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    I am searching for an experienced individual who has a comprehensive understanding of using Tinkercad 3D to create medium-detail design prototypes. Key Responsibilities: - Producing prototypes using Tinkercad 3D - Designing medium-detail models The ideal candidate should have: - Prior experience in prototyping - Familiarity with Tinkercad 3D - Ability to interpret and execute designs accurately Please note that while a specific material was not selected for the 3D prototypes, flexibility and knowledge in working with a variety of materials is beneficial. Those with an open mind towards this are highly encouraged to apply.

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    I am looking for a skilled individual who can help me design a circuit in Fritzing. Unfortunately, the components I need are not available in Multisim or Tinkercad. The purpose of this circuit is for prototyping and hobby purposes. Requirements: - Proficiency in Fritzing software - Experience in designing circuits - Familiarity with specialized components such as sensors and microcontrollers If you have the necessary skills and experience, please reach out to discuss the project further. Thank you!

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    3d modeling Loppunut left

    A simple design. I need these done in STEP for plastic extrusion molding. I've been 3D printing these (designed in Tinkercad (does not output in STEP)) for a few years. There are three discs/cylinders; hence three files/designs needed. I attached the STL files for reference. Also, here is my eBay link where I sell the prototypes: so you can see what they are used for - as well as Youtube with elevator pitch: Description/specs: Three discs, all are identical with a 60.00mm diameter and 1.25mm thickness/height, but holes are different sizes and locations. Disc 1 60.00mm diameter. 01.25mm thick 22.00mm hole, centered Disc 2 60.00mm diameter. 01.25mm thick 16.00mm hole, centered Disc 3 60.00mm diameter. 01.25mm thick 16.00mm

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    circuit simulation Loppunut left

    I want a simulation of the circuit attached, in any of the circuit simulation softwares like tinkercad, proteus or fritzing. I'll provide you with the proper circuit diagram and arduino code.

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    I am looking for a skilled freelancer who can convert Fusion or Tinkercad SVG or STL files to Gcode for my CNC milling machine. The ideal candidate should have experience working with CNC milling machines and be familiar with converting files for Gcode. i have 2 designs i need to make into gcodes so my cnc machine will carve these out. It will be cutting 6061 aluminum 8x 8 x1/4" thick. will be cutting design 1/16 of inch thick. Please quit trying to scam, When you put your price. Honor it! Stop putting $30 then asking 5 times that!! Skills/Experience: - Proficiency in Tinkercad and Gcode conversion - Strong knowledge of CNC milling machines and their operation - Experience working with aluminum - Attention to detail and accuracy in converting files - Ability to work ...

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    Trophy icon AMP for Speaker Loppunut left

    ...Circuitlab, 4PCB, Tinkercad or equivalent circuit designer) Parts list: 1. PEMENOL PWM signal generator $ 12 2. Output MOSFET switch $ 32 3. Low-side MOSFET driver $ 3 4. Power Transformer $ 56 5. Case $ 45 6. High voltage electrolytic capacitor $ 16 7. Diode bridge rectifier $ 3 8. Other parts (wires, pins, switch, power cord, resistors, capacitors $ 10 ___________________________________ Total: $ 177 Here is the link to a Google Sheet with all the parts: Task: Build the AMP in TinkerCad so it works the

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    Hello I need an expert in the following: 1. Multisim NI, Arduino & MATLAB 2. Tinkercad Please apply if you have the required expertise. No teams or companies please.

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    It's a long story but I'd like to have someone design a 3-D printable model of Jesus's face seen in profile. Jesus's face would be a flat surface on top and bottom, and then there would be a crown of thorns that would be in 3-D, wrapping around the profile. Jesus would be dark red, the thorns brown. I'm thinking about 1/8" tall x 3/4" wide x 1" lo...and bottom, and then there would be a crown of thorns that would be in 3-D, wrapping around the profile. Jesus would be dark red, the thorns brown. I'm thinking about 1/8" tall x 3/4" wide x 1" long. I'll attach an svg file of the profile. Feel free to use any thorns you want, but I'll also attach the thorns svg I was trying to play around with in TinkerCAD. I&...

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    More details: We have a TAC, we need to create a stl or obj file ob a part the nose for 3d printing, refine it using (CAD) like Autodesk Fusion 360, Tinkercad, Blender o SolidWorks. use the design tools to create la prothesis customized to fit patient anatomy and some funional requisits What is the primary purpose of the 3D model? 3D Printing Do you have specific requirements for the 3D model's resolution and detail? High resolution and detail Do you have a deadline for the project completion? ASAP

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    I'm looking for a freelancer to help me design a detachable kit specifically tailored towards adults with disabilities. The kit will include wheels, handles, and safety belts, all made out of steel. I would like the kit to be durable so that it can easily help those with disabilities move around their home, or even outside. With your help designing this detachable kit, I am hoping that it will bring greater accessibility and convenience for those with disabilities.

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    Hello and welcome! My project aims to build an electronics emulator for educational purposes, using an Arduino Uno, basic components and simple sensors similar to tinkercad. This emulator should be written in Javascript for it to be embedded in an existing website. The main goal of this project is to help students learn about electronics by using a simulated environment. With ease of use at its core, this emulator should help aspiring engineers to better understand the fundamentals of circuit design and programming. Must have blockly and text coding. Moreover, the emulator should be able to simulate various forms of user input, such as light and temperature sensors, to help teach practical applications of architectures. The project should also be able to accommodate future expansi...

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    I am looking for someone to redesign a stl in Solidworks or Autodesk with all the measurements and 2D drawings I only have the stl that I made in TinkerCAD but if needed I can provide you with access to the design.

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    Need circuit design using 12v DPDT Relay and SPDT micro switchs to reverse a 12v motor whenever one of the two momentary lever switchs are touched, to run continuously till power is cut/Switched off Been using Tinkercad and have a kind of design up but the DPDT Relay seem to act strange .

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    Design a complete system in Tinkercad for IoT (code as well of course) for an application (application can be anything from a temperature monitor to house alarm) with explanations, using at least: 2 Arduino controllers, 1 sensor device and 1 LCD. Requirements will be provided in full as well as a sample file on how to structure the project.

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    3D Animation Loppunut left

    I am designing a product that I need to bring into 3d animation for a prototype demonstration. The product is a telescoping hand held stick/pol...mounted on the end that can be controlled from the handle. The 3d model needs to be animated such that when a button on the handle is pressed, the telescoping portion will extend and when another button is pressed, it will retract. Some additional buttons will illuminate the light, change light color, and cause light to blink or strobe. I have a very basic 3d design that was created on "Autodesk Tinkercad". A picture of the design is attached and I can send a link if requested. If you have an hourly rate, I am just looking for an approximation of how much time will be required to do this. If yu prefer to give a hard bid, I am o...

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    I have a basic design here with notes: You can view and notes by creating a free tinkercad account. It is for a folding step meant to be able to attach to a cane or use by itself. Design should be ready to print and easily assembled.

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    Hi Manas P., Would you be available tonight or tomorrow morning, I would like to book 2 to 4h with you so you can teach me Tinkercad to design IoT with arduinos and Raspberry pi Kind regards, Julien

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    Hi Samir Kayra K., Would you be available tonight or tomorrow morning, I would like to book 2 to 4h with you so you can teach me Tinkercad to design IoT with arduinos and Raspberry pi Kind regards, Julien

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    Project for Oleg S. Loppunut left

    Hi Oleg S., Would you be available tonight or tomorrow morning, I would like to book 2 to 4h with you so you can teach me Tinkercad to design IoT with arduinos and Raspberry pi Kind regards, Julien

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    Design embedded networks with Tinkercad

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    3D printing Loppunut left

    I am printing items in low quantities (1000/year) and want a unique number printed into the design. The unique numbers are in a csv file so my idea is to have something like a print merge similar to printing address labels. I would have the physical shape of the item to be printed duplicated across the print bed file and would to be printed duplicated in a print bed file. Tinkercad has a text shape in which any free text can be entered and printed. Please see attachment. I'll provide a .csv file with 30 unique numbers, where each number will be applied to a cad file designed to accept the data. So the work product is the creation of the process of merging the data (that .csv file provides) with a cad file (I provided an .stl file in the Freelancer project)

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    Design an Arudino Uno microsystem that will control a microwave operation of the oven is done by 5 pushbuttons and a liquid crystal heating time is displayed in the format mm:ss. All arduino connections must be made with the breadboard. It must be by tomorrow, definitely.

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    Project for Dan L. Loppunut left

    Salut! Am nevoie de ajutor pentru un micro proiect pt master. Trebuie sa fac in tinkercad un design basic ce sa simbolizeze un principiu de functionare al unui sistem utilizat in automotive. De exemplu un arduino cu un senzor ultrasonic si inca ceva (servom, motor, leduri, etc); sa modific distanta fata de senzor si sa reactioneze restul cumva. Asta e un exemplu. Ideea este ca nu ma pricep sa scriu codul si nici nu am timp sa ma documentez acum. Crezi ca ma poti ajuta pana luni cu asta?

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    Hello! I have an arduino project that I need to be made firstly in Tinkercad, after that I’ll need to assemble it physically at the university. Do you think you can help me with this project in Tinkercad? Small addition to the information in the photo: Time management with soft loops of type “for(i=0;i<DELAY;i++) {}”

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    I am looking for someone to redesign a stl in Solidworks or Autodesk with all the measurements and 2D drawings I only have the stl that I made in TinkerCAD but if needed I can provide you with access to the design.

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    I just need someone to help me with completing this project. It was completed in tinkercad as a mockup but need someone to help with the finishing touches.

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    Trophy icon His and Hers luggage tags Loppunut left

    This will be printed on a 3D printer with TPU filament. Designed on Tinkercad or similar program, 2D desgin. Looking for some fun designs that a couple can use on their luggage bags. There will need to be a place to write in a name and phone number. The tags can be different colours but I would prefer only two colours per tag. Looking for something that could be described as cute and look like a set when together. Something designed with Tinkercad or a similar program..

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    ...3D CAD program and have the part printed for the prototype. The design will eventually be used for production but need someone who understands the properties and specifications of various polymers so I can determine if a cast polymer can meet the structural requirements or if metal would be necessary as well as help to estimate costs of production for the piece. I have a basic design done in TinkerCAD and the component is approximately 4"x6"x1.5". It's a locking brace similar to a keyhole bracket used on pallet racks and will need to support the end of a 36"x1.5"x1.5" square metal tube and withstand 200 lbs of weight/torque (estimated but may not be necessary) on the end of that metal tubing. I have other parts that need to be designed as we...

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    Realizar una simulación en tinkercad del juego de la bolirana, dónde se pueda elegir un mínimo de 2 equipos, máximo de 5 equipos, puntuación máxima de 1000 puntos, que se muestre el puntaje y lo que falta para completar el puntaje para ganar

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    I want someone help me on my project using arduino, writing C code on tinkercad . Its simple code wh have tonuse sensors , interrupt . For example measuring the height using sensor if it exeed the likit red light will show

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    I have created a basic model using tinkercad, but need a higher resolution file resulting in smooth printing (no stepping). Looking for someone to rebuild the source file at higher resolution.

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    i have 5 simple circuits (circuit diagram included) that i need to draw on tinkercad circuit simulator. its very simple i just simply dont have the time. i need it before monday.

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    Choppers One Loppunut left

    I need an STL product design file of a chopstick created in Tinkercad based on my specs.

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    Create a swarm of 4 robots that can work together as a shipping/warehouse helper. 1st Robot should be able to scan the object 2nd robot should be able to receive the object from the first robot and transport it to the 3rd robot. 3rd robot will print shipping address and hand it to the other robot 4th robot will load it to the truck. Need coding done on TinkerCad

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    TINKERCAD/AutoCAD Loppunut left

    Need someone to help me create something using tinkerCAD/autoCAD, i need someone with a creative mind to build a UNIQUE crocodile catcher

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    The idea of the project is to use the sensor in combination with the HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor, a photoresistor, a servo motor, four LEDs (white, red, yellow, green), an LCD and a buzzer. The project must simulate a system of entrance and exit of an urbanization that can grant access when the PIR detects a person. Additionally, it must have a light sensor (photoresistor) that activates a LED when its light intensity is below half of the maximum value that it can detect

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    You are free to choose your project title like a Traffic light, running light, Alarm clock, security door and many others.

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    design in tinkercad Loppunut left

    I want a design in tinkered, in how to design a rose flower

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    Detailed SOLIDWORKS model, replicated from TinkerCAD. Does not includes any major design changes except alignment and minor adjustments.

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    Design a microcontroller system using Arduino to realize a sumo robot. use C programming codes on Arduino to enable specified functionality of the microprocessor use tinkerCad to perform circuit simulation & SolidWorks for visualization

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    I need design with tinkercad for Arduino cloud IoT for: 1. pH sensor 2. Ammonia sensor 3. Salinity sensor 4. Alkalinity sensor 5. Dissolved Oxygen sensor 6. Temperature sensor 7. Water level sensor 8. TDS sensor 9. Wifi module Need all parts specifications for assembly.

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    Rendering rockets Loppunut left

    Hi Nima C., I would like to offer you my project, appropriate for someone in the Houston area! I just got a physics paper on rocket stages accepted, and have crude 3D models (in TinkerCAD) of 4 rockets to be raced against each other. The journal likes authors to provide a promo video clip. I hope you could help me produce a more realistic scene of these rockets in space, with a "fly-around" movie of them (a la 2001 a Space Odyssey). Mid-to-late June is fine.

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    I need you to design and develop an Electronic Piano Keyboard with Preset Songs usning tinkercad . and consider using at least five different components (excluding resistors and LEDs) from Tinkercad in the implementation. I need soft copy of the solution that includes the following items: 1. Source files of the application. The code must contain a block of comments describing its purpose. 2. Readme file which includes step by step how to set up and run the application.

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    tinkercad Loppunut left

    assistive device design in tinkercad

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    Game design using embedded C aurdino programming Task Build a game system that makes use of digital, analogue inputs and outputs as well as sensors. Use Tinkercad to fully implement the prototype of your design. Make use of as many components available to you on Tinkercad as possible, eg. sound output, multiple LCD, switches and input sensors, to implement a fully functional game in Tinkercad. The game should have at least two game play levels. Game with higher level of complexity in game logic, functionality, optimized code and/or hardware complexity will get higher weighting. Note: - It is expected that the game you select will most likely be unique to you compared to that of other students and what is available on the internet. Creative solutions that make us...

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    I have a pcb of side 6cm * 18cm roughly having DB9 connectors, leds and a micro usb. I want someone to design a smart rectangular enclosure for me in preferably tinkercad ( you're open to use others too) Freshies are welcome

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    Могу создавать презентации, 3Д моделирование (Sketch Up, Tinkercad) + создание небольших программ в python на заказ. О цене можно догоговорится. / I can create presentations, 3D modeling (Sketch Up, Tinkercad) + creation of small programs in python to order. You can agree on the price.

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    The project is to be done on tinkercad and in C-STYLE Programming: The project should include the following topics : o Bitwise Operations o Interrupts o Timers (You can use any of the three timers, however, ONLY Normal and PWM Modes are allowed) You have to properly assign data types based on what is needed (example unsigned char if you variable’s maximum value is 230 and minimum is 0) • You should add comments to your code Mandatory Topics that should be used: o GPIO (Topic 4 - Basic Input Output) o Timers (Topic 6 – Timers) (Only Normal and PWM modes are allowed) o Interrupts (Topic 7 – Interrupts) The project is not allowed to use any of the following functions in the code: o delay( ) function o millis( ) function o pinMode( ) function o digitalRead( )...

    €55 - €55
    €55 - €55
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    Requirement of simulation of arduino based automatic bottle filling and capping machine on software : proteus / tinkercad / any other arduino simulation software

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    Hi, I need help with Tinkercad and Multisim. I want you to design a circuit.

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    Suosituimmat tinkercad -yhteisöartikkelit