template and populate each item manually and frequently reuse the same information, so we want to make the report creation more efficient and

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    We plan to create a desktop app based on GitHub Electron. For quicker start, we ask you, first, to create a 'ready to use' template with necessary add-ons, and the second, to write a step-by-step guide how we could re-create it on our own machine. Requirements: 1) Project should be based on Szwacz electron boilerplate - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    ...Page - SEO: Meta Tags, URL optimization, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] file, [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n], Google Analytics Setup, Google Webmaster Setup etc. * Off Page - SEO: Directory Submission, Social Book Marking, Blog Posting, Guest Blog Posting, Forum Posting etc. Social Media Optimization * Page creation * Group creation * Increase page likes ...

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    5 tarjoukset easier for my customers to publish their books I plan to add a designer-app for custom book cover design on my website ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). This tool should be based entirely on HTML (no flash) and can additional use Perl, Python, PHP or other script languages. The created file should be a printable PDF. 0. PURPOSE Cover designer for novice users

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    ...folder tree, including subfolders - Allow filtering of documents by age (creation date) to define scope - Change the attached template to the normal template - Automatically convert the document to the new format (*.docx), delete the old file. - Create and keep a log file of all actions that includes at least: date and time, full path to document

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    ...Money, Loading, Power Up included * Game Tiles: For creation of different Levels of Game * Pre-made Windows and Notifications: Start Screen Level Map Screen with 200 level pre-made. Settings Screen Paused Screen Victory Screen Quest Screen Quit Notification * Background - App Icon - Feature Graphic 2048x1000 3. Demo screenshot:

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    Hi Ahmed, I'm an indie software developer of Listary, a popular file search utility on Windows. There will be a big major update of the product, and I'm planning a complete redesign of the website ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). Your marketing and technical background makes you the best choice. - What I'm expecting as final deliverables: * Copywriting

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    ...based windows app/extension that runs smooth and facilitates sign-in and sign-out for employee's (preferably based on the calender app in outlook, since we also need to motivate our employees to be more active on their e-mails, this will be a great idea to base it on the calender in outlook). The app (Let's just call it extension app here-onw...

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    ...knowledge: -SQL database creation and management - .NET as it is a web application - Amazon MWS API submit, received, pull required data - PDF document construction - C# - the cmd app on back end - Pulling data from Cipherlab 8400 mobile scanner into Web application - Creation of schedulers - Deployment of app to web-server I'm looking

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    Realization of App for iOS platform, Android and Windows phone, including loading in their store. L 'App is native and the source code will be delivered to the customer, who will acquire full ownership. i want the program like kolor eyes in apple store - Creation of Video gallery: movies included in the application and user-downloadable movies -

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    I need an app (Windows compatible) which can process almost 700000 XML files. The process consists in: - Open each XML file and find specifics strings inside it and: 1 - Download the ICON image. 2 - Download the ScreenShot Image. 3 - Download the Software (Desktop app, mobile app, plugin, etc) 4 - Create one Folder per each Category Software

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    ...[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (Dependency resolution), [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (JavaScript helpers), [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (Time & date helper), [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] ( UI alerts), Breeze (Caching, | Object graph), Durandal (Routes, App life cycle), HTML5 (Page structure), [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] (Query), [kirjaudu n...

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    The deliverable will include a working applicatio...deliverable will include a working application (exe) and all source code. The app you will create will be a replica of the Windows 8 File Explorer, yet allow the creation of multiple tabs, similar in function to Internet Explorer, Chrome, etc, where each tab is an independent file explorer interface.

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    Hello, I need a ASP.NET app for mobile devices that have the following features: --Allow to create Users with Basic Info (UserID, Password, Name, Phone) --Allow to create Customers with Basic Information (Name, Address, Phone) --Allow to create Employees for each Customer (Name, Address, Position, HireDate, etc..) --Allow to associate Users with Customers

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    ...expansion file. We require someone to provide instructions and guide us through the process on the following items: 1) How to import this project into Eclipse Android SDK, test it for any errors, test it on a device or emulator (and the set up for both of these) 2) The creation of an APK Expansion file for videos that are based in the app - this

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    I have an existing air app that I would like to add the following features: 1. Transcribe Video and Audio (play media files mp3 and mp4 and get timecodes) 2. Parse Text into a Regular format (to table I specify) 3. Parse Text into a specified format (to table I specify) 4. Parse Text into a specified format 2 (to table I specify) 5. Settings

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    I have an existing air app that I would like to add the following features: Tab 1: Create GRID based on my prototype (I have html prototype for this) Tab 2: Modify a Whiteboard App (I have sample for this), to be able to include animation, and support multiple slides. Tab 3: Modify a GRID layout/Gallery View Page for Selecting Images/Audio/Image

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    This is a document customizer. I want it to work in Mac and Windows. Features: Tab 1: Here I can set words to Find and Replace Tab 2: Here I want to be able to paste text or to specify a folder where I keep the html file Tab 3: Here I want to able to generate the new document with the replaced words and then print it to PDF. If the html page

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    Hi All, This project is for a WPF Blend Designer, XAML, UI/UX Interaction Designer, Integrator. We have a windows software we are building in VS2012 and we need to upscale/upgrade our entire UI to have a quality UX. We are seeking a designer with exeptional UI/UX talent to create the GUI part of our software. We use Ribbons, Tabs, Grids, Tables

    €220 - €659
    €220 - €659
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    1. CSV file creation The requested website will be inspired by [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]: - simple graphic interface; - practice on iphone and on webpage. The source csv file The website will let a user upload a csv file with 2 columns, listing questions and their associated answers, or the "front" and "back" of a flashcard. This c...

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    Project Name: Chess Tutor Project Scope: To develop (in Phase – 1) a windows based application which is basically a chess tutor which will comprise of exercises/problems which will be solved by users level by level to check their chess aptitude. (In Phase 2) The System will be hosted on a Website and accessible by many more users. The moves will now

    €665 (Avg Bid)
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    ...(programmatic gui control, and sending data to remote computer through new port). I am open to other methods, but would like to stick to python as much as possible. I need an app built in python that does the following: 1) on user 1's computer, a gui which takes string input and sends it through a tcp/ip (twisted) connection to another remote computer

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    ...OSX and Windows). I prefer java. The major task of this application will be to use data from a “dbase” or excel tables or text files to create multiple specific name sets which I call MagSets. All data will be in Greek Language UTF-8. Each MagSet needs to be structured based on some parameters which will exist in a parameters file (I call this

    €26 - €220
    €26 - €220
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    Two identical native apps in iOS & Windows Phone copying an already developed Android app. 10 screens: - Login - User status - Account edition - 5 configuration screens (same desing, different parameters) - Message list. - Creation/edition of messages The app must connect to a WebService (REST/JSON) provided to receive, show and send data.

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    ...for the ipad, but it needs to work on the iphone, ipod touch and ipad mini as well. Functionally, it will be similar to the Stanza ebook reader ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) with a few enhancements and changes. For example, I do not need the search or annotation function of that reader but want better cataloguing, tagging

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    ...exceptional ** ** program designer with skills in Graphic Design ** ** and the ability to create something truly exceptional ** Raffle System ; In Looking to quote this app, a similar system for inspiration would be [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Should be used as a comparison tool, I do not wish this system to be copyrighted in any form

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    ...virtualbox to create a virtual machine with either Windows or Linux installed. 2. Install, uninstall, manually delete and perform copy operations or otherwise (any method you like) so that the virtual hard drive of the virtual machine becomes highly fragmented. Note you can write a console app to do this if you prefer, however ANSI C only and

    €88 - €193
    €88 - €193
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    ...allow creation, updating, and deletion of custom data in XMP packet specific for our app (see [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] for sample data to use). This custom data will be stored with the attached image ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) as metadata in the XMP format. * Compile XMP SDK for Mac (XCode 4) and Windows ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 201...

    €26 - €4396
    €26 - €4396
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    €26 - €4396
    €26 - €4396
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    ...from 1 to 100 (integer numbers only) o Provide "Apply" or "Cancel" buttons to apply preference changes or to cancel and close dialog o User preferences should be saved to a file, or registry, or other location [please recommend] for later use of excel toolbar ? "Set Input", Button to set location(s) of INPUT cell set(s)* ? "Set Output", But...

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    ...consists of many mailings. Each mailing consists of a variable number of tiers that each contain a variable number of offers. The web application will support 1. creation/editing/deletion of promotion records including all contained mailing, tier, and offer records. 2. Also allow download of existing mailing in json or xml format including

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    ...need a WPF Expert to redesign and code our Delphi-based app using C#. It is a must that you understand how the app works before you start sending your applications pls. The app both in Mac and Delphi version can be found here [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] for demo download. The new app must feature the functionalities already implemented on

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    ...files to help with debugging system issues. The script will open a zip file that contains log files from Vmware Player and other programs. Sort the log entries by time and display all entries. Exclude log entries that contain strings found in an exclusion file The exclusion file contains a list of strings, without timestamps, to exclude from the display

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    ...or batch select data entries to be queued to print. Company administrators can do everything a registered user can do plus add / remove users. Access GUI for card template creation. Systems administrator can physically printed items marked for print queue ## 3 User levels: ? Registered Users: Access to data entry for assigned Company. Queue data

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    System to help HR-Department to handle support programs for further education. It needs to be created in Visual Studio 2010, 3.5 and c# as language. Design and creation of an MS SQL database is needed. The application consists of 2 different front-end types which consists of about 2-5 pages. There shall be one solution with two projects

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