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    We have a website on [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] application, we need now to develop the back-end for customers to search and set their configurations, as well as a back-end for us to be able to enable or disable a user. To do so, we need a graphical design (wireframes, vector and mock-up) of the two back-end we need in order to help our web developer to create the applicat...

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    Please check the google doc for the project description. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]

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    A telephony job has just been completed and there is around 30 or 40 minutes work left on it tying up loose ends. Drop me a message and I will provide detials. Can pay $15.

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    Hi The project details are below. I need someone to go through my articles on wordpress, each article is a product related article. For example "Top 10 Leather Wallets For Men". I need someone to go through each article and remove part of the URL of each of the product links in the article. I will give you a full video to show you how to do this. It is very very simple work and requ...

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    My site is almost done. There are some additions, corrections, error troubleshooting and so forth. You need to assist me in correcting errors and issues as well as make the addons work. If we work together we can be done in a day. Code is complex.

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    Important: The image submitted later than 15:00 CET today won't be considered. Summary: Design a SALE banner for our E-commerce website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Description: We want to add a banner for our SALE(REA in Swedish) of 70% off. You should check our website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and make a banner which fits with the rest of the sit...

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    I need some changes to an existing website. I need you to design and build it. front end and changing look plus adding few missing features please contact me back. for more

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    I have a very long MS Word file, with the names of movies and TV shows I've recorded on DVD, with the disk number on which they appear listed last on each line. Like this. The first entry is usually a category label, then, the title, then the disk number. MOV Chronicles of Narnia 1242 MOV A Place in the Sun 746 The file is about 4000-5000 lines long. Currently the file is sorted alphab...

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    I have a voxel-based terrain editing system with tools that are already programmed, I just need them moved from the unity editor to in-game. I would like for the object placement system to peacefully co-exist with the terrain editing system. Making sure collisions work properly, making sure features can be used at the same time would be nice. I need a save game feature implemented so that p...

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    I have some of the code which is not working, I need you to help me correct/wríte the missing pieces of code. FL who are <3 usd / hour will be chosen first.

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    Hi there, The following website: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] requires the following house keeping: 1. Google analytics added 2. A GDPR notification added (we really like [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) 3. SEO to correct errors found using [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 4. On the home page there is a carousel with a tennis photo, if possible

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    Cloud based ecommerce including some 20 temples, 10 apps, including Product Apps (you may follow Shopify)

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    A simplified questionnaire work flow where a customer can go through a guided walk through that ends up at the checkout with all their services and pricing filled in, so they can pay. When they pay we will capture the information and create a members account and send the appropriate emails. (account, and "hey guys we are getting started XYZ". All of

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    ...longer than an hour, then your work is either too slow or you are not experienced enough - we seek a professional*** The task is as follows: (A) Transfer a Joomla and Wordpress website from one hosting provider to another provider and (B) The wordpress only needs moving to a new hosting site and wordpress site does NOT need any changes or tweaks. We only

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    Have 32 mins 19 secs of audio file that I would like transcribed in English onto a word doc. Also if possible to trim the ends so it starts and finishes naturally in mp3 or mp4 audio. Recorded on a smartphone and file extn has come out as AAC File. 30MB file size cheers #transcribehappy Dermott @BeerCoAU

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    Can pay $15 The story is set in London and is quite violent. You must be a native English speaker. Some other people have read it and liked it but one person said the end was too much and a bit to serendipitous. Anyway, would be good to know your thoughts! It is the first episode of what would be a 4/5 episode series. I've already written episode 2. I am a fairly experienced writer,...

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    Hi all, We need an email banner 600x600px with the message "OUR UPTO 70% OFF SALE ENDS TONIGHT - DON'T MISS OUT" please also include a 'Shop Now' button. We are an online lighting retailer - The Banner/Design needs to be finished on a solid colour at the very bottom so that we can continue the colour down as a background through the rest of the

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    We are looking for an email specialist who can help us improve our outbound mail with newsletters to customers. Many of our newsletters that we send end in the spam filter. Apply all technical improvements to prevent this. We use an email blaster program and no (online) third party - we want to keep it under our own management.

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    I am looking to have some minor tweaks done to a Wordpress website. All changes must be made in the Child Theme so that nothing breaks future theme updates. Project details can be viewed in the attached word document. I would like to move on this quickly so early bidders could have an advantage. These changes are basic so please make reasonable

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    I need somebody to help me with an already published Phonegap app. I want to be able to call on instagram when the user clicks the Instagram icon from the app...the Instagram icon from the app. I already have it for Facebook but my other Phonegap guru is currently busy. I also am looking for a long term partnership to help on odds and ends in my app.

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    i just want a 30 second logo for production company with a man carrying woman running through area and ends on logo

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    I need the theme / front end for 2 different stores of shopify. I need a low budget solution and that solution should be quick.

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    This is a really simple project I need done quickly for a pitch due tonight - should not take a long time at all - I just am in a hurry! Thanks

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    Need just one site (in fact just the wordpress database) copied from one server to another

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    Need someone to come up with code that will redirect the viewer from an embedded video on a page to a survey site once the video is over. Thank you!

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    Hi All, I want to hire a good designer to design logo for a blog website called "39sec-ends". It is a video blog for all group age people. The logo should be very classy, neat and minimal. New freelancers are invited too.

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    Odds and ends Loppunut left

    I need a document of about 90 writing prompts made into 90 individual .pdf files of individual writing prompts, suitable to be put on a projector. I also need about 80 videos edited down to a sample. Just go to the 25 second mark, then let the speaker finish his sentence and cut the video off there.

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    It's for bug and finding back ends in the game.

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    Existing website [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] needs to be rebuild on a different hosting solution with a few change and additional features. Require a clean reinstall, applying themes, and adding features such as. 1) Video enabled First Image 2) Lead generation - email text field that will lead to a email database. Need to integrate with

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    Simple shopping app for buying bakery on the weekends. Functions: View products, by categories and add them to cart (also be able to favorite them) When adding product to cart, specify which day of the week-end you would like that product to be delivered (saturday or sunday) and the quantity. See your cart and go to checkout, before checking out

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    Create a logo that says CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY for my tournament Facebook Ads Create icon with transparent back

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    Need a demo system with two front ends. Just an initial demonstration, not the full program. It should: 1) display a series of jobs to the manager with the ability to select and send a job request (HTML5) 2) send an SMS via a third party SMS gateway 3) client interface showing job on mobile (HTML5) and alerting client to job details 4) callback

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    Right now if the user gets a phone call, the app continues playing. It needs to pause when the phone call is in progress from the moment the phone is ringing to the moment the user hangs up. Also, if the user is initiating a phone call, the app has to pause from the moment the phone dials the number until the phone call is finished. After finishing, have the app resume playing.

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    BACKUP SYSTEM REQUIRED: We are a hosted email service provider with Webmail access for Users to acces...user are also to be deleted accordingly. LANGUAGE AND DATABASE: this process of backup has to be performed via a shell scripting where the above task is to done. the front end webmail system page is to be done in PHP with Database as MySQL.

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    ...(both front end and backend) to fix my 1 page checkout which is timing out after suppling customer information. This is happening on both my .com and .se sites. I believe it may be something to do with the PHP, but I am not sure. It was working fine a few days ago. This is the number 1 priority. Additionally, there a a few other loose ends that need

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    Website clean up of odds and ends, many little tasks

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    I am looking for some help asap updating some websites, minor as site is done, but company name changed and adding brochures, few other small things. I also see person to help me with optimizing site with keywords to get more hits. Looking for help optimize site one month, then you show me how to do my self after that.

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    - Personal assistant (bills, calendar, scheduling, etc) - Business assistant (help running microbrewery, bills, sales leads, scheduling, etc)

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    I currently have the following code written with the hopes of launching a javascript alert box if the current page that is loaded has a URL ending with "?src=hometourweekend", however what I have isn't working. I just need someone to clean up the code. <script type="text/javascript"> $(document).ready(function () { if([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n](&...

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    Looking for some help updating some websites I have as my small company name has changed also looking for help getting sites on facebook, twitter etc and some seo help

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    The selected Freelancer must: - sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) - demonstrate previous experience with applications that require the detection of call status/state - demonstrate proficiency in Blackberry application development The application will need to launch or triggered when the user finishes a phone call.

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    ...sites. I am open to any and all reasonable suggestions on how best to do this, but the finished project MUST be a fully functional eCommerce app development website with both front and back ends, and be very similar to those sites listed above with reseller capabilities and so on. If you have not completed such a project before, then please do not reply

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    The selected Freelancer must: - sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement) - demonstrate previous experience with applications that require the detection of call status/state - demonstrate proficiency in both android and iPhone application development The application will need to launch or triggered when the user finishes a phone call.

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    i want a plugin for wordpress, when i publish a vimeo video after it ends redirect to another url must be compatible with mobile version and autoplay

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    I have a html form that sends customer to payment page after relevant information is submitted into it. I can see the payments in my Paypal and their contact details. Paypal would not show additional information submitted on the form. I want you to modify that form so I could receive all that information as an email. Here is the form link: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I should be...

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    In ma...sentences like this: "I like the Red color", "I think I go for the blue color", etc... . What you need to do as a coder is to assign the codes of the code frame to the open ends that are mentioned accordingly. This example is quite simple of course in reality the codes could be more than just a word and it can be about any other subject.

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    I'm want to be the most creative winner for this contest & get my Christmas present this be the most creative winner for this contest & get my Christmas present this year! I need someone who can design me a picture of anything that resembles "I LOVE ZOTAC" in the most creative way that you can think off. Contest will be ends at 21 December 2015.

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    €9 - €3509
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    Hi all I have a 30 second Hero video clip that I need some graphics added to, I need bookends added to have the company logo animation at the start and the end with the company web address added at the end also. I would also like a break down of the audio content to appear as sub title during the clip so users on Facebook don't need to click on the video to understand the content. I would...

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    Taattu Sinetöity
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    I have conducted a survey with 1000 responses. One question is open-ended, asking respondents which brands come to mind. There will be a field with up to 3 brands listed. Often, the same brand will be written in different ways - i.e. KFC, Kentucky Fried, kfc I will provide an Excel sheet with about 20 different brands as columns. Your job is to look in the respondent's (perhaps messy) ...

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    I want to migrate the data from a civicrm on wordpress to another on wordpress. This includes contacts, activities, contributions and financial types. Lots of the other stuff we dont need to migrate. Command line MySql experience essential (unless you know how to do it with Cloudways clickngo) Let me know how you would do it.

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