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    a simple java program

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    Java Program Loppunut left

    Java API programming

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    java program ..three ............................................................................................................................................

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    program that gives the ability for the user to have 5 different objects and each object consist of the following information. The name of the object which can be edited anytime when the program is working. A list that has two variables which are the name of the city and the name of the neighborhood. Another list that contains the item’s name and its price. Finally, an integer variable which contains the total paid amount for all the bought items. Our program has 5 different functionality, the first one is to set the name of the chosen customer, the second one is to set the address of the customer, the third one is to add an item to the object’s shopping list. The fifth and last one is to calculate all the paid amount of money for all the bought items and a...

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    I currently have a working python project that uses facal recognition to control a servo motor. What works -- Facial recognition, servo motor opens when know face is detected. Model is trained and successfully detects faces. What I need - fix code so servo will close when no face/unknow is detected. Send an email with a picture of the face when an unknown face is deteted All working off raspberry PI 3. Files Attached - Main code - takes photos and registers new face - Trains model and created the file Can provide teamviewer access to PI if required

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    Produce a python program that: 1. Scrape the index webpage hosted at `` a list of *all externally loaded resources* (e.g. images/scripts/fonts not hosted on ) to a JSON output the page's hyperlinks and identifies the location of the "Privacy Policy" page4. Use the privacy policy URL identified in step 3 and scrape the pages content. Produce a case-insentitive word frequency count for all of the visible text on the page. Your frequency count should also be written to a JSON output file..

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    Urgent matlab program 6 päivää left

    Urgent matlab program of double integrals

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    I need someone that knows how to automate a phone through ADB commands and python. The phone will be wired to the PC to receive the commands. This will be automation to interact with Instagram and certain apps and automate a process I have laid out. There is a free git hub code that we might be able to use to help with this as it has some of the functions done already we just need to add some more to it. Some features I would like it to have: Pull pictures from folders on the PC and post them Interact with Instagram in certain way Copy text from PC notepad/spreadsheet and paste to app Copy sign up text from phone and paste in file on PC (so we know what the phone has completed successfully so far) It will need to connect from PC to API on website to request info and transmit the data to p...

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    I need someone to update and create an executable or msi installer for an older javascript/html/css github repo, it uses react, NodeJS, and other various packages. Several of the packages are out of date and versions need to be changed. Github repo here :

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    Matlab small program for Double integral calculation using Composite trapezoidal rule

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    Research program 6 päivää left

    I need someone to get me 100 survey form filling in next 3-4 hours. The form is about VR/VR device and metaverse it is for research purpose

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    I need a grant write for the STEM program 6 päivää left

    Good afternoon, Being retired I have a passion to help elevate the STEM aviation program in the central Florida area. I’m sure you understand that the FAA has made it mandatory that commercial pilots must retire at the age of 65. Presently there is a shortage of pilots and in years to come there will be a critical shortage in the thousands, that is why "Timing is everything and there is no better time than now!" My partner and I are the owners of Right Attitude Aviators LLC. A company for profit. I am not sure how this relates to receiving grants so we need direction. We are both certified pilots in the central Florida area and we are affiliated with one of the largest membership flight schools in the southeast with a membership above 200, having the name of &qu...

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    You need to write an indicator in C# in the ATAS asset analysis program (). What is required: 1. There is a ready logic on which this indicator should work. 2. Then you need to configure the direct transfer of orders to exchanges (in the Atas program this function is built-in, you just need to correctly set the transfer of necessary orders). Speaking of an indicator in brief: 1. There are two lines of EMA. 2. When one line crosses another one, in a certain point there is an entry point into short or long, according to the received trend. 3. There is a transfer of a position to Breakeven (entry point), but this point is not equal to fixing the position (take profit). 4. There are 8 Take Points. 5. When the trend changes, the previous position goes to Breakeven level with a...

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    We are arranging loans to our customers from various banks. Each bank has got a different set of criteria. Everytime a customer inquires we have to choose from the list of criteria manually written in excel. We want this job to be done by excel itself. For this customer information form ,banker information form and the program that will match all the banks to shortlist the doers and non doers is to be designed, also the report has to be designed that will display the required end result

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    lottery Program -- 2 5 päivää left

    Lottery program with a 90% hit rat with the pick 3. Breaking down the draw number into pairs. Example draw number is 423 the pairs are 23,24,34. Showing the pairs from previous draws while showing due pairs, and key numbers based on the previous draws and giving the best 10 prediction with key positions. It needs to identify triggers to predict top 15 numbers to be drawn. a chart showing positioning 1st 2nd 3rd furthest out or due that resets when number hits. must have the ability to back test; and a frew more details Skills Required C Programming Matlab and Mathematica Algorithm C++ Programming Mathematics

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    Trophy icon Name a Program - 08/12/2022 04:30 EST 1 päivä left

    I'm in search of a name and logo for a Customer Referral program. The program is intended for our own personnel. Our employees can refer their friends and family members as customers. They are awarded a percentage of the contract if the contract is awarded as compensation for arranging a meeting with the CXO. The business provides Software Testing Services. Note: *********************Please note that the name should not be "Customer Referral Program"*******************

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    Donation Program. 8 päivää left

    I have another program that I would like your skills on, It involves Python and Sqlite3 work. You are to create a program for a fundraising drive that stores data for donors. Each donor has a name, an address (For this case it will be a mock-up address), and a donation amount. The program consists of 3 functions: create, report and main. The database is named donors. DB. Store the donor information in the database, retrieve it and print out a formatted report. Steps Import the sqlite3 module. Use the with statement to open the database and obtain a connection. Use the connection to obtain a cursor. Use the cursor to execute SQL commands and retrieve the results. Handle any errors that may occur. Useful SQL: Creating the table: create table donors (id integer pri...

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    All info is attached below, in a file if you are interested.

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    Matlab Program 5 päivää left

    Write a program that inputs Do, Dn, and wo and sketches the signal by adding 500 harmonics. Test this program on the periodic rectangular waveform discussed in class with on time of π seconds and off time of π seconds, attach the plot in report. 6:

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    负责与联合国等国际组织建立链接;负责与联合国论坛及会议相关部门对接,推动项目执行落地。 In charge of getting connected with an organization of UN, making effort for the program to be done well. In detail, Help participants join the UN conference or forum 2023 as an audience.

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    thread program 5 päivää left

    the goal of my job is to To accelerate a simulation of the N-Body scenario using the Pthreads programming model.

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    A small python program is needed to parse a list and remove unwanted values. ie 0228 REMOVE SINCE IT IS CONTAINED IN 02285 02285 KEEP Attached a full list example for better understainding

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    Using OpenAI GPT3, I want it such that when I feed it information, it can create a list of questions that tests knowledge based on the information given. For example, if I give it a paragraph about what bonds are, it can create a list of question purely based on that information I gave like 1. What are bonds? 2. How do bonds affect... ? 3. How do interest rates affect bonds pricing? 4. Etc (more questions) Similar idea to that. I need someone that has specifically worked and have years of experience with OpenAI's GPT3 and ChatGPT AI.

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    ...self-motivated and enthusiastic Virtual Assistant Sales Closers (f/m/d) who will attend discovery meetings with prospects that have shown interesst for services and SaaS. Important: This opportunity does NOT involve telesales/cold calling. This is a on-demand position. That means, as soon as a discovery meeting has been proposed by the prospect, you will get notified about the date and time, mostly 2-7 days in advance. You can either confirm directly or reschedule the discovery meeting. The ability to multitask and have excellent time management skills is essential to this position. What you will do - You will take over discovery meeting preparation with your assigned prospects - You will follow a checklist for each discovery meeting and take meeti...

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    Create a PPT for a training program 4 päivää left

    Hi, This is NOT a pitch deck for funding. This is a presentation which describes a course oriented towards specific capability development. Will prefer those who have created PPTs on training courses in the past. Thanks and regards.

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    PPC EXPERTS REQUIRED 4 päivää left

    1) Campaign Optimization (Generating decisions, scaling up campaigns, etc). 2) Experience in growth strategies and media planning & brand Upliftment. 3) Expert in Google search, shopping, discovery, Microsoft search, Youtube, and app install campaign. 4) Strong hold on creating & implementing Search, Shopping, Video, and App Install campaigns and build data-driven strategies to deliver consistent growth. 5) Strong working understanding of search management platforms. 6) Optimize targeting according to changing search trends & handle client escalations. 7) Detailed understanding of marketing concepts & brand communications. 6) Good command over Google analytics, search, ad campaigns & optimizations.

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    Program on Go(Golang) 4 päivää left

    Hello. I have a program written in Go(Golang) that works with the API of a certain portal and performs its functions perfectly. I am looking for a developer who can read the source code of an existing program and develop a similar program for another portal in Go or any other language with a little functionality extension. I understand that the details are not enough to evaluate the task. I will write all the details in private messages. Please write only those who are familiar with the Go language.

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    I want to buy a ready Apple Developer Enterprise Program account. PM me your price

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    ...Science course in India? The best institution to study the data science program in India is the one with the top infrastructure and facilities. With the number of institutions offering Data Science courses, it cannot be easy to decide which is the most suitable option for you. In this post, we'll look at two of the most renowned Data Science institutes in India and provide overviews of their offerings and capabilities. BRAINALYST If you're searching for an institution that will give you the knowledge you require to become an influential data scientist, look at Brainalyst. The institute offers students the highest quality training and tools that will help them excel in this area. Data Science 360 is a complete data science program. It includes lessons from big d...

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    I need a device programming expert who can write arduino programs for robots.

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    create a (socket) c++ proxy program to handle a relatively large amount of clients

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    €28 - €237
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    I am in need of an affiliate marketing manager who can quickly grow my business by recruiting and growing an affiliate base to promote a new supplement offer on Clickbank. If you have experience as an Affiliate Manager and affiliate recruitment, I would like to hear from you.

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    Our company is an ISP (internet service provider) and we require a remote employee to provide support to our clients. This includes answering calls, replying to Whatsapp messages, responding to emails, and troubleshooting any problems. In our network, we use Mikrotik and Ubiquiti equipment. Additionally, the job involves monitoring the performance of our network, suggesting improvements, and updating our billing and management systems. All of the necessary access and management systems will be provided by us, including the VOIP phone and access to our billing and management systems. The work hours are: The following times are in South African time (GMT +2) Mon-Fri: 6:00pm - 12:30am Sat: 3:00pm - 9:00pm and 10:00pm - 12:30am Sun: 7:00am - 11:30am, 1:00pm - 3:30pm, 6:00pm - 12:...

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    Please read the full description before bidding and answer all my questions. I am looking for a software that would use existing 3D models to animate and render. I prefer realistic looking renders. What is the basis software? if it is an open source please share the link in your bid. What would you add to it? What would you develop in it? Would you use the same programming langua...software that would use existing 3D models to animate and render. I prefer realistic looking renders. What is the basis software? if it is an open source please share the link in your bid. What would you add to it? What would you develop in it? Would you use the same programming language as the open source? How to train it? This is a seed project. I would rehire the freelancer again to develop the program...

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    Create a main wind...open black tabs. If the user already has the tab open it should not open a new tab just make that tab active again. App Tree View Tab This tab will allow the user to upload the file to Sqlite3 sdf database and sdf_app_tree table. There should be a button they click to upload and the browse screen appears and they select the file and then there should be a run button where the program loads the file to the table. Edit App Tree Tab This tab will display all the values from Sqlite3 sdf database and table sdf_app_tree. There should be a scroll bar and the users should be allowed to edit any of the values and then save the changes using File…Save Vacuum This will just open a blank tab for future use Dust This will just open a blank tab for future use

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    ...looking to develop and grow alongside a rapidly expanding business. The candidate must have 2 years of proven experience in medior React.js and be comfortable working on our already existing code-base and implementing new features. As a Front End developer, you’ll be joining a small team of enthusiastic developers. Together, you will be developing the web platform for our fast-growing Product Discovery Club, offering a niche, and interesting technical challenge! Your job will be to: • Design, develop and maintain high-value, reusable and reliable software applications. • Identify and correct any sticking points and iron out any bugs. • Launch new functionalities. • Stand guard over code quality, organisation and automation. Ideal Candidate: The ideal...

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    Python expert required to show and calculate excel based results automatically

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    A small java program 6 päivää left

    Hi Alexandr A., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    To discribe and introduce about of automobile update news and technology. Also give presentation for test drive vehicles. And describe other very intresting topic that relate with cars.

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    get table text from TAdvStringGrid table in another program by vb.net/c#.net

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    I need an input broadcaster software that will copy each live input (from mouse & keyboard) to several windows of the same program and able to perform delayed actions. Example: 20 Chrome windows are open (not tabs) and when i google e.g. "Pictures of cats" i want it to write on every of the 20 Chrome windows. BUT! not all at once since it could put unnecessary stress on my PC. I want the possibility of having Delayed Action, meaning there will be e.g. 2 second delay for every action on each window. Needs to be able to open each already opened window manually instead of doing it all in the background.

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    I have code in Java for this problem : The code passes sample test cases but failes on the full test suite. I need you to accurately find the bug in the code and provide a paragraph describing the bug and how you would fix the bug.

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    Install node js program on my server, should work using anydesk

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    Need a tutor to complete a program in Java and Python

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    Using the BinaryTree.h file (shown below and posted as a text file on BB), write a program that inserts the following numbers 12, 9, 10, 15, 18, 17 and 20 into the tree in that order.  Announce the numbers being inserted  Output the number of nodes, and then display them in order  Announce the deletion of the numbers 9 and 15 from the tree  Output the number of nodes, and then display them in order  Display the tree in postorder, and then “Binary Tree - your name”  Modify the header as needed to output the values horizontally  Extra Credit (10) - Display the tree as it exists at the end replacing the “X”s shown below with the correct node values. Use “cout” statements and only display branches and numbers that exist, then “Binary Tree...

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    I have the information but I need help presenting it. It doesn't have to be on any particular format or length but I would like to be able to site the research articles for my rationale of activities. I need this done by the end of tomorrow if possible. I will attach what I have. It is a mess and alot of it is repetitive. It would be great if I could collaborate verbally. I will attach what I started.

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    Hi Mohammed Ibrahim, I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.

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    It is an executive leadership training program. 3-day zoom training for corporate cohesiveness. I need someone to help me create a marketing strategy and help with brand messaging for the landing page. The training is already designed. I want to host the first training days in April so I need to run a marketing campaign/strategy from January to March For example, we are looking for someone to consult us on the best approach. We are open to social media, paid ads and any other ideas they have for lead generation

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