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    PROJECT REQUIREMENTS PACKAGE ALPHATRONIQUE DIGILOAD Phase 1 1. Hardware EKK-LM3S6965 rev C shall be used to run the software. 2. Software The following software function(s) shall be implemented in Alphatronique Digiload Project - Phase 1: Functional menu with display, user buttons, beeper and VCP serial port. 2.1. Display The menu shall be displayed on the OLED of the LM3S6965 Kit. Note: 1. (*) st...

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    ...BR 2). Each has 1 GB RAM. One of the routers has 3 Interfaces (+ 1x Card FastEthernet0/2/0), and the other Routher has 2 Interfaces (Standard). Both Routers use the same firmware: [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] We use these Routers because we will be a provider with: - an own public AS-Nummer and an own /23 IP-Net - Connection to two

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    I would like a custom firmware with a TFTP service built in (maybe atftp) with a small tftp load to be incorporated. Image should fit Linksys WRT-54GL (4mb) Mini load image should be able to: - dhcp - tftp (option 66) broadcast TFTP in dhcp - tftp deamon / server with support of 900kb folder containing MGCP firmware files for cisco ip phones

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    The AG310 is a Linksys ADSL2+ gateway with VOIP ([kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n]). There is a bug in the firmware in [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] where it prevents me from forwarding different external ports to the same internal port even if the internal ports are on different internal IP addresses. check_overlap_port() only checks for the same

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    ...The reason i like this range is because there is off the shelf hardware such as the mini boards to host the final module, I/O's etc. This bid is to simply create the firmware that will simply display what is show in the pic (left image). After this stage i will then post another bid to continue the project for interaction, real data display etc

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    ...written and not a copy and paste. All info can be researched online. This is what I need (600-1200 words): 1) Blog Post: Camera features 2) Blog Post: Camera firmware 3) Blog Post: Camera Technology 4) Blog Post: What do people love about it 5) Blog Post: What to people hate about it 6) Blog Post: Warranty Issues 7) Blog Post:

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    Electrical Engineer Loppunut left

    ...Designer. Required programming experience: Significant firmware design for at least two microcontroller architectures/families. Extensive use of C/C++ in embedded environments. Assembly language experience with at least two microcontroller architectures/families. General interface firmware - SPI, TWSI, RS232, etc. PC based programming in C# and/or

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    ...web interface that will run natively on the DSP and respond to it's IP address for configuration options such as specifying the IP of the data collection unit, and remote firmware upgrades. Prompt timing is essential, and a speed-of-delivery bonus can be discussed. All software libraries and documentation are available on TI's Website. Previous experience

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    I need a firmware uploader doing the following: 1. Open file dialog for specifying [kirjaudu nähdäksesi URL:n] file for loading. 2. Load that file (max 768kbytes) to memory, calculate SHA1 checksum of the file + program internal key. Load hexadecimal SHA1 from file xxx.key. If they agree, continue, otherwise abort with error message. 3. Continuously check for present

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    ...instead of the user having to push a "Scan Now" button. - The App must work with ALL iPhone versions that have access to the app store, including the latest 3.0 firmware version. - There will eventually be TWO versions of this same program. One version will be a free version which will have some limited features, while the other will be the

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    Need an Engineer to work on our current HVAC product - chips already selected - Code is on-going - need to create In-System Programming to we can upload firmware - Design layout of the PCB board to enable In-System Programming mode

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    ...with experienced programming BLACKBERRY applications (in Java).? Basically, we have a good existing app that has stopped connecting to the internet reliably with the new BB firmware release and on BB storm.? Your task is to make sure that it works well on new BB platforms. The existing app connects via SOCKETS.? Youl will need to custom code this

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    ...assist in making changes, and/or developing new software/firmware. Also need technical support regarding project, which I will discuss in detail to qualified bidders!!! Please only serious, qualified engineers bid... SKYPE VIDEO CHAT IS A MUST!!!! Qualified Engineer should be able to write firmware/software, work with micro-controllers, have experience

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    Looking for experienced software/firmware engineer... Engineer should be well educated in creating very small backdoor programs, and be able to write/change existing firmwares for specific electronic devices.. Have lots of small projects, but they all pertain to one big project.. Will only consider experienced programmers, that can work well under time

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    I need to send a message to a web site from a remote location. I use a GT863-PY terminal form Telit. I need o call a php script using GPRS. this php script takes 3 parameters. Fo far I was able to connect to the website, but when I call the script nothing happens I have a "NO CARRIER" message after timeout. I think is a very simple job, but I cannot

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    The handheld has the following peripherals: keyboard, display 1/4 VGA with touch screen, 2 USB ports, IR scanner, camera 3,2 Mpixels, SD card, GPRS, GSM, WiFI, ...CPU board. In another words the peripheral board circuit needs to be revised. After the revision of peripheral board circuit it is necessary to develop the Windows Image Firmware. Regards

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    ...articles about firmware related things. The topics are: 1. **What is the firmware?** (keywords firmware, what is computer firmware, what is a firmware update, what is region free firmware) 2. **Where to download firmware** (keyword: download firmware) 3. **Pros and cons of firmware upgrades** (keywords firmware ...

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    ...existing C code for a Cypress CY7C68013A from the Keil compiler to the SDCC compiler. TASK Convert existing firmware for the Cypress CY7C68013A, written in C for the Keil 8051 compiler, to use the SDCC compiler. The firmware is approximately 6000 lines of source code. The conversion should preserve the source code structure, including

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    Develop application for iPhone 3.0 for use with a new electronic accessory that plugs into the 30-pin connector. We have a UI designer and EE doing hardware and firmware. This app involves in app-purchases and app-generated emails. Otherwise normal functions, screens and Apple UI.

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    Some demonstration Python scripts to send Text messages and Email messages when receiving a message from the RS232 interface on Telit GSM/GPRS modems. ## Deliverables I am looking for a few simple demo Python scripts to send messages using a Telit GSM/GPRS module. The Telit module will receive data periodically in the form n"n/nn/nn" where nn is

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