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    big idea, dismissal of civil, tort case 6 päivää left

    NY Supreme court, civil tort cases where plaintiff's Summons along with follow up motion, affirmations, correspondence letters all violated NYS CPLR 2103, NYS BDR-7-104, and uniform civil rules for supreme court part 202 (7)(8) delivery and affidavit of service requirement as per court protocols and law. Requires legal argument too. I need this court cases dismissed with prejudice, grantin...

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    Trophy icon To design a business logo and branding 4 päivää left

    I am abeauty and massage therapist. I am looking for someone to design a logo and branding. Simplistic, fresh and hippie look. Maybe picture of peacock, woman, tree, mandala, feather.... My business name is BOHEMIQ BEAUTY I like bright colours - teal, navy blue, pine green, purple, maybe some gold and white too. Bold writing, thick letters, modern and eye catching. my current logo attached

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    Ceasar Cypher 6 päivää left

    The idea of the Caesar Cipher is to pick an integer and shift every letter of your message by that integer. In other words, suppose the shift is kth . Then, all instances of the i letter of the alphabet that appear in the plaintext should become the (i + k) th letter of the alphabet in the ciphertext. You will need to be careful with the case in which i + k > 26 (the length of the alphabet). T...

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    Startup in its 3rd year, needs quarterly and annual report to shareholders

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    Izmir Zaferi (Victory) Logo 6 päivää left

    Hi, I am wanting a simple classy Rugby League Logo for a local team. My present budget is 100 AUD (approx 80 USD) . As I do design I am happy to put in work to make it quick and easy for the right designer to 'knock out' quickly. İzmir Zaferi (Victory) I will attach a couple similar examples and maybe a hand drawn thought. The hand drawn examples are my basic thoughts. I like t...

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    B2B loyalty app between buyers and factory that has much complex calculation already developed and working since 2018, the loyalty app has hard-coded criteria and one of these criteria is disabled. Application is hosted on AWS Elasticbeans talk and MySQL RDS. App has Admin module accessible only for admin to manage and control sales, buyers and criteria configurations such as values, percentages a...

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    Trophy icon Design Logo 2 päivää left

    Design a logo for "Loader Group" which wil include the two first letters "LG". The business is a combination of retail, import and e-commerce business which sells multiple brands. Examples attached for reference

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    Use my LinkedIn to apply for as many as possible sales jobs in Barcelona in order to schedule several interviews. It would be preferable if you domain writing both in English and Spanish for writing presentation letters.

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    I need a logo designed. Logo needed for Retail gift and clothing boutique Name of the business: The Scattered Squirrel Slogan: Constantly foraging to deliver unique treasures! Preferred colored: purple and chartreuse Character details of the Squirrel: Long eye lashes to indicate that the Squirrel is female. The rest is up to you on creativity. It might be fun if the Squirrel is coming out of...

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    Huffman coding -- 2 6 päivää left

    Given the two files DNA_SEQ, and PROT_SEQ compress them using (i) Binary coding, and (ii) Huffman coding. For binary coding if you have n unique letters, then you can use the binary representation for each letter. For example, if the text has 8 unique letters, then you can code the letters using three (log2) bits as, 000,001,010,011,100,101,110,111. For Huffman coding use the method discussed ...

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    Trophy icon Logo of the parc for children 4 päivää left

    Keeping in mind this is Disney`s creation. I summit you all to use your free expression and create something similar keeping the same sex appeal, class, and artistic format. Please keeping the idea alive create an ELF SIMILAR TO Disney’s famous character Tinkle Bell yet very different. We all know how strict Disney can be. So, feel free to express your creativity and experience and let your ...

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    Trophy icon PlayLikePoo Logo 6 päivää left

    My son is launching a YouTube channel and needs a logo. His YouTube name and gamer name is "Play Like Poo", but he has it in camel case like this PlayLikePoo. The logo will need to be in camel case PlayLikePoo He wants the logo to be highly visible in the colors of his Fortnite character skin Guff (see attached [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL...

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    Trophy icon Logo contest for Confidence Call 15 päivää left

    My target client is people who want to purchase a session for the sake of gaining confidence in a decision they need to make or need confidence to make an important call or a deal. The product I am selling is a coaching call. This logo needs to make the client feel confident and calm all at the same time. I picture a logo with the letters C C on it somewhere and also Confidence-Call or Confiden...

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    Notifications APP with Voice Recognition 6 päivää left

    I'm looking to create an App where the user can send notifications to Other users (there will be a hierarchy level), Take Screenshots, Record Voice messages and set their status. Voice Recognition is needed for a few commands, for example if the users Yells Help it will trigger an alert. This needs to work on both Android and iOS I have plenty more details which I will shar e , to make su...

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    Trophy icon Label Design for CBD Product 6 päivää left

    Hi guys, for this project, we will need a CBD 20 ml dropper bottle test product label designed. Label size: 3 in wide x 1.5 in height Requirements: - Create a cool name for the product - Design a simple logo to have it included in the label (it can be just letters) - The design needs to be aimed at athletes and sports enthusiasts - Design style: Powerful, energy, sports, bold, wellness, prof...

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    Trophy icon Quick vector graphics job - 4 letters 2 päivää left

    I need a simple design - vector graphics for a printing company - to replace letters K and L in the attached airplane registrations by M and Z, respectively. The letters are 28 centimeters high and the replacement letters should be of the same font as those already there. Unfortunately the attached pictures are the most accurate representation I have. You will need to work within the place availab...

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    I'd like to have a log designed for the letters NSU and ONSU that looks like a university logo. All letters should run together like the attached examples of ASU. All The letters should connect on the main color. The outline should go around the whole shape as in the A example. The outline should be grey and the main color should be blue.

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    postersize A4. 2pages A4 First you are going to post your poster that you will make, the one i like the most will win, BUT afterwards we will need to put prices beside the pictures. Color should be red beacuse its an offer. Text will be black. Keyrings, lanyard and shoelaces will be on first page. Batteries and watchstraps will be on second page. Keyring LETTERS, shall all be togheter, nea...

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    Letters Project - 2021 REQ: Qualified VBScript Programmer (NOT VBA) We are a Global Company with many clients around the world who work in the field of transactional printing and electronic communication. We are looking for an outstanding VBScript Developer who can develop, document and provide ongoing support for a one-off VBScript that will process a single data file. We prefer to work with ...

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    Trophy icon Class of 2021 1 päivä left

    I need 2 graphic designs that has the words WESTERN CLASS OF 2021 and another design that says BRIYANKA The company that I will be using has guidelines which outline the acceptable formats the artwork has to be in. I'll send you those requirements if you're selected as the winner. It's the typical stuff (vector art, 300dpi resolution, etc...) I want to use the words on both li...

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    Hello, I need to translate the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the attached database from English to Italian. The attached document is being updated and will be finalized next week, so this is not the final file yet. I am looking for someone with good recommendations and experience in translation. An important point is that the translation of the database must be exactly as it is in t...

    €386 (Avg Bid)
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    Hello, I need to translate the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the attached database from English to French. The attached document is being updated and will be finalized next week, so this is not the final file yet. I am looking for someone with good recommendations and experience in translation. An important point is that the translation of the database must be exactly as it is in th...

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    LOGO AND BRAND DESIGN -- 2 5 päivää left

    Hello, I am looking for some who can offer a logo and brand design. I Will be fine also if we work on a website design. There is another team who is working on the development of this ecommerce, but I would like to get a better corporative image, identity. Like icon design, specific type of letters, colours and references, guide of the images with the colours that identifies the brand, etc It w...

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    German website and database translation 5 päivää left

    Hello, I need to translate the [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and the attached database from English to German. The attached document is being updated and will be finalized next week, so this is not the final file yet. I am looking for someone with good recommendations and experience in translation. An important point is that the translation of the database must be exactly as it is in th...

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    I need a True Type Font modified 5 päivää left

    I need someone to create a new font like TimesNewRoman, call it JokeFont. The new font needs to be exactly like TNR but when someone writes " c " the glyph should look like " o " I tried to do it myself but even though it appears as if it works, when I change View Zoom in Microsoft Word, the letters change size and they don`t fit in anymore. I will pay only if they look exact...

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    Journal Audit 5 päivää left

    My initial weekly goal was to write 7 pages a day. From the second week onward, I tried to write 8 pages daily. While I was very successful in meeting my goal the first two weeks of the term, my consistency dropped off starting in the third week. Some entries are much longer than 8 pages, some are much shorter, others are nonexistent. I have written on between 220 and 230 pages in my Moleskine no...

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    Font -- NorrontSans, letters should be converted to curves. [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] Final files (11 in general): 1) Full logo with text, vector: svg, eps, psd, pdf, png (transparent one). The picture should have no background or filling. Just black curves on transparent background. 2) Only "eye", square, raster white background jpg 160 х 160px FrenchGrey background j...

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    Trophy icon Label design of mineral water 8 päivää left

    Hello. I develop mineral water in my company. A product for athletes, the name is "Water After Training". Therefore, I would like to solicit the label design for the water. The gray area of the template is the designable area. The white letters are the product name and product information "Water after training", so you can only change the color. I want the label to have a spor...

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    A program that will take screenshots of a certain part of the screen and will produce a text output onto a notepad document. Something identical to this: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] I need something that will match the genetics with the GXYHW picture templates that will put out the letters onto a notepad file when the screenshot is taken.

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    Trophy icon Create a Logo Design for photo booth 5 päivää left

    We are looking for a logo for our german photobox/photobooth company "[kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]". We rent high quality photobooth for funny group pictures. Customers rent a box for wedding and business events. Private events such as birthdays are also possible. It does not matter if upper/lower cased or mixed letters are used for the company name "[kirjaudu nähd&au...

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    Trophy icon Renewal of our Logon 1 päivä left

    We need a renovation of our logo. You can change the backgrounds but the letters must be in black only. Actual logo should be converted to HD and/or you can start from scratch. You can play with the cube colors. IMPORTANT UPDATE: You can submit other versions of the puzzle. Please see entry #25.

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    Hello. Do you remember me? Imagen Corporativa Graphic line: - Custom Logo - Type of letters to use (lower case, upper case, numbers) - Image pattern (body and style) for backgrounds art on instagram and Facebook - One Cover Foto for Facebook - Colors with their references for printed and on-screen material - Business card / letter head Design - Envelopes and folders - Design of (1) Professiona...

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    Trophy icon Design minimalist logo 5 päivää left

    I need a logo designed of 2 initial letters form into a hexagon. The lines should be seamless all together or similar style shown in the attached photo. The 2 initials for the logo are capital "i" and "m". Letter "h" is also sentimental to me so if possible, you can design "I" to look close to an "H".

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    Cover letters & resume 5 päivää left

    Hi I need some brilliant modification to my cover letter and resume. If you are a clever writer and have experience in doing cover letters and Resume in the IT world that would be great please get in contact

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    Seeking the development of a web interface whereby a user visits (creates an account) then reviews some sample form letters and selects one and then chooses the mailing options. The user may use the sample letter provided, or they can modify the letter themselves by selecting which lines or paragraphs to keep OR they can insert their own sentences or paragraphs. What is pre-filled in with the l...

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    i want to make CFD simulation for compound parabolic solar collector with ray tracing as model attached

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    Project for Sobuj S. 8 päivää left

    Hi Sobuj S., I Like your logo but i need some changes could you please make the background black and the letters in gold colour replace the fork with a red chilli. thank you.

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    Hi Mst Nazma B., I noticed your profile and would like to offer you my project. We can discuss any details over chat.i like your logo(150) but i need little changes can you please make the letters in gold colour and keep the chilli in red colour. thank you

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    Determining the best transform for specific signals (time series data) and its various parameters involved. Description: Most of the numerical analysis involving frequency analysis usually miss on key characteristics of the date itself. This project aims at specifying those characteristics and parameters by analyzing all the possible methods of transforming specific time series data points into ...

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    Trophy icon Need a Logo File Edited & Animated 1 päivä left

    We have a SMOKE file LOGO toolkit that I need to have edited and an ANIMATED VIDEO version created. I will upload the files to edit and give instructions below: Final product should look SIMILAR to this with BLUE SMOKE - [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] - use the same FONTS in the same COLORS Name of Company: - Soul Chat (Block letters on 2 lines) with Jessica Rae (script text in GOLD) - I...

    €54 (Avg Bid)
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    convert/tracing the contour from the cow (see attached jpg) to a svg (vector) graphic. I need a vektor graphic from the "brown rusty metall" cow contour.

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    Trophy icon Smoothen logo 8 päivää left

    Please find attached a logo draft (PNG and SVG) for a research service which is working with atoms and molecules. We are aware that the characters come from different fonts, but they carry special meaning in our line of business. What we need: - Adjust the letters such that they fit better to each other - except for the initial L, that one must stay as is. E.g. you may change the shape, the font ...

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    Trophy icon Design a Book cover 4 päivää left

    Title is cr(edit) write exactly as I have it.. all lower case letters ... white background, black letters except “edit”, I want this in red.. also on the book cover I want it to say .... A simple step buy step guide to repairing your credit and preparing your future......the cr(edit) font must be eye catching

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    brand book 4 päivää left

    we need to develop a corporate Logo, business cards, letters etc., for two real estate companies. both companies specialise in selling and managing of exclusive real estate. 1 works with exclusive properties and prime locations, and 2 company specialises in off market stock, top luxury homes that the owners would like to sell privately: the names are [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] and [ki...

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    Edit Transcript pdf / photoshop 4 päivää left

    Edit transcript make all letters uniform keep letterhead please look at picture uploaded. looking for this to be done today

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    logo design 4 päivää left

    I want a logo with these letters(S.M)

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    Build a simple logo 4 päivää left

    Hey, I'm looking for a nice logo like the logos I attached, My nickname is ReflexShow, so I want something similar to this because I liked the idea of the upside down triangle, The second logo is another idea I liked that you can maybe implement, The logo needs to contain the letters "R" and "F", you also can combine the letter "S". (not required) Good luck an...

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    1. The system shall allow users to register by name, email, and password. 2. The system shall send a verification message via email. 3. The system shall allow users to login into the system by using email and password. 4. The system shall allow users to logout from the system. 5. The system shall allow users to recover their password. 6. The system shall allow users to update their account informa...

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    Trophy icon Change animated gif 4 päivää left

    Hereby an animated gif of a sinus wave, we want to show the logo inside this gif. Please show left in the squares the letters U, v, A and then 3 squares empty (see attachment) Please show left in the squares the letters X, X, X (from Amsterdam) and then 3 squares empty (see attachment). But do not show the text at the same time, left, then right, then left, etc. Good luck and thanks a lot! Dur...

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    Apparel Social Media Manager 4 päivää left

    Hello, We are a Street Wear clothing Brand in the US for Cambodian Americans. Our brand aesthetic is futuristic and Cyberpunk. Looking for a Social Media Manager/Virtual Assistant to help with the following tasks *Contents Strategy *Content Creation *Postings *Hashtag Research *Interact with followers *Run promotions & giveaways *Instagram Shop *Facebook, Pinterest page on going management *...

    €161 (Avg Bid)
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