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    I need a logo design fod a new Brand that sells "Hornworms" for the pet industry (reptiles). The objective of the logo is to show a simple and recognizable design of a hornworm and/or a chameleon; A hybrid version of a worn that resembles a reptile; or vice versa is also an option. The logo should have one collor only "Green" with the same tone as

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    Hello all, I'm looking to hire few content writers for my ongoing project. Topic is pest control - about various insects, birds, reptiles, etc and how to control them. I'll provide the topic title, subheadings and information collected from various sources. You need to read and understand that information and write an article creatively in your own

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    ...with native plants to encourage and support local fauna - insects, birds, frogs, reptiles and mammals.) I've just finished writing a book called, 'Habitat: A practical guide to creating a wildlife-friendly Australian garden'. To accompany the book I'm creating a website and have registered Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts in the name The Habitat

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    Hiss & Herps Reptiles. The Male & female symbol. The other side of the card can show Hiss & Herps Feeders with the same Male and female logo.

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    ...mp3 , [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] , [login to view URL] Script will also check other mp3 files for which name will be the elements of an array “specialfiles” and elements will be reptiles for [login to view URL] , roadsafety for [login to view URL] . 4. If all files are available , run a Cmd file “[login to view URL]” and halt the long polling ...

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    Trophy icon Pet shop simple logo Ended

    I need a simple logo for a new online pet store. (not just text and an icon. i can do that too. Try and design something) The name of the store is Petzil... (not just text and an icon. i can do that too. Try and design something) The name of the store is Petzilla. The store will sell accessories for pets such as: dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, fish, etc

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    Trophy icon logo for company Ended

    Hello i want a new logo for company ,its old company of reptiles and now we want to do some changes,including the new [login to view URL] name of company its Emerald Coral & Reptile Co.

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    Before submitting a quote please take a moment to review my design requirements and look at the links I’ve provided. This is a website someone started for me but never finished. [login to view URL] I would like pretty much the same design using a CMS WordPress platform with WooCommerce set up as a catalog with no payment gateway

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    Before submitting a quote please take a moment to review my design requirements and look at the links I’ve provided. This is a website someone started for me but never finished. [login to view URL] I would like pretty much the same design using a CMS WordPress platform with certain changes, I would like to have the option to

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    Trophy icon Create a new logo Ended

    I have a store that used to sell products for reptiles and my logo was a chameleon forming the letter X of the name Exotic (old logo attached). But I shifted the focus from my store to aquarism and I would like a new logo, but instead of the chameleon I wish I had a freshwater fish.

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    Trophy icon Company Logo Ended

    ...a logo for my reptile breeding business Brad Johnston Reptiles . I'd like it to have a snake skin background and an image of a full snake above or below Brad Johnston Reptiles. I'm specializing in breeding Quality Ball Pythons. I'd like to be able to use the image as a business card template as well, but that will be done later. Bold and eye catching

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    Vivarium is a replica of nature made in an enclosure for the purpose of either home decor or rearing of reptiles/amphibians. I specialize in custom building vivariums and i would like to showcase my work as a portfolio on a website for advertising and promoting. The attached file is a sample of my work.

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    ...that general idea as that is already associated with our practice. We are a veterinary hospital that treats dogs, cats, parrots, ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits, snakes, pigs, reptiles, chickens, hamsters, sugar gliders, turtles and rats / mice. The duck may be removed and replaced with another animal from the list. The font below the graphic is outdated

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    ...more) Flowers (20 -30 sec videos for each flower like Rose, Sunflower and many more) Aquatic Animal (20 -30 sec videos for each animal like Whale, Dolphins and many more) Reptiles (20 -30 sec videos for each animal like Snake, Crocodile and more) Birds (20 -30 sec videos for each animal like Parrot, Pigeon and many more) Transport (20 -30 sec videos

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    Trophy icon Logo for Reptile Breeder Ended

    Greetings! I need a logo for an amateur reptile breeder, I uploaded a pencil project as main idea. I'd like to add a "REPTILES" writing on the bottom of the logo (any font that can be well read in a small image - Beatnick/Montserrat/Bebas Neue etc). It is meant to be used as a watermark for pics too, so I prefer to keep it simple. Mono or

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    Hi, I'm Florent the founder of a blog about Reptiles, Amphibians and their habitats. The blog is providing expert tips and advice to help readers set up their vivaria and take care of their favourite pets. ... I'm looking to hire other writers who can contribute to our blog. Articles will be published under your name. All the other articles have been

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    Trophy icon Design a Website Mockup Ended

    ...need to submit the home page design and product page design. At handover, you will design the rest of the pages. *** Description: Design a website mockup based on a shopify theme (your choice). The website is called PAWbible. I like these two colours: #87D6E3 #297492 If you think other colours would work better, feel free to try them.

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    The data you will use is a list of taxonomy information provided by The Society for the Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (SSAR) specifically the species found in North America ([login to view URL]). This data has been simplified and formatted as a .dat file. The

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    ...come up with the name of the channel as well. Information on the channel: It will be a day to day vlog about my life, being in high school as a transgender male, my reptiles, and future plans. I would like a logo and a matching name for the channel. I would like something professional and eye catching, as I would like to monetize my channel.

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    Hello freelancers i am looking for a logo for my new reptile breeding business i am open on design idea...reptile breeding business that specializes in bearded dragons, blue tongue skinks and ball pythons some pluses but not requirements 1) artistic/cartoon style 2) included reptiles in the logo 3) something that is eye catching and memorable

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    Design Shopify theme + logo for animals accessories store (dogs, cats, reptiles, fishes ..)

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    Trophy icon Party Invitations Ended

    ...made up for my Reptile Party Business - 'Radical Reptiles' The logo i have is blue and would like the invites to follow the blue theme also. The background of my logo i would like used in the invites also as a background faded out with the logo being on the invites too! Maybe one or 2 photos of my reptiles added would be a nice feature and the wordings

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    I need a booking form made up to send to customers for my reptile party business "Radical Reptiles" I can send you one i made up for my previous company to give you an idea of whats needed but want it to look more modern and professional. I have added files of my logo and also my awful attempt of a basic form made up for my previous company. I still

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    ...handling business - Radical Reptiles. My main market are birthday parties so something eyecatching but professional. Would like snakes or lizards incorporated into design also. Colours - i like natural colours preferably so greens and browns but if you feel something would work better then very open to suggestions. "Radical Reptiles" is the name of company

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    ...with 5 key bullet points about the products. The person that we are looking for is someone that loves and understand pets. We need content written for dogs, cats, fish, reptiles and small animals. For the descriptions aspect, we are looking for one paragraph that explains the product and the reasons why it is a great product. For the benefits

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    ...topic of reptiles. you will then use the articles to create an ebook minimum of 10000 words long. REUSING CONTENT FROM THE ARTICLES PREVIOUSLY MADE. this is a job only for reptile keepers, preferably over 1 years experience in the hobby. if you apply for the job, please upload a photo of your reptiles and a paper showing you own reptiles. experience

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    ...Vault and was impressed. It is very similar in style to the logo I would like for my company. We basically want the same thing only with an ocean/aquarium vibe instead of reptiles. The company is called ReefHD (or Reef HD), it will sell aquarium products aimed at higher end clientele with nice fish tanks. I would like a logo to be modern and clean

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    Create a logo to be used in forum header and thumbnail. Should include reptiles (Snakes, frogs , turtles, Iguanas etc) . Must be original. Must include the site name ReptileBoard url: [login to view URL]

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    ...platform of liked minded people who all breed and trade their companions with one another privately. Since it is much easier to share, sell, ship, and transport insects and reptiles compared to mammals or fish for example, they would be ideal to begin with. This is just a brief description of what I have in mind with this idea. Imagine the Ebay for pets

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    ...advertisement so you can see the work i like and the colours i would like used! I have also uploaded my logo for you to use also. Most photos i have on laptop are pictures of my reptiles with children and dont want children on the certificate so ask if you can find images online to use. Burmese Python, Green Iguana, Leopard Geckos, Royal Pythons, Chilean Rose

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    ...the boring hyperlinks that I have for species groups (mammals, reptiles, etc.), and the slider will hold the images seen on this page: [login to view URL] to represent each species group link. I want the caption below the images sliding (Mammals, reptiles, amphibians). Here is an example of what I'm looking for: http://www

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    ...with the AROS mask and a Ball Python wrapped around it. (Image inspiration included.) Include the company name : "AROS Reptiles". AROS Reptiles is a two person passion project. Breeding unique Ball Python snakes and other reptiles. We are located in the Aarhus, Denmark area. And the viking AROS mask is the symbol of the local area. This is the simple

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    Reptile Themed Apparel! I am after reptile themed tshirt designs. I would like them to have images of real species of reptiles (snakes, lizards, monitors etc.). Some designs can be typography about reptiles, other can have an image of a real species with the name and scientific name of the species.

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    Bonjour, nous recherchons une personne pour effectuer un suivi de reptiles et amphibiens et d'avifaune nicheuse et migratrice entre Cholet et Poitiers, à raison de : - 2 sorties en mars mutualisées "avifaune migratrices + herpétofaune" - 2 sorties en avril : 1 "avifaune migratrice+herpétofaune" + 1 "sorties nicheurs (IPA)"...

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    Hello Folks ! We are a small home business. We just launch our website and need to optimize our site to rank on a few different keywords. We are a small apparel line. Our brand is marketed to Reptile Enthusiaste, skateboarders and bmx street sports. You can see our about us page to get a better idea of who we are and what we do We

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    ...ficha de información del ave grises - ficha de información del ave de colores - ficha de información del ave 1.1.2 Mamíferos - ficha del animal 1.1.3 Reptiles - ficha del animal 1.1.4 Vegetación - ficha de la planta 1.2 Realidad Aumentada 1.2.1 Escáner AR 1.2.2 "Checklist" de objetos escaneables en el reco...

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    Design a logo for Our Pet Business,We are running a Pet Business named Pets For You , We deals in Birds, cats, dogs and reptiles etc. Design a versatile logo for Us in 24 hours >Logo should be neat & clean >Logo should be Design using high quality icons or vectors etc >Negative Space logos will be preferred

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    Trophy icon Logo for a Snake Company Ended The name of the company is sb-Reptiles and I'd like the logo to focus on the abbreviation "sb-R." I've attached two ideas that I like quite a bit: they are minimalist in style and have two tone color scheme (although I think grey+orange is much nicer than blue+pink). This logo will be used on a business website and on social media so it should be

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    ...'Herbivore', 'Carnivore', 'omnivore', 'Flying', 'Swimming' so 40 images in total. Each image should be of a different 'dinosaur' (i understand swimming dinosaurs were actually reptiles etc) All images should be in colour and consistently styled. The images should be of similar styling to the link - more vivid colours bet...

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    ...ambiente y las personas, útil en el control y erradicación de plagas por pulgas, garrapatas, ácaros, piojos, etc. Puede ser utilizado en perros, gatos, aves de combate y ornato, reptiles pigmentados y albinos, conejos, cuyos y caballos. Resumen del proyecto: El video requerido debe tener una duración aproximada de 02:30 mostrando la efectividad del

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    ...(perros, gatos, caballos, reptiles...) El logo debe ser el nombre de la web/App: Karyboo *** Si añadis siluetas o dibujos de animales, por favor incluid caballo __________________________________________________ We are looking for a clear at first sight logo for a pet and animals website/App (dogs, cats, horses, reptiles...) The logo must be

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    I DONT NEED A NEW LOGO.. LOGO IS ATTACHED package design for a new ...6. letter head 7. bags 8. pet carrier box stickers ( with logo and contact details) Petshop services include: - Selling pets: pet dogs, cats Small pets , birds and reptiles - pet food -pet supplies and accessories -pet grooming and saloon I have attached the logo

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    We are launching an online store an...current logo is a dog pushing a cat in a shopping cart. We would like to add other animals to the logo and make it look fun and modern. We sell supplies for Dogs, Cats, Fish, Reptiles, Small Animals, Birds ect... Attached is our current logo which can be redrawn to be more modern and fit in with everything else.

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    ...ambiente y las personas, útil en el control y erradicación de plagas por pulgas, garrapatas, ácaros, piojos, etc. Puede ser utilizado en perros, gatos, aves de combate y ornato, reptiles pigmentados y albinos, conejos, cuyos y caballos. Resumen del proyecto: El video requerido debe tener una duración aproximada de 02:30 mostrando la efectividad del product...

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    ...designer to create a logo for my new business Pet Care Pals. We look after a wide range of pets (horses, alpacas, pigs, sheep, chickens, goats, dogs, cats, small caged animals, reptiles & exotics). Our core business is dogs & cats and care is undertaken in the owners home, or in one of our Carer's homes. Currently we are small business, but we are expanding

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    I need to create a name for my new company. Our work is to resell products for reptiles, we are looking for a simple but particular name for us like a wordplay or something that declare how we make

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    ...Produkte- und Modellbilder im Photoshop zu bearbeiten, freizustellen und fürs Web fertigzustellen. Ein Beispiel eines Produktes finden Sie hier: [login to view URL] ...

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    Trophy icon 5 Designs/5 Winners Ended

    ...opportunity. This collection is meant to be positive...inspiring/motivating the wearer to improve themselves using unique wildlife art. By wildlife I mean animals, birds, reptiles, sea creatures and fish, and anything you think would be in areas without much human contact such as the Amazon, the oceans, or other such areas. You can choose which creatures

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    We sale cockroaches as feeders for reptiles. We also give edible cockroaches made with special sweet and spicy recipes to customers who return or by orders over certain amounts. We picture a animated site with lizards, chickens or fish eating roaches randomly, maybe when you click on something at some point. Not looking to put alot of info and education

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