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    Trophy icon LP's Landscaping Logo 2 päivää left

    Business Name: LP's Landscaping This is a company that cut grass, lawn mowing, cut trees, plant flowers, and do anything from landscape to cut tree for houses or business. They want a Special logo with the Letters LP's, it could be 3D on a cube, inside a circle, with special effect anything to impress my client. Feel Free to use your imagination. Do your best and thanks in advance to all...

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    decision trees in python 6 päivää left

    implement decision trees using information gain crieteria

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    I'm looking to remove grass and install granite or decorative rock. Add desert landscape. There is a slope by waters edge so rock needs to be approx. 2-4" for erosion and taper up the slope to smaller rock in the range of 1/2"-1" that can be walked on. People currently walk their dogs so materials must consider foot traffic. Must include current conditions such existing buildin...

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    ((((****Building a through data base****)))))) Finding buyers, doing a good and fear deals, follow up on the supply value chain. DETAILS ENTRIES COMMENTS Contest Prize $658 USD Status Open • 5 days left Entries 26 Description A farm that is located in saudi Arabia , produces variety of fresh dates. We produce dates -palm trees dates of different varieties such as Majdool Ajwa Anber a...

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    implementing decision tres using information gain as criteria

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    save trees save world 6 päivää left

    I need you to write some articles.

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    implementing decision tree using information gain as criteria in python

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    Hello, I have a partial complete project. I need somebody to finish it up for me. The original ad: Hello everyone, I am looking for a long term relationship with a game developer and 3d modeller. What I am trying to build is a top down team fighter survival game, the models will be low poly cartoon with an emphasis on humour, the characters will be funny and will require funny voice actors later...

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    I have CAD drawings of a new home (floorplan / elevations from all sides) I now need to see the exteriour of the house in 3D - to help decide which colourscheme / material / texture to apply to the outside before i built the home - to make this decision i need to see what my intended colour scheme will look like in 3D. I will require mapping of - Bricks / Render walls / plants / trees / custom ...

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    Logo designer needed 6 päivää left

    Our buisness name is Assassin trees and gardening we are new and need a logo that will be on buisness cards, website and side of trucks and cars We are open to ideas would like to have a tree and possibly a ninja cutting it down in the logo in silhouette and the writing in some sort of metallic Colour preferences are Purple, emerald green , black Gold or silver for writing

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    Implement a library with a function to copy a file tree in another local or FTP location or in archive and another function manage a batch sequence of copies. The copy function can also generate a dump of a MySql database. All the data to perform these operations are in a database (already created). There are several options of copying, which are explained in deep detail in the specs, together wit...

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    sunset beach 5 päivää left

    I need a recreation of this artwork on this license plate. a sunset on a beach and/or over the ocean using only oranges reds yellows and whites. I want it to look just like the back ground of this license plate with no surfer or license plate letters. no palm trees.

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    I need a 3D rendering with great quality and if it is possible an animation too. attached you can find pictures of the idea. 4 soccer fields (9 vs 9 size) and then around 10 shipping containers with shops (coffee store, bathrooms , pizzeria , play room, etc) . we would like to mix artificial turf, with wood and great landscaping with plants / palm trees

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    I need a landscape layout for a villa to be designed for a tropical exotic theme. No plant selection is needed, Just the layout showing zones of planting, a sitting area, lawn, paving... Near the pool is likely to be open space with palm trees around, sitting area to be intimate zone with crowded planting around, all around the garden is likely to be screened and for the rest I need the feel of be...

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    Create an app 5 päivää left

    I'd like someone to develop an Google maps based app, allowing users to tag specific areas with some data. This data would have to be defined by the user with a few parameters. Example: in the location X there are 300 Olive trees, currently blooming, about 10-15 years old, kalamata type. (4-5 parameters to be described). Based on that in the future I'd like to add more layers allowing us...

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    Trophy icon logo 1 päivä left

    I need a logo designed for a small craft business. The company is called: Air Plant Art We sell 'air plant arrangements', primarily at craft fairs and gift shops. Air plants are NOT like normal plants, they do not need soil, don't have leaves like a normal plant either. may be worth a quick Google to see what they look like, some pictures are attached. ## About the logo - DONT...

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    Trophy icon Packaging for a bamboo toothbrush 5 päivää left

    Hello.. I am about ready to start my own business selling bamboo toothbrushes. One of the last things I need to send to production is my toothbrush packaging. Company name is The Boo, and logo is attached in .AI.. You can change logo color if it suits better for the packaging. I have the AI file for the packaging to work on, attached. The package is a WHITE PAPER box, meaning it will be pri...

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    Website Article Writing This project will be awarded to a write who can complete the job in less than 1 hour Article Subject: Trees To write about why trees are important for the environment. Budget is 5 CAD We only need 100 words. Please do not apply if you cannot agree with this budget. ***We will consider leaving great feedback for you if your work is good

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    Design web page 4 päivää left

    I want to redo a webpage from scratch. This page allows users to create teams of friends to join events planting trees. I have a page already but users have been very critical of it. I would like to offer a contract to first do a design of the page, and then build it.

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    Graphic designs for our Charcoal Bags 4 päivää left

    We have a new line of Organic all natural environmentally clean processes for Coconut Charcoals, for BBQs and Heating homes. 4 different size bags and boxes. Starting with the BBQ Charcoal Briquettes. Stopping the cutting of trees, no wood, cleaning up the dirty factories building green ones by our company.

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    Trophy icon Palmyra Khmer Ventures Loppunut left

    Palmyra Khmer Ventures is a Real Estate Private Equity firm that invests in property in the Kingdom of Cambodia. The name of the company comes from the national tree of Cambodia (the Palmyra Palm), which represents wealth, sustainable growth and prosperity. It was inspired by other real estate funds that use different types of trees as the central element of their visual representation. We want so...

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    Power Cleaning Services 3 päivää left

    I own a cleaning business that I’ve been servicing on Oahu Hawaii for 7 years. I love the island and how much it has provided for my company. I need a logo that will show my aloha spirit with a retro twist to it. I would also like palm trees incorporated into the logo as well. Thank you

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    I am looking for someone who knows the following: 1: R Language (R, RStudio, ggplot2, dplyr, related packages) 2: Various algorithms, eg, Linear Regression, Logistic regression, Random forest, KNN, Decision Trees, RMSE (Root Mean Square Error), ... 3: Stock market and Housing Market knowledge I am looking for someone who can help me with predicting a stock market.. I have a data that is properl...

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    Cypress Creek Ranch 2 päivää left

    Need a design for a sign on the street in front of my ranch. Name of the ranch is "Cypress Creek Ranch at Quail Hollow" The name should be in letters large enough to be seen from the street. Interwoven with the name should be the following design: Cypress trees (Taxodium Distinctum) with a creek running through them and some horses standing in the creek.

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    GWJ Logo Design 2 päivää left

    I need a design for a sign out front of my ranch. The name of the ranch is "Cypress Creek Ranch at Quail Hollow" The name should be large enough to read from the street and it should be blended with an image of cypress trees with a creek running through them with a couple of horses standing in the creek

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    Trophy icon Residential / urban designer 5 päivää left

    Hi we are a Resident's Association close to Grenfell Tower/Notting Hill in London UK. We would like to regenerate the residential entrances with planters/green walls or something green to make the entrances better looking and welcoming. We are a fairly big residential site, built in the 70s on a site where there was a Carmelite Convent once. We have two courtyards accessible to the public w...

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    Trophy icon I need a custom logo! 1 päivä left

    I need a logo designed! Looking for a simple, modern logo using the following items: • Pipe Flange Encirclement • Text reading “DOT Pipelines” • 3 rolling hills (w/o trees) inside encirclement • Pipeline coming from hills and outside of pipe flange to look ‘3D’ • Red “Mark” from attached company logo, placed above rolling hills. I&rs...

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    Logo Design 1 päivä left

    I need a logo designed for a new company. The company will be called Cortorta Photonics. The name Concorta comes from the Pine Tree Pinus Contorta (the scientific name for lodgepole pine). This is one of the pine trees where he seeds from the pine cone germinate after being exposed to Fire. The current goal of the company is to design photonic integrated circuits (PICs) with specific focus on la...

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    Need autumn leaves materials. I already have green trees and hope to change autumn trees.

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    8 tarjoukset

    Specifically, I am seeking someone who can help with the following: * Obtain records from any state or country thanks to network of 3,000 genealogists * Build Family Trees from scratch * Convert paper trees to electronic format * Strengthen, and extend Family Trees * Find descendants of individuals for legal matters, such as estates * Use DNA test results to find relatives * Break through brick...

    €47 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €47 / hr Keskimäär. tarjous
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    Hello, We are looking for an expert in algorithms. We have files written in spintax. You don't know what spintax is? → search with Google. These files contain between 3 and 15 paragraphs, each paragraph containing between 1 and 8 sentences on average. So, on average, we have between 30 and 50 sentences written in spintax in each file. Due to the complexity and the levels of dep...

    €15 / hr (Avg Bid)
    €15 / hr Keskimäär. tarjous
    3 tarjoukset

    Looking at starting a small scale tree company. Need a simple logo I use for business cards, a facebook website and possibly to print on t shirts. The name of the company is Tall Trees Arboriculture.

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    Trophy icon ANTIGA Logo Design Contest 3 tuntia left

    Design a logo for the brand name, "ANTIGA". Design parameters: 1) The logo must be the name, or include the name 2) Simple yet elegant in color and style (not whimsical) 3) May incorporate simple shapes, lines, etc. 4) Should not include trees, sun, water, etc. 5) May be uppercase, lowercase, or mixed 6) Aspect ratio of logo should be between 2:1 and 3:1 Good Luck!

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    Trophy icon Health Smiles Logo and Website design 7 päivää left

    The client is a dental office and needs a website and logo design. Located in a small town in TX. The building is stand-alone, dark brick and surrounded by live oak trees. Here are a few existing dental sites the client has viewed and stated she likes. She's not sure about a color scheme, so please give her samples and ideas for this too. FYI*** Business name is Healthy Smiles .... the site ...

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    Trophy icon Avalon Bliss Logo Design 23 päivää left

    (UPDATE - 2-12-2020, I uploaded our original logo for your review. I noticed many of the entries are similar. PLEASE BE ORIGINAL and STAND OUT and I will pay a bonus) We started as Avalon Wellness. We are relaunching and have changed our name to AVALON BLISS. We do not have a website yet as I am currently working on it. Before I complete the website, I need a high-resolution logo. I provided the...

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    Linkedin Post Loppunut left

    I would like to create a LinkedIn Post for a show that I will be attending. The show is called the NIC 2020 Spring Conference Marriot Marquis San Diego Marina March 4th - 6th, 2020 in San Diego, CA Something like "Let's connect" with my name and title and email Title is Sales Executive I'll send you our logo, a headshot and email in separate email. If you can use a bac...

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    Trophy icon Background for mystical lake serpent 13 päivää left

    The images are meant for children in the ages 2-7 years of age. Should be fun, light hearted, engaging, spring/summer time. No Disney. I want the end result to be delivered in three separate layered psd-files. Three different drawings in the size of horizontal landscape, A3. In style I am leaning towards a mix of different painterly/drawing styles although I´m interested and open for dif...

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    Trophy icon Island Card Game Prototype Images Loppunut left

    Looking for concept images for a prototype of a card game involving islands. The game has 9 playing cards with images on both sides. The theme of the game is tied to an island archipelago in a fantasy world. Once side of each of the cards will display a picture of one of the islands from the archipelago. The island names (and suggested - but not required image contents) are: 1. Hook Harbor Island...

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    I need a custom designed photo for a swimwear brand. For example Instagram story ions/promotional backgrounds that will associate with the brand. Looking for pink,white,gold and nude vibes! Water, Flamingos, palm trees and a classy vintage yet modern look. I will attach a couple photos to show the overall brand look we are going for. Looking for similar but not the same. It Will be mainly used for...

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    About forestry Loppunut left

    We have a point cloud at [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] is .laz and .las file. We want to classificate pointcloud. We want to make a section from the ground surface at a height of 1.30 m. After that we need center point of all the trees and tree diameter automatically. If its possible tree classification is very good for us. And want to see at excel list.

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    I need a Object Detection API written. Function is to detect Humans, vehicles,guns and weapons. Experience on Yolo and Mask R-CNN Python and C ++ required API must detect from images( Images in a folder) and live feed from IP cameras RTSP. Detection Alerts must be sent to remote Dashboard + Telegramme + Pushnotification Dashboard must contain link to train additional images. Multiple cameras...

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    Trophy icon Kindy House Loppunut left

    This logo needs to be done for a childcare. Open to all ideas. Love simplicity. I like the colour light green (will attach picture of green i like), charcoal grey or black. I picture a two cottages with trees in the logo , maybe books or something that makes it look education. something very simple. i would also love to see a logo with a stamp and without. Please refer to attached photos for in...

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    Trophy icon Best idea for an exciting low-poly world. 3 päivää left

    Overview Are you a Unity3D environment designer? We have an application that lets people walk through a variety of exciting 3D environments. We need new artists to design and build Exciting LOW-POLY 3D worlds for our mobile app. The $100 prize will be awarded to the artist who submits the BEST IDEA for a LOW-POLY 3D world. Your contest entry must meet all of our contest entry requirements. The...

    €92 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, We are looking for an expert in algorithms. We have files written in spintax. You don't know what spintax is? → search with Google. These files contain between 3 and 15 paragraphs, each paragraph containing between 1 and 8 sentences on average. So, on average, we have between 30 and 50 sentences written in spintax in each file. Due to the complexity and the levels of depth of ...

    €21 / hr (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Create a book cover Loppunut left

    I've written a book based in Savannah, Georgia during World War II. It is mainly fictional, but also has many true parts. The main character is brunette and a nurse (not a military nurse). The book has romance, murder, mystery, war, etc. throughout its pages. I want a "vintage" type cover. These are ideas I've envisioned: 1. A 1940s young (brunette) woman holding a suitcas...

    €69 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Background image for our splash screen 18 päivää left

    New coding tutorials site focused on advanced coding, particularly trees and graphs [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] needs a spash image for our homepage. Successful candidate may get either a cash bonus or a very small percentage of next year's post-tax profit (circa 0.5% of up to £100,000). Domain is [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Please upload in PNG format, and/or arr...

    €115 (Avg Bid)
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    Design a software that can make a film out of pictures. I am monitoring trees growth, so I had the farmers picture each tree and send it to me through a special application. The application produces reports, each report have hundred of pictures, the report is in a table in excel format, word format and a zip file. REQUIREMENTS I need a software that I can upload the report table and run all pi...

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    10 pictures Loppunut left

    I need someone to create 10 pictures in the style of the uploaded image. I will send more images as examples of what I am looking for if you bid on the job. Please only give a real bid. I dislike seeing a bid, contacting the person who bid, only to find that they are not going to do the job for the amount they bid. It is annoying to find out that the person who bid on the job wants to negoti...

    €222 (Avg Bid)
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    Trophy icon Quick Logo Loppunut left

    Looking for a quick logo that will be created in wood for a sign for a cabin. Would like logo to be in ‘shield’ shape or similar (see attached) The logo must include the following: The O'Briens Est. 2015 (Pine Trees or Mountains or Deer - you don't have to use all but some )

    €28 (Avg Bid)
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    Decision trees for loans in R, I will provide more information in chat.

    €33 (Avg Bid)
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