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    vmware vcp Loppunut left

    sistemista vmware con certifica vcp

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    VMWARE TROUBLESHOOT 5 päivää left

    Need someone who can fix My VMware and install VMware Integrated Containers.

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    ...solution) complete installation with all plugins and complete configuration. (example PLEX AND MINIDLNA), ADD secure, add ssl encript add domain and config I have a nas server ready to run low budget!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have increased my budget $ 100 for all the complete work installation on a dedicated server question is it possible to do the installation directly or you need a virtulizor exempl vmware, virtual box and other ???. I tested it does not work directly iso on the dedicated server chek solution link :

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    I have two dedicated servers on which i install vmware and then i installl vos3000 on these two server on there additional IPs but now these both server are giving communicatioion issue between them

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    Buenos Dias tengo un servidor con vmware esxi y una de mis maquinas esta presentando un fallo y solo que me queda el archivo para restaurar.

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    I have a HP c3000 Blade Server, that I want to setup from scratch. It has total 8 bays. This project will...enclosure for two EXSi servers b. Configure two storage enclosure for 2 shared data store the the above ESXi server will use as their storage c. Configuring ESXi servers for shared storage in best way. OUT of Scope: a. Installing VMware products. b. Installing Windows products. Remote Access: I will provide TeamViewer access, for accessing the HP Blade server Note: A Freelancer should be honest, true professional (open to share knowledge) and efficient in HP Blade server setup/configuration and should be able to setup/configure shared storage (SAN) in VMware for automatic vMotion etc. The remote session could be recorded for understanding the steps as part...

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    vCenter licensing Loppunut left

    If you have experience with vmware licensing. I need you for 30 minutes to have a conversation and make a choice. No copy and paste in your cover letter please.

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    I want help in preparing VMware health report. If anyone have verygood knowledge in Powershell scripting can help me.

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    Ubuntu Server Build, with PXE Ubuntu Server Build with VMware customized ISO creation Urgent resource is needed

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    ...Requirements All provided source code files are intended to be compiled under Linux (tested under Ubuntu 20.04 LTS). You are strongly encouraged to have the exact same environment as the test environment. If you are using Windows or MacOS, please follow the instructor's instructions (from the live event or in the course announcements section) and install a virtual machine on your system. You can get VMware for free as an ASU student (strongly recommended). Project Description For this project, you will get a tarball called ``. Inside the tarball, you will find multiple programs, each in its own directory named after the name of the program (`p_N` where N is an integer). Some programs are shipped with source code, while other programs are binary-only (without any source code)...

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    I am getting follwing error VMWARE Failed to expand VMFS datastore datastore1 - Cannot change the host

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    You may require physical installation hardware on our Server. Therefore we would need you to be either located in Hong Kong or have colleagues located in Hong Kong. Your task is to setup a VMware environment for the installation of MS Windows server and MS SQL. Thank You

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    Olá, estou tentando iniciar um jogo chamado New World, mas seu anti-cheat recusa o acesso às máquinas virtuais e recebo o erro "desculpe, este aplicativo não pode ser executado em uma máquina virtual". Fiz todos os guias possíveis pela internet, isolamento, restrito, desabilitar hyper v e etc. Alterei registro no windows, mas nada resolveu meu problema. Preciso que alguém resol...máquinas virtuais e recebo o erro "desculpe, este aplicativo não pode ser executado em uma máquina virtual". Fiz todos os guias possíveis pela internet, isolamento, restrito, desabilitar hyper v e etc. Alterei registro no windows, mas nada resolveu meu problema. Preciso que alguém resolva esse problema e me mand...

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    QA engineer Loppunut left or higher in Engineering  3+ years related experience in the Quality Assurance of software products / solutions  Hands on experience test automation and familiarity with tools such as Travis, Gitlab and Sonar Cloud.  Experience in working in a SaaS, or Managed Services environment,  Experience in working with different operating systems and virtualizations such as Linux, iOS, Android, and VMWare, and proficient in multiple environments such as Java, XLM, HTML, JavaScript and JaCoCo.  Hands on experience on cloud-based deployments such as Web Servers (HTTP), and Cloud Based Services (AWS, Google, Azure, Digital Ocean,Linode, Alibaba)  Knowledge about video / audio streaming technologies and protocols is plus  Excellent verbal, written communication skills. Fluent and...

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    wmware home lab Loppunut left

    Hi I would like to setup a VMware horizon home lab, looking for the simplest of setups alongside a quick how-to, any takers? Ideally looking to start asap, should take someone in the know no more than a couple of hours :)

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    Hi there, Using Qt designer as GUI ,pycharm for python code, Oracle VMware Ubuntu environment, four core features facial expression analysis, speech detection, timing cue and reporting features need to be developed. Please do not auto bids Thank you

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    VDI architect Loppunut left

    Experience with VDI software and hardware from multiple vendors Ability to design and implement Virtual Desktop solutions Experience designing and implementing systems in enterprise Familiarity with Virtual Desktop Performance tuning Knowledge of VMware View / XenDesktop components Familiarity with server components and operating systems in data center and hosted configurations. Knowledge of storage, network, and virtualization; and the ability to integrate these in an application design Understanding of data center storage technologies

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    Create GitLab CICD Import Cluster in Rancher Configure MetalLB Rancher

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    Fortinet firewall Vmware - 15 servers 6 switches - hp/netgear Something is killing our broadband. Need help to figure it out. ISP has checked line and we can see issue is coming form our network. Like a service uploading.

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    Need to install kubeadm with vmware 1 master and 2 worker nodes And also mongodb replicaset with docker compose 1master and 2 worker nodes With authentication

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    Hi, I have IPv6 /48 IPs that I am planning to use on my websites. Need your help with VMWare configuration of DSwitch to have IPv6 ONLY LAN. There should not be any IPv4 address configured in this specific LAN (IPv6 ONLY VMs LAN). The Linux VMs on this LAN should have public IPv6 only addresses and should be reachable from internet and should be able to reach internet. You will be working through any remote desktop sharing app of your choice.

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    I need to figure out why my ESXi cannot passthrough a PCIe card to a VM. I have tried to this on ESXi 8, 7.0 U3. The PCIe card is a PCIe SATA controller for direct disk access from VM.

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    Es geht hier maßgeblich um die Betreuung von Standard - IT Infrastruktur wie VMWare, Netzwerkkomponenten (bspw. Fortigate Firewalls), Exchange on prem, MS Win Server, Baramundi, VEEM etc. am Standort Magdeburg. Sie arbeiten in einem 6-köpfigen Team zur Aufrechterhaltung des IT-Betriebs und zur Umsetzung von Projektanforderungen. Dies nach Einarbeitung teilweise on-site und remote. Deutsch ist mindestens auf C1 -Level in Wort und Schrift erforderlich (KO-Kriterium)

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    Dear Guys, customer computers and systems have a workgroup environment. so they are planning to move to an Active directory environment and also they have so... customer computers and systems have a workgroup environment. so they are planning to move to an Active directory environment and also they have some software that should be in a Virtual machine ( minimum 5 VM ). So what I am looking for is what would be the best solution. on prem or cloud anything will be acceptable. if on-prem we have to give the hardware suggestion like server, storage, and VMware details. If on a cloud basis you should brief about the solution. from a commercial point of view also we have to provide which one is best. So the bidder should be aware of the above mentioned solution and fulfill customer requ...

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    I'm building React Native (0.69) and it works find on Android. But in Ios, it doesn't work. I intsalled MacOs on Vmware and here is the error message. PhaseScriptExecution [CP-User] Generate Specs /Users/star/Desktop/untitled folder/Zap/ios/build/ (in target 'FBReactNativeSpec' from project 'Pods') (1 failure)

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    I developed React Native Project on windows and it worked fine on Android. But I want to run on IOS so I built MacOS system on vmware and "react-native run-ios" but got error. PhaseScriptExecution [CP-User] Generate Specs /Users/star/Desktop/untitled folder/Zap/ios/build/ (in target 'FBReactNativeSpec' from project 'Pods') (1 failure)

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    Following an unscheduled power cut, several vmdk files on my ESXi 6.7 server have had ".lock4" appended to their filenames. As a result the server can no longer see the virtual disks. I have tried renaming these files, but the server does not recognise them as valid vmdk files. Please only bid if you are a skilled vmware technician. I will pay good money for the successful restoration of my server

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    We have a virtual server on fasthosts and we want to move it to our VMware server as a virtual machine if possible

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    Install bitnami redis cluster on on premise kubernetes cluster(vmware machines) and expose redis cluster as node port on workers. i'm currently get error with persistence volume claims after install the bitnami redis cluster chart with helm

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    We have bought a few HP HPE Aruba 6100 class 4 POE with 4 SFP+ ports each. We have wired for redundancy and have been running tests physical to physical and virtual to virtual and are getting speeds of about 3gbps as opposed to the 10 we hoped to get. We are currently using vmware so would like to get a vmware network engineer to troubleshoot with. We cannot seem to understand where the bottleneck is. We have used 10gtec and HP transceivers and these are not making a big difference to the figures we are seeing.

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    Need to Setup Linux Ubuntu 20.04 Server on VMWARE with MySQL DB, SFTP and domain.

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    We are running multiple vms on Vmware attached with Dell Storage. We need to Connect Dell Storage to my 3 PVE and migrate all vms.

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    #lookfor #looking #C #senior We are looking for a Senior C Engineer! Information about the project: + data protection platform with a variety of plugins for specialized purposes. + Multi-platform environments (Windows/multiple Linux distributions). Working Format: Full-time Starting Date: ASAP Time Zone: EMEA Technology Stack: C 4-5/5 Make 4/5 Linux 4-5/5 Windows 3/5 VMWare 3/5 SVN (in future git) 4/5 Next steps when applying, please send: - a 30-60 seconds video of the developer SPEAKING (not reading) in English - developer anonymized Resume (ideally no branding)

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    Xcode developer... Loppunut left

    project is done... have all the source files... I just need to find someone to build it... I don't want to mess with VMware or virtual mac services... just build...

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    Hi, i am looking for vmware esxi specialist to resolve a problem i am having with the storage on esxi host. thank you ori

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    I require a certified consultant to install and commission the following in a Southern African country: 1. Cisco Firepower 2110 Master Bundle 2. Cisco Firepower 2110 NGFW Appliance, 1U 3. Cisco Firepower 2110 NGFW Appliance, 1U 4. Cisco Firepower Threat Defense software v6.6 for FPR2100 5. Cisco Firepower Management Center. (VMWare) for 2 devices 6. Cisco Firepower Management Center. (VMWare) fe 7. Cisco AnyConnect VPN Only, 100 Simultaneous

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    As the title says i want to configure my vsphere 7 to work with vlans over my pfsense. Only apply if you have knowledge of these 2 together! if you dont have knowledge of pfsense/vmware combined please do not apply Looking to setup firewall rules between the vlans as well.

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    Need connect vmware horizon (vdi) with ise 2.7

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    Need a VMware NSX-T SME who has deployed NSX-T integrations with Palo Alto VM-Series firewalls in East-West host-based mode. We need help with implementation of NSX-T - PAN VM-Series integration. Please expect a 5-10minutes interview call to evaluate the skills. Thanks

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    I am looking for someone who makes the lockdown browser work in the Vmware workstation. Please make sure you understand the requirement before pinging.

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    Soporte it Loppunut left

    Solicito analista IT para trabajo remoto Conocimiento completo en: Windows server versiones 2008 a 2022. Vmware Hyperv Manejo de panel de correo Tcp/ip Nat, routing, port forwording

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    ...contribute to all enhancement Continuous Delivery Pipeline (CDP) activities including planning, design, implementation with the CDP toolset in use including, but not limited to, Jenkins, Docker and Docker Swarm. • Support server virtualization solutions for the supported teams. This includes provisioning and maintenance of core hosting servers as well has virtual software solutions (Suse Open Stack, VMWare, Kubernetes, OneView) • Triage of failed jobs, resolution or working with development teams to resolve quickly. • Contribute to all agile ceremonies. • Contribute to planning and feature/user story refinement activities as required. • Accurate and timely maintenance of user stories in Agile Central and issues in GitHub. • Documentation of new featu...

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    The application will monitor and configure a computer network using virtual machines and linux ( preferably with gns3 and cisco routers, vmware). It will monitor this using the python scapy library , it will be able to monitor traffic, packets and configure the network devices (an sql database for network traffic statistics would be preferable).

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    I'm looking for a freelancer eager to relocate to Strasbourg for a security cleared EU project. ---> EU citizens only <--- Key skills/experience required: -Linux system administration; -Setup, configuration, and troubleshooting of: HP storage and servers; VMware; Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL); Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform; - Setup, configuration, and fine-tuning of infrastructure monitoring; - Setup and data management of configuration management; - Proven experience in managing test deliverables for technical projects; - Strong conceptual and practical understanding of IT infrastructure, with system development life cycle (SDLC)/ITIL experience across infrastructure and application development projects; - Experience with test landscapes that include many inte...

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    project for Kushal This project is for Kushal and has already been assigned..

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    VMware complete set up of Cluster infrastructure & implement parallels thin client set up.

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    Good day, We need someone with some of these quality. - good command of networking concepts and Linux network configuration (iptables, NAT, port forwarding, firewall); - file system concepts - Virtualization and containerization (KVM, XEN, VmWare, Vagrant – VirtualBox ), IT security compliance, system management/monitoring tools, operating systems services (DHCP, DNS, NTP, SNMP, SMTP, BGP, OSPF, VPN , etc ...) - Cloud technologies knowledge(Amazon AWS, SoftLayer anIBM Company, Oracle Cloud, OVH, SoYouStart, DigitalOcean, etc ...); - web applications technologies (Tomcat, Apache, NGINX, Redis, PHP - fpm, Memcache, etc...); - basic telecommunications concepts and protocols knowledge(SIP/RTP) ( Asterisk ) - version control systems (GIT, SVN, CVS) - database engines administrati...

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    I have been setting up a virtual machine for my daughter to use on my desktop computer and add second monitor. I have everything working, but I want to add a separate Keyboard and Mouse for her to use.

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    Suosituimmat vmware -yhteisöartikkelit