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    Hello, I want to display radio select like attached file in woocommerce's checkout page. Also I want checkboxes with icons (I have to be able to add icons on checkboxes).

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    Hi friends; i have hundreds of price graphs on my computer ,in these price graphs ı mark the EXACT price candles which starts a new trend .I can group my data in 3 parts .Trend patterns, ranging patterns, and reversal patterns.I use differnet type of moving avarages and they are represented by different colours.I need a high sensitive software to recognise these patterns İN THE RELATİONSHİP OF ...

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    I need a graphic designer who can design images for our website. I can only pay 50rs/image. So only bid if you can do in this budget else don't bid.

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    Create animate swipe up on image for instagram stories

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    Hi guys, You must be a good jquery and css developer! The site is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the existing mobile menu is not working well. When it expands, it must cover the whole page and when is scrolled down to the bottom link it should close itself. There are 3 issues with the menu The site has 2 headers in mobile view. 1 for the front page and second for all other pages. Ste...

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    The text in image has to be converted into word document. Sample image is attached.

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    I need a document of 30 pages converted from image to word. With standard format of font 11 and 1 inch margin

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    I would like to recreate a digital image from one I had previously made. Please inquire if you have any other question. Thanks

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    I have 12 images that I need available as print files. - 35cm wide X 40cm high - 300DPI One image is attached as an example.

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    We currently have a website and there's a bug with the scroll and the menu. We need someone qualified in JavaScript to find and resolve the issue. Plus, if the bug is fast and well fixed, we have more work to do. it's a plus if you are in expert in Laravel 5.6 and higher. If the bug is fix fast, we need to integrate HTML template in a fresh Laravel project + integrate a Laravel CMS

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    Hi there! We have a nice small (2 pages) but cool, well documented project and are looking for somebody who can help us with this! For an internal project we have a Bootstrap theme (in React!) and want to let a professional make the app in Javascript on Firebase Cloud firestore. The app itself is simple but the challenge is Cloud firestore. We are developers ourself and will not only validate t...

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    Transform image to matrix

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    Need to resize and make symmetric images for an e-commerce store.

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    Hello, I am creating a new website for a holiday company. I need to take a large number of images and resize them into a new set of dimensions and then named in a common convention e.g. property-name-image-catergory-brand-name, I have about 1500 image to resize for about 50 houses. For each house, I will point to a source for the images (e.g. a website) or send them to you in other dimensions...

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    Design 2 images in size 597x475px (Photoshop files). Image 1, 597x475px: round rugs, showing only round rugs Image 2, 597x475px: showing only rectangle rugs (they can be square, have the shape of a runner etc.) See inspiration image attached (from [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] click on the top on ''sizes'') See our color scheme and fonts in the Sukhi Identity folder. ...

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    Build WIX Website We seek a skilled WIX developer to rebuild our current site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] into a WIX site with identical design, functionality and content. Our website was created in Contentful. Since WIX is a different format than our current site, here are key features of our site to confirm the requirements will meet our needs to complete our project. Best fit for...

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    We are looking for a mobile app developer that can commit to working with our team in house. Developer will be working on a ongoing project and be required to work on a needed basis. The project duration may be 2-3 months and requires developer to be available during that time period. Tasks for developer would be... 1. Develop a mobile application in react with a phonegap wrapper that will work...

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    You must edit the content on an text and numbers on an image. Easy 5 minute job.

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    I would like to have our logo photoshopped into the image that can be found in the attachment. The logo should be photoshopped into the same style, and be placed on the product.

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    Hi there, I have 14 small tasks need doing. Just little things like removing the search icon, making the table borders white, changing header background colour. I'm from a web design background 15 yrs ago, but never got into css or shopify, but I'd guess it'd take a couple of hours. Also I need the front page to have a fullscreen auto play movie, with the mobile version just a still...

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    Project Deadline: Within 1 Hour Project Type: Woocommerce Modification Required: Change the version of each image that our theme uses to display on the product grid to it’s highest resolution version. Currently seems to be using the 300x300 version of each image so the resolution is poor & each image looks blurry on the screen YOU MUST BE ABLE TO START WORK IMMEDIATELY 5* FEEDBACK W...

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    Performing a radon transform of an image and an inverse radon transform using Matlab. Method of inversion can be either Filtered Back Projection, Direct Fourier inversion, Inversion with Riesz potentials or Maximum Likelihood Estimation Maximization method.

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    Hi, I have a project in codeigniter. Project Link - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Currently the project stores the uploaded files in file system. I would like to upload to amazon S3. Need an expert on Codeigniter. Thanks Please don't bid if you don't have relevant experience in order to save each other's time.

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    Hello, I am developing a machine learning based skin diagnostic tool, that requires a very large data set to analyze and develop the AI model. What I am looking for is facial images of individuals, willing to pay $30 per batch of 100 images. The images requirements are: 1) Full face (no partial face) 2) Straight on (no angled face) 3) Unique individuals (no repeat individuals) 4) Looking in...

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    I Neeed 3 Pictures next to eachother in desktop / Square in custom butteon that inverts explore. pls look at the pictures

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    we have around 500 pages and we need to extract data for around 12 field from that pages and put on excell. sample file is attached

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    Photoshop an image Loppunut left

    I need to photoshop a basic image (easy hopefully)

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    My website/blog is going to do the following. It is ran by my non-profit if you do discounts for those. My website will cover four main topics. It is going to make money through ads which you can see is very nicely placed. I would like some possibily of adding sponsors to the front page. I realize you cannot copy a website 100% or it can be legal trouble. (1) Cat behavior and cat care basics. T...

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    Hello everyone, I need iOS app to detect all sky regions of an image (image files are attached). In output, outlines of sky regions can be drawn. If it will be difficult, one point inside sky regions may be marked as cross mark. Looking forward to talented iOS developer. Some following jobs exist. Best wishes.

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    Low pixel image Loppunut left

    Hi I have this image I need to print it out in 4ft *6ft but the person doing that told me the image has low pixel is their away someone can fix the low pixel so I can be able to enlarge it that big

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    We are looking to print out a business card the same size as a bank check. You must resize it. I think it would be best to resize it and save it as a PDF so it prints properly. Also you must edit the contents. Easy 5 minute job.

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    I have a JPG image of a bike and need the background edited out and saved as a png.

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    write " I have experience with swapping heads of people on images " in the beginning of your bid this requires detailed work and focus. 5usd/image, do not bid above, work starts now. we have several images

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    hi I need someone how is specialized in image processing using OpenCV to guide me in my project my project is an Android application please start your proposal with "power of pearl " where I don't want to waste my time neglect my price at this job ts a random number just and give me what coset you are looking for

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    I have ongoing work related to our previous project 'Photoshop Edit a Packaging Image'

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    1-upload godaddy 2- Mobile changes pornhub. ——— Search Button appear and disapear ——— Scroll and menú and reader disparar and reapper when scrolling up ——— Menus 4 tabs below header Reference site [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] 3-Tag Page 4-copy to good girls live 5-model Search attempt

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    Text in image is to be converted in editable Microsoft word format.

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    I have a order script for a game server provider that needs to be modified. Basically if you go here: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and enter a random name, hit next step than scroll down to curseforge, hit select and a list of "sub-games" will show below, than when they choose one I need to have a minimum plan requirement for certain sub-games, and if the plan chosen (they chose...

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    please see attachment. i will provide: art work( .[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]) -i have already installed a working Wordpress -you must develop the site usine wpbakery -must be responsive the heather (logo, menu) must be fixed -banner whit parallax when clicking model scroll down to the models section -when click get a quote, scroll down to get a quote section

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    Hi I have a laravel website hosted in godaddy. I need to set up a multi image upload. 1. can upload more than one image 2. all compress into small size 3. of same dimesiom 4. no restriction on image size I already have intervention image, but it does not allow to upload file of large size and it does not validate for null. Need it done quickly in a few hours.

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    We require a single Homepage with Magazine Covers in TILES. Clicking a Tile will start a PDF Viewer for looking at the Magazines. 1. Main Page with all tiles - Responsive. 2. Responsive Viewer for PDF with page turner. Show Full page on any screen. 3. Page turner, click left and right side to turn page. 4. Very slightly scroll down will POP UP a page slider. Slide to the page needed and vie...

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    Develop a simple program that will read on the input few photos of the object from a different perspective and transform the photos into a realistic 3D object. Rendere it in a perfect quality as they were originally made on the pictures. Please check the attached file.

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    We are Looking for an assistant experienced with WooCommerce/WordPress product entry, expert who provides fast and efficient work. All products/product variations and their data have already been set up. You will be required to add the images for each variable product as well as the product gallery images (up to 4 per product variation) for the following: 13 products with 108 variations 4 produc...

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    Trophy icon Photoshop Edit a Packaging Image Loppunut left

    Hello, The project is altering a professional product photography image on which the packaging is missing some text. The PDF file shows exactly what needs to be changed. The AI file contains the actual design for the packaging. You can use the AI file to see the placement of the text and copy the text and the font. Deliverables: 1) One high resolution image without shadow at the bottom. 2) One h...

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    Image Processing Loppunut left

    Hi, I have some work related to Image processing, Fresh freelancers are encouraged to apply. I am looking for motivated freelancer for a long term work relation. Further details will be shared in private chat.

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    i have an image that is decent quality right now but want it to be super high quality because it will be printed on 90 cm x 90 cm fabric is that something anyon e could do ?

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