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    pista de corrida carro em movimento som

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    Haluan könttäsummatarjouksen sisältäen 1) kampanjasivusto, 2) 4 erilaista Flash-banneria 8 eri koossa , 3) Google Analytics-ohjelmiston asentaminen maaleineen. Sivuja kampanjasivustolle tulee 8-10, mukana pitää olla CMS ja asiakkaan toimittamat tekstit tulee kääntää englannista suomeksi. Lisäksi sivustolle tarvitaan hostaus 2 vuodeksi sekä haluttu url-tulee hankkia.

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    Summary of the algorithm for an Aave flash loan arbitrage bot: 1. Monitor the prices of the assets on different exchanges and identify any price differences that can be arbitraged. 2. Determine the flash loan amount depending upon the balance available. For e.g.:- the interest rate is on AAVE is .09% and the GAS Fees is .00025%, then for a balance available for $100. Then total loan amount one can borrow is $110,803.32 3. Take a flash loan from the Aave protocol for the amount needed to execute the arbitrage trade. 4. Calculate the profit of the arbitrage trade by comparing the prices of the assets on different exchanges. 5. Check the gas fees for the transaction. 6. Compare the profit, interest, and gas fees, and only execute the trade if the profit is greater t...

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    Unity Developer for our Team -- 2 6 päivää left

    Metasphere is the playable teaser you should be able to create. It's about collecting ressources in multiplayer mode and making 3d Object out of them stored as NFT. We have are very advanced in doing the smart contracts and we have already someone doing our Unity made gamehub called SphereHub and we need someone in the team for the first game Metasphere. Website: Try the gamehub: (you need Metamask to login) Discord for whitepaper and more docs: mykarma#4885

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    Trophy icon Create a logo for a solar company 3 päivää left

    we need a logo for a solar company. I've added a picture. The flash shoud be in the front. the sun in the back. The flash should mean "Power" or "Energy". The first letter shoud be included in the flash/sun. Its an "E". Please use this RGB: 035B2C

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    Project Scope - Introduction Converting existing Flash Player App to a Web Based Graphical User Interface for showing Money Exchange Rates on a Dynamic Adjusting Background. Modules - Requirement Single Page Web Application (SPA) which will be run on a LAN server on the existing address and port as the current Flash Player. 1. HTML to fetch data from .csv (folder location in same server) - Folder location (CSV) to be created (as shown in the chart below) and synced with HTML (inside tabular) to fetch data. (Note: data should be fetched every 10secs buffer time refresh) 2. Ability to adjust font sizes and the maximum number of rows to show(30 countries). By default, the adjustment in terms of rows will be automatically based on the number of currencies available

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    I am interested to hear from Freelancers that have good experience in building these types of bots I have something in mind, but I am also interested to hear some feedback and advice I would prefer to speak with developers that are owner-operators of their own code, please I would like a bot that can copy trades from a Metamask/Hot wallet to interact with smart contract...developers that are owner-operators of their own code, please I would like a bot that can copy trades from a Metamask/Hot wallet to interact with smart contracts on BSC and would be happy if it was capable of operating on multiple chains It would need to monitor the Mempool because it will be copying other bot accounts mostly, sniping would be another feature I would be interested in and also flash loan arbitr...

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    Trophy icon Build me a logo for gaming community 5 päivää left

    I need a logo for the gaming community. You have an example in the attachment. Game: San Andreas Multiplayer Name: Elite of San Francisco (Main focus is on San Francisco) Foundation year: 2023 Background image: Golden gate Type: RPG ( not a requirement to include )

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    advertisement video 5 päivää left

    I need video advertisement. couple small ones for introduction, explanatory videos and few for advertisement purposes Flash simple videos, open to more ideas as long as its attractive and catchy

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    MOBA game prototype 4 päivää left

    I need a moba game base for PC made in Unity with everything functional for multiplayer mode, it is not necessary much detail on the map or implement many Skills but if the whole system is ready to add the powers, the requirements are: - Ability system (including buffs) - Combat system. - Movement system with mouse, - Mini map. - Field of war. - AI NPCs. Important that multiplayer mode works

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    HI there, I have a youtube channel called The Drunken Tourist. I need a Subcribe animation to flash up overlaying my videos. Please incorporate my logo and a martini glass into it somehow please.

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    Fire and Ice Sweet Shop 3 päivää left

    We need to design a new logo or clean up our logo. We need to have something that is printable and suitable for flyers. coupons, business card, etc. We also need to brand our company. We also need videos to put on our sales monitors screens using a USB flash drive. We also need the videos to loop with spaces in between to display our different new recipes by using videos or screen shots of our products. We also need to be able to insert different pictures or videos, whenever we want to change the products we are selling that day. We have 3 monitors the center monitor is the logo with special effects. I want to display our products for the fire side and display our products/specials for the ice products. We need the logo within 48 hours for business cards, brochures etc. the animate...

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    Hi, Put "RACING GAME " in your bid. Otherwise I will ignore your bid. I want to make a Racing game for mobile. For now I have a car asset. I want you to make it multiplayer and it should work with 20 players on mobile at 60 fps on low end mobile phones. Must be using dedicated server networking like Mirror, Photon Fusion, Net code for gameObjects. Tell me how you want to achieve this. Thanks.

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    - Need to build a VR multiplayer in Unreal Engine 5.1. Minimum of 5 HUD (Quest 2, pro, HTC VIVE PRO etc.) - UI to choose different environnement and music. - Analyse incoming live audio (MIDI and Live audio console mixers) into UE 5.1 to trigger DMX lights in UE 5.1 - Need to output live from HD camera to web trough UE 5.1 Need a quote. Urgent.

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    build me an arbitrage bot 2 päivää left

    I need an arbitrage bot that needs to be developed so that it can utilize flash loans to make arbitrage trades on platforms like Uniswap, Sushiswap, Balancer, and other reliable DEXs. The bot should have the ability to scan for opportunities and detect price differences between exchanges. Once an opportunity is identified, the bot should swiftly execute flash loans from Aave or Dydx to execute trades. The bot should determine the necessary flash loan amount (collateral) and execute flash loan arbitrages with the appropriate gas fee to avoid being outrun by other bots. The bot should also automatically and simultaneously repay the flash loan, pay the gas fees, and send the profits to the wallet address of the owner.

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    Despite collaborating with a real estate company, I have the autonomy to develop my own page. I want a bilingual page (PT and EN) Home page with links to: PROPERTIES (which will open a link for properties for SALE and another for SOLD) - the customer, when clicking on these, will have access to the page of each property with: characteristics, video tour, plans of the property, and contact me. COMMUNITIES (Olhão, Quelfes, Moncarapacho, Fuseta, Luz de Tavira, Santa Catarina Fonte do Bispo, etc) - basically where I intend to put historical information about each one, with a simple link with one or two images and text) I WANT TO SELL (with form for the customer to fill out with automatic submission to email) NEWS (where I will post new market entries, open houses, or even communit...

    €250 - €751
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    €250 - €751
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    I will need the development of an arbitrage bot (smart contract) that will be able to use flash loans to make arbitrage trades between uniswap ,sushiswap, balancer and any other reliable DEX. The bot should be able to spot arbitrage opportunities and quickly execute flash loans from either Aave or Dydx to make trades with them. The flash loan amount (collateral) should be determined by the bot. The bot should be able to execute flash loan arbitrages with the right amount of gas fee in order not to be front run by another bot The bot should be able to repay the flash loan plus the gas fees and then send the profits into the wallet address of the owner . All this should be done automatically and simultaneously.

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    Hi Preet Kamal B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat. We like to get carton/illustrator for a flash card. We are non-profit team and looking forward to work with.

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    2D TicTacToe mobile game (not everything should be done in cpp): server multiplayer integration (should be done in C++, maybe with Blueprint integration) 1. Create and join “quick” match 2. Create private match, join via link or friend list 3. “Waiting” for animations (because server process data faster) 4. There is a list of client requests and server responses 5. No graphics, just few animations and stock images RPS integration (both server and offline mode) 1. After player puts mark (X/O) he selects “unit” (rock, paper or scissors) 2. Then he select direction of this unit (left, right, top, bottom), it should be drawn that direction 3. This unit is drawn on top of mark 4. Opponent’s units shouldn’t be visible, options: 1. Show...

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    Need several freelancers to enter Beta test in my multiplayer NFT game. Need around 3 people to play the game at the same time (The first thing we'll do is agree on the schedule). Job requirements - Some NFT/Crypto experience Game Testing experience(if you are new to this, we will help you) Around 5GB free disk space(we can also use your smartphone) Being comfortable with using Discord to communicate with other freelancers and find bugs together.

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    We are looking for an experienced Unreal Engine developer who can quickly integrate imagined and modeled elements (landscapes, settings, characters, objects, accessories) We are building MVP for multiplayer game. Responsibilities: - Create and maintain a C++ code for Core functionalities - Create an Unreal plugin, maintain and document on UE4 - Graphics optimization, multiplayer implementation, network replication Please send me your portfolio if you are interested.

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    Have a training game written in Flash that I want converted into front end Unity with a backend mysql+. Have source code. Limited budget.

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    Small project, have bought a react native app. You need to build it, tweak the UI a bit and add few new features developing and extending APIs. Would prefer someone who is familiar with CS-CART file structure. Work: - Modifications in registration form. - Animated flash screen - Add payments page displaying data of payments made and payment pending. - Implement quantity discount (Already implemented in back-end) - Implement payment gateway (Already implemented in back-end) - Display static OTP of order in app - Tweak the existing UI and make it attractive Budget is more or less fixed, flexible with time though. Will discuss more over chat.

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    OTG (CO) Operation - Power on when connect to power source Blue LED will Flash - CO > 120ppm will Buzz with Red LED Flashing - Button mute Buzzer only. LED continue to flash Hardware - MCU: ATTINY1616-MNR - CO Sensor: Mems S1003 (Requires calibration) - Buzzer: GSC4417YA-16R400 - Switch: KMT071 NGJ LHS

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    I need to flash fill data from one spreadsheet to the next using formula.

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    I am budgeting to have cost effective simple retro 1930's pulp Flash Gordon flash animation or similar done for short episodes of an already produced audio fiction podcast I wrote and produced. Its an "Adult Swim" style comic version of 1930's Flash Gordon the characters would need to have basic "lip flapping" not totally in sync when each speaks. . Sample of audio attached please listen you have to get the retro science fiction style and humor to do this.

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    Request details Smart contract and website having one pager, road map, profit calculator, swapp and BEP and tron network written in python.

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    Hi we are looking for someone to rewrite description text we have already written, which will be used for childrens flash cards.

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    Trophy icon Logo for my Gaming Profile 1 päivä left

    Hello, I am looking for a logo and banner design for my new gaming profile. My profile name will be "ElWeroxTV". I am willing to be a pro gamer, I usually play a lot of online multiplayer games most of them competitive and I need a logo to identify my profile name, so this are the requierements: 1.- The main colors for the logo should be red or navy/royal blue. Preferently red. 2.- The logo It must have or a big W or the full profile name (ElWeroxTV), with another image, I attached some examples below. 3.- (Optional) It can contain something related to a gamer (Ex: A controller, a mouse, etc...) 4.- It can have like game items just as swords, bows, wands, etc... 5.- If you search for the key Gamer Logos/Banners in google pictures, you will see a lot of examples. 6.- It ca...

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    I am Game Developer. I need Graphic Designer fo my 2D Game Assets. I need design for following scenes - Flash Scene - Login Scene - Register Scene - Menu Scene - PopUps for Loading, Error, Info - BauCua Game Scene - Wild Hunter Game Scene - 9 Simple Animation I attach 8 images and 2 Sample Videos for your understanding my project.

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    Right now, I am getting estimates for the price. I know all that is needed is to go to the TRON website and mint the TRC-20 token with the contract address. But if you have an easier way? It would be appreciated. Requirements: TRON Stable Coin to six digits. Wallet for that sole Stable Dollar Requests: These do not need to be done with the requirements. Can the wallet be used to pay out interest on say a weekly basis, say Sunday 00:00 TO THE NEXT Sunday 00:00? Can the interest rate be changed every Friday if needed? Given the token was not moved from the wallet during the week. Charles R Newman 1 minute read

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    Animator must be experienced with adobe animate cc or flash after effects will be more great

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    Hi, I am the owner of this flash game called Truck Loader: I have the source code and I'd like the game converted into HTML5... You will also need to upgrade images where necessary and build new UI where needed. To be released on the web + Mobile Games.. I have over 100 games to convert in total, but I am testing your skills with just one.. In order to apply, please show me your past game work portfolio... especially games you have converted from Flash to HTML5 Once the game is converted to HTML5, I will own all ip, all writes to the new code, title, engine, graphics etc. You may not re-produce the same work nor release the game or its likeness yourself. Thank you

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    I am looking for an experienced developer to create a fully automated trading bot for cryptocurrency trading on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) with integrated flash loan and flash bot functionality. The bot should be able to: * Analyze market data in real-time to identify arbitrage opportunities across multiple DEXs * Automatically execute trades to take advantage of those opportunities * Utilize flash loans to increase trading capital and optimize returns * Implement flash bot functionality to automatically execute trades in response to market conditions The developer should have experience with: * Cryptocurrency trading and DEXs * Smart contract development (preferably on Ethereum) * Node.js, Python or other programming languages This is a freelance proje...

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    11 tarjoukset

    ...have the ability to delete and control listings, as well as the option to create a moderator to assist with these tasks. The ideal candidate will have experience in ecommerce website development, and be familiar with integrating phone verification APIs. If you have a portfolio of similar projects, please provide links. some of the features: -there must be a phone verification using checkmobi (flash call verification) -email verification needed -user has limited number of posts he can do (something i can control from the panel) -user has limited number of pictures he can upload for each item he sells -support 3 languages (english - french & arabic) -User accounts: Allow users to create personal accounts and manage their information, such as shipping and billing address...

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    We need a telematics module to be built based on ec200 that would talk to can via spi, talk to an external flash unit, config via wifi, operate on 4g with fall back to 2g

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    Cunning ball Loppunut left

    my game is a single player vs cpu, multiplayer online mode 4 players against each other, private mode friend can invite players and play with them, and championship mode all players can play the tournament by coins or gems and win real money. the design of the app is ready i have data source of the app. single player vs cpu is done remaining: online mode, private mode, and championship . unity resource code

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    60 tarjoukset

    Language : DAPPS (Tron Link Pro) Step 1 :- If any user will connect their tron wallet though our app or scan code Step 2 : Then user’s wallet will be connect to our admin wallet for transaction Credit and debit both or debit and withdrawal both from user's wallet Through smart contract deploy Admin wallet is : fixed Step3 : Then you need to deploy this code in your live server and provide us link for testing.

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    Need website with the following features.. All 3 websites kind of same but slightly different generes - Wedding Service based industry. When enter website.. Need filters for city first.. ( choose your city) Need home page Categories and others.. For Products / services.. Need location.. Calendar to book date and time.. Cart and wallet Flash sale / offers.. Option to convert website into multivendor in future.. Need only experienced and efficient developers.. Amateurs please excuse..

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    Kids 2D Amination Loppunut left

    Create high-quality 2D animation using software such as Adobe Flash, Toon Boom, or Anime Studio Work with the creative team to develop and execute animation concepts Bring characters and scenes to life through movement and expression Collaborate with other animators, artists, and designers to ensure animation is consistent with the overall project style

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    Required: Only show the things required for the current game mode on the map and hide and deactivate the needed characters. Ensure it works for all game modes online for multiplayer and single-player. To do this job you will need the FPS MultiplayerTemplate 4.0 from the epic marketplace. More Details: I have had modifications made to FPS MultiplayerTemplate 4.0, throwing an error. Our level selector loads the game mode and map info from the enum table and uses the same map for all game modes which throws errors when the game begins. I have attached the used BP in the team deathmatch BP and the error output but this error may not be the full scope of the issue to be corrected.

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    Dear Mr Elia.. This request is for flash wash mobile app project (mobile car wash project) kindly follow the attached project proposal Kindly follow the below project phases & deadlines: Phase 1 Deadline (UI/UX Design): 14/Feb/2023. Phase 2 Deadline(%40 Development): 26/Mar/2023. phase 3 Deadline(%70 Development): 25/apr/2023. phase 4 Deadline(%100 Development & Full testing): 9/June/2023. Date of the project submission on: 9/June/2023. phase 5 Deadline (3 Months Support): 7/Sep/2023. Thanks

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    Unity programmer Loppunut left to check a gameplay video), This game is a multiplayer first person horror game built in Unity. You can check the following link for the steam page: Currently, I am working on improving almost every aspect of the game, from UI to AI behaviour, world interaction, movement algorithms, and adding new features and mechanics to the game, altogether with a new level. Having said so, the game will keep being updated, as a couple of new levels are going to be released after the one we are currently working on. We are currently searching for programmers with experience in C# and Unity to help improve most of the game mechanics. This project uses the Photon Fusion library for multiplayer and network management, so knowledge and experience

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    I have 2 family photos that are low quality and have reflection of the flash over a person's face. They are our first family photos of Dad and kids. It will be extra special if I can get it restored. I have other photos of Dad to help restore his face if needed.

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    Simple Landing Page Loppunut left

    I want a very simple website made with my company logo loading first when opening the website. I will provide the company logo and it should load first and then the website should open for all users. The logo can be in javascript or flash or gif also.

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    70 tarjoukset

    Hi we are looking for someone to rewrite description text we have already written, which will be used for childrens flash cards.

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    46 tarjoukset

    Simple Card Game called Palace but with varied rules.

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    ...Microchip’s SAM3X8E ARM Cortex-M3 or similar Microcontrollers. This project will involve serial communications (RS-485), control of GPIOs, analog sensor readings via external ADC (SPI), storage of data to flash memory (SPI), and communication to simple peripherals (i2c). The timing of various GPIO state changes, directed by serial commands, is crucial to the operation of this project. Thus, a good understanding of task scheduling, interrupts, and timing is required. • Requirements/Experience: • Microchip PIC, ARM Cortex-M3 Microcontrollers or similar • Serial Communication • Flash Memory • Process Scheduling/Task Scheduling • SPI and I2C Communication • GPIO Read/Write • Watchdog Timer and other Reliability enhan...

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    22 tarjoukset

    ...Royal Navy Veteran Pilot, Colonel Jake Riley, set out to locate the rumored remains of a cluster of ancient temples on the islands surrounding the Kolombangara volcano in the South Pacific. Upon approach Dr. Don Jon observes what appears to be communication towers rising up along the crests of the mountains on the many islands surrounding the Kolombangara volcano, followed by a bright blinding flash of light and the piercing buzz of warning indicators in the cockpit. Colonel Riley is forced to make an unexpected beach landing after a sudden loss of all power and navigation. Skillfully coasting the aircraft in for a short landing along the beachline, Col. Riley assesses only minor damage to the plane’s landing gear, but no power whatsoever. Marooned at the base of the volca...

    €124 (Avg Bid)
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    Flash BTC Software Loppunut left

    Looking for Crypto Expert who Flash btc software which can be transferable and traceable. More details will be given

    €46 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    2 tarjoukset