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    Moi! Etsin 16h takarajalla kykenevää Englanti-Suomi -suomentajaa. Minulla on 1 trellotaulu virtuaalityöpöydällä suomennettavana englannista suomeksi, johon annan kirjautumistiedot, jota ennen lähetän linkin ohjevideoon miten toimia koneella. Macilla Microsoft Remote Desktop toimii, Windowsilla normaali Remote Connection riittää kirjautumiseen. Budjettini on tälle 15€ tuntipalkka. Työpöydällä on ajantrackaussofta jonka kautta maksetaan palkka. Maksan taskista vähintään 50€ vaikka taski veisi vain 2-3h. Jos pystyt tekemään tämän minulle seuraavan 16h sisällä ja haluat taskin, kerro. Laitan sitten 3min kestävän Loom -videon...

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    seo on siteseo on siteseo on siteseo on site

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    I need an experienced professional to connect my Unicorn 5.31 to an Akta machine and ensure it's functioning properly. Additionally, Fermworks needs to be activated and integrated to work with Labview to run a bioreactor. Key responsibilities: - Connect Unicorn 5.31 to Akta machine - Verify that the connection is functioning correctly - Ensure the automation process is smooth and operational - Provide any necessary troubleshooting or support post-implementation -Ensure Fermworks and Labview are activated properly and the connection is functioning correctly with the bioreactor. -No additional purchases of software. - Familiarity with VMware as a couple programs are located on these virtual machines. Ideal proposals sho...

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    I'm seeking a skilled C# programmer proficient in socket programming to assist with a specific task relating to establishing server connections, sending/receiving data packets, and handling socket errors. Additionally, I need help in creating a small WooCommerce database interface. The specific requirements: - Socket Programming: You will be responsible for establishing a server connection, sending and receiving data packets, and managing socket errors. - WooCommerce Database Interface: We will be integrating a small interface to manage product inventory. In this case, we are looking for basic integration - primarily focused on reading product data. The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in C# programming, particularly with a strong...

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    I'm looking for an artist who can create a biomechanical logo for my band, "Endjin". The look I'm aiming for is dark and intense to create a strong connection with our audience. Key elements include: - A modern style that stands out, with a hint of edginess. - The colour scheme should involve metallic silver and black. It's important that the silver is shiny and vibrant to draw the audience's eye. - Ideally, you'll have experience designing for bands or other music-related industries, but this isn't a deal breaker. What's important is your ability to create a unique, eye-catching design that matches the intensity of our music. Skills required: Logo Design, Photoshop, Illustrator, Graphic Design. Your portfolio shoul...

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    ...PhoneGap plugin that will work on both Android and iOS to handle WebSocket connections and manage the receipt of notifications. We need a PhoneGap/Cordova plugin for both Android and iOS platforms that enables our mobile application to connect to a WebSocket server and handle notifications efficiently. The plugin must support the following functionalities: Key Features: 1. WebSocket Connection: - Establish a connection to a specified WebSocket server. - Maintain the connection and handle reconnections as necessary. 2. Receive Notifications: - Listen for incoming messages/notifications from the WebSocket server. - Process the incoming messages and trigger a push notification on the device. 3. Push Notificati...

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    Quasar and @anthropic-ai/sdk": "^0.21.0", 6 päivää left

    When you bid on this project start your bid with "I CAN DO THIS" There is so much automated bids that it just wastes time. Also bid responsibly and don't ask " What's your budget" Bid what you think it's worth to you. I want a clean new Quasar Application that you load "@anthropic-ai/sdk": "^0.21.0", and makes a call using Setting up a demo Quasar app takes less than 5 min. my sample code: async sendMessageToClaudeChatbot(message) { this.Claude_question = "Claude Question"; const anthropic = new Anthropic({ apiKey: process.env.CLAUDE_COLAB, }); (anthropic); const anthropic_message = await ({ // mode: "no-cors", max_tokens: 1024, mess...

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    Fixing AWS API Gateway Connection Issue 6 päivää left

    ...experience in AWS API Gateway, Python, and possibly other related technologies to troubleshoot and fix a persistent connection issue I'm facing. Requirements include: - In-depth knowledge of AWS API Gateway, for REST API specifically - Solid experience with Python, as my backend system is built using this language The issue I'm having involves regular 'connection refused' errors when trying to fetch data from the API. This has been an ongoing issue, and I need an expert who can identify the root cause and implement a solution to ensure reliable, uninterrupted connectivity. It would be beneficial if you have experience in troubleshooting and resolving similar API Gateway issues in the past. A proactive approach to problem...

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    I'm facing a challenge with my wired speaker connection. More specifically, it involves my much older sony AVR, which is connected to a new scarlett audio interface. All 4 speakers worked on an older interface. Now, I'm having issues with the RCA to TS/TRS connection/balancing act. I need a freelancer with a strong background in audio engineering, particularly in troubleshoot wiring and connection issues. Having experience with both AVRs and audio interfaces would be ideal. Expertise required include: - Extensive knowledge of wired audio connections. - Experience with RCA, TS/TRS connections. - Proficiency in problem diagnosis and solution implementation. - Understanding of AVRs and audio interfaces. The goal here is to get my de...

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    Apk Modification for Pre-Recorded Video 6 päivää left

    I'm looking for a qualified Android developer who can modify an existing apk for me. I need some specific modifications to be made. Requirements: - Remove license code request. - Disable external server connection to - Make sure the "REPLACE" button continues to work as intended. The purpose of the "REPLACE" button in this apk is to inject pre-recorded video into the native Android camera or stream transmitted via obs from the pc into the native Android camera. This is a crucial functionality of the apk that needs to be maintained and work perfectly after modifications. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficient in Android application development. - Experience in modifying existing apks. - Familiarity with video injectio...

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    I'm looking for a talented 2D animator who can create 3 engaging and entertaining videos, each lasting between 45-60 seconds. The primary goal of these videos is to captivate and entertain the audience. Key Responsibilities: - Develop 3 separate videos in a minimalist animation style - Ensure the videos are engaging and entertaining throughout - Incorporate the ready-made script seamlessly Ideal Freelancer: - Proven experience in 2D animation and motion graphics - Capable of creating entertaining and engaging content - Proficient in working with ready-made scripts - Prior experience with minimalist animation is a plus Brief Documents for 3 Video's Below: Video 1 - Annuity Payout Options: Video

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    ...experienced DevOps engineer to scale down my Red Hat OpenShift configuration currently running on AWS. The primary tasks involve reducing: - Application instances: Currently, I have 1-5 instances running, and I need to scale it down to a single instance. - Compute resources: The reduction should align proportionately with the decrease in application instances. This is an IBM Maximo Application Suite installation that was done with an AWS Marketplace Template "IBM Maximo Application Suite (BYOL)". The template built all the instances (9 including 3 masters, 3 workers, and 3 workers (using m5.2Xlarge and m5.4xlarge) along with a boot node and bastion host) and the volumes (26 of them with 6.23 TB of storage being used) and it is way ov...

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    I'm looking for a skilled and experienced Native Android developer who can help me with an issue regarding my custom-made AZAN alarm app. The problem is that the AZAN Alarm isn't functioning as it should. some time work ...for a skilled and experienced Native Android developer who can help me with an issue regarding my custom-made AZAN alarm app. The problem is that the AZAN Alarm isn't functioning as it should. some time work sometimes no. IMPORTANT NOTE:- *THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN FIX CODE ON MY COMPUTER VIA REMOTE DESKTOP CAN COT HERE. PROJECT WILL BE AWARDED BEFORE START* Key Responsibilities: - Diagnose and troubleshoot the issue with the AZAN Alarm - Fix the alarm, ensuring it works consistently and accurately - Test the app after the fix to confirm the pr...

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    Photoshoot Order App 6 päivää left
    VARMENNETTU of photos - Allowing the real estate agent to download the resulting photos via API - Everyone will see the photos they have permission to. He will be able to filter and sort them on a basic basis - Photographer rating system System users: - Broker ◦ Establishes a request for a photo shoot ◦ Selects the date and service ◦ Sees his orders including the resulting photos ◦ Evaluates - Photographer ◦ Sees assigned jobs with a schedule (calendar) of jobs ◦ Confirms the job ◦ Inserts the resulting photos ◦ Sees your historical orders as well Here is the necessary screens: ### 1. Login Screen - **Purpose:** Allow users (brokers and photographers) to log in. - **Elem...

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    I came across a minor issue on my website on Digital ocean cloud server. Refer the below error information. I need someone who can fix me immediately in an hour. Error 500 PleskExceptionDatabase DB query failed: SQLSTATE[HY000] [2002] Connection refused

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    Entry Level Virtual Assistant Needed 6 päivää left

    I'm in need of a virtual assistant to handle some of my workload. Your tasks will include recruitment and email management. Key Responsibilities: - Conducting recruitment tasks; this will involve posting job listings, conducting initial candidate screenings, and providing a shortlist of candidates for my review. - Managing my email account, this will involve responding to emails, flagging important ones, and organizing and filtering through them. I'm looking for an entry-level virtual assistant who can commit to working 10-20 hours a week. This will be an ongoing arrangement, so I need someone reliable and with great attention to detail. No prior experience is necessary, but you must be comfortable with using a computer and be able to follow ...

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    ...understands STM32 and IoT. This job focuses primarily on Ethernet connectivity to achieve optimal functionality. While not necessary I will favor developers who have the hardware at hand and can test themselves before finalizing the project. Any prior experience in Embedded development, File transfer, Network communication would be an added bonus. Key objectives are as follows: - Establish Websocket connection to public domain - With Wiznet W5500 and STM32 microcontroller. The ideal candidate should have: - Proficiency in Wiznet development - Proficiency in STM32 development - Extensive experience with Ethernet connectivity - Understanding of data transfer speeds and protocols. - STM32 and W5500 modules at hand Your job will be to write an ...

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    I'm seeking a skilled developer to integrate the stock of my WooCommerce website with a Warehouse Management System via API. Key Requirements: - Integration: Develop a seamless connection between my WooCommerce store and a Warehouse Management System. - Frequency: Implement stock level updates from the API to WooCommerce once a day. Ideal Skills & Experience: - Proficient in WooCommerce and WordPress API - Experience with integrating external systems, particularly Warehouse Management Systems - Strong understanding of real-time data updates - Ability to write efficient, secure and scalable code - Good communication skills to ensure successful integration and project completion I have a few files and documents from the warehouse which I can s...

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    I'm in need of a professional who can help me clean up my LinkedIn account by removing 3000 connections that are no longer relevant to my current network. Key requirements: - The task is urgent and should be completed within two weeks. - I'll provide a specific list of connections to remove, so keen attention to detail is crucial. Ideal skills for this job include: - Proficiency in LinkedIn's interface and connection management. - Strong organizational skills and attention to detail - Prior experience in LinkedIn network management This task is critical to enhancing the quality of my LinkedIn networking, so I'm looking for someone who can handle it efficiently and effectively.

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    Website Feature Upgrade 6 päivää left

    I'm looking to enhance two key areas of my website and I need your expertise. - Supplier Product Upload and Search Functionality: Firstly, I would like to improve the way how suppliers can upload products (one product with different supplier prices by different suppliers), and how it is displayed to customers. - MLS Feed Integration: Secondly, I'm looking to connect my website to receive an MLS feed from another website. This would require you to setup the connection and ensure the data is accurately synced. Ideal Skills: - Proficiency in web development with a focus on ecommerce features - Experience with implementing search functionality improvements - Knowledge of MLS feed integration would be a bonus. - Laravel If ...

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    I need an experienced developer to fix current issues with my ansible code. Facing two primary challenges: 1. Connectivity issues: My ansible code fails to establish a steady connection during its runtime. 2. CMDB Retrieval Issue: There's a problem retrieving data from the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). The data is being accessed directly from the CMDB rather than through any API. Ideal Skills - In-depth understanding of ansible code - Experience with CMDB - Knowledge in data retrieval procedures Please note there are no specific authentication or permissions involved. All the data access is being done using direct file access. Your task would be to streamline this process and solve the prevailing issues.

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    RFID PCB and Efficiency Optimization 5 päivää left

    I'm looking for a skilled individual to design a PCB and program a chip for our RFID system. The focus of this project is on two key aspects: - **Wireless Connectivity**: Your expertise in designing wireless systems is crucial for this project. The RFID system needs to communicate with our central hub seamlessly, so ensuring a reliable wireless connection is a priority. - **Energy Efficiency Optimisation**: The system to be developed should be as power-efficient as possible. We need the RFID system to function optimally while conserving energy, ensuring long-term sustainability and performance. **Specifics of the Project**: The project is specifically for an RFID system, which comes with unique challenges and requirements. Since the system ...

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    I am looking to develop a comprehensive golf course review platform that is akin to IMDb but dedicated exclusively to reviewing golf courses in depth. Key Functionalities: - User registration and login: Enabling members to create and access personal accounts. - Course search and filtering: Letting users perform refined searches based on different criteria. - Course rating and reviews: Providing users an outlet to leave their feedback and ratings on various golfing courses. - Live world and regional leaderboards: Offering up-to-the-minute rankings of the best golf courses worldwide and by regions. - User profiles: Granting users a personal space where they can view and manage their reviews, handicap, location, and golf club membershi...

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    ...scraping data from a website and delivering it in an Excel file. The specifics of the project are as follows: I am looking for a person who will conduct scraping sessions for our business on a regular basis. Desired skills are knowledge of screen-scraper software, sql, Someone with Python knowledge will be better. Willing to follow instructions. Not cramped up with other jobs or other side hustles. Need to have solid internet connection. Expected work takes 5-10 hours per week, once fully trained. Must be responsible. Able to accept PayPal. - The source of the data is a website. This means the freelancer needs to have experience in web scraping. - The data should be delivered in an Excel file. Proficiency in handling and formatting data int...

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    Small Scale LAN for File Sharing 5 päivää left

    I'm looking for a networking professional to assist me in setting up a Local Area Network (LAN) with the primary purpose of facilitating easy file sharing among a small number of devices, specifically less than 10. Key requirements: - Establish a Local Area Network: The main goal of the project is to set up a local network that ensures a seamless connection among the devices for file sharing purpose. - Secure File Sharing: The network should be configured in a way that file sharing is secure and only accessible to the authorized devices. - Minimal Device Connectivity: As the network is intended for a small group of less than 10 devices, the setup should be simple and efficient without compromising security. Ideal Skills: - Networking Expertise: A deep und...

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    Trophy icon Vibrant Fitness Brand Logo Design 5 päivää left

    I need a standout logo for my fitness brand, JessF...Here are my requirements: Color Scheme: • Bold and contrasting colors that will make the brand noticeable and memorable. Design Elements: • The logo must incorporate fitness equipment symbols, specifically kettlebells. This will further establish our brand's connection to fitness. Ideal Skills: • Graphic Design • Logo Design • Color Theory • Branding Experience: • Previous experience in designing logos for fitness brands would be ideal. • A clear understanding of how to incorporate brand elements into logo designs. • Ability to work within a specified color scheme. • Experience and understanding of fitness equipment representation in design. Let�...

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    Drupal Developer 5 päivää left

    Need to work with a Drupal expert in connection with feeds imports for a site under development.

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    Offline Navigation Mobile App 5 päivää left

    ...needs to be able to handle offline navigation on predefined tracks, which need to change every race day. Mobile App Requirements 1. Map Display with Custom Data: The app should display a map with custom data layers relevant to the user. This can be GPX files with Waypoints and tracks or a completely custom map file. 2. Offline Functionality: - Both the app and the map should be fully functional offline, ensuring accessibility without an internet connection or cell reception. The displayed map should be the one valid for the current day (the map changes every race day). 3. Emergency Access: The app should require a password or a confirmation step to open, specifically designed for emergency use only. 4. GPS Position Display: The app...

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    Filipino Appointment Setters 5 päivää left

    Looking for experienced Philippines based Appointment Setter to call from our existing customer lists, which consist of small business across UK, introducing our new product line which is websites, and making an appointment for our consultant to pay a visit. Appointment Setter would need to have experience in making appointments however, technical website expertise is not necessary. Scripts will be provided. The Appointment Setter will have a reliable internet connection, a good computer and experienced in using Skype/zoom/teams Initially, this position will be for 10-20 hours a week and will grow to 40 hours full time over the coming months. The Appointment Setter must be able to work the 10-20 hours a week minimum without interruption from a ...

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    ...without an internet connection. Key Features: - Creating Quotations: The app should allow users to create comprehensive and customizable quotations, including options to choose profile, colour, glass, mosquito netting, etc. - Generating Invoices: Users should be able to conveniently generate invoices based on the created quotations. - Generating Tax Receipts: The app should also support the generation of tax receipts. Additional Requirements: - Save as PDF: The ability to save these documents in a PDF format is essential. - Customer Data: The app should maintain a database of customer information. - Edit Old Quotations: Users should be able to access and make changes to previous quotations. - User Management: The system will nee...

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    I'm looking for an experienced individual to help me set up a VPN server on my TP Link Omega E707, running Windows OS. The primary goal of this is to allow secure remote access to my home network. Key Requirements: - Set up a VPN server on a TP Link Omega E707 running Windows - VPN server must be accessible outside my network - Ensure security and privacy in the VPN configuration - Establish a reliable connection method for remote access The ideal candidate should have: - Proven experience in setting up VPN servers on TP Link routers - Extensive knowledge of Windows OS - Understanding of network security and remote access protocols. Please note that my TP Link Omega E707 has a dynamic IP address.

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    I'm looking for a highly skilled WordPress and IT professional to execute various tasks on my website. The scope of work includes: - Setting up user registration and login functionality. This feature should be available to any user who chooses to register. - Making specific edits on the website – this could involve changing the theme, customizing the layout, or adding new content. - Assisting with IT tasks such as connecting my Namecheap URL to my cyber panel. Your job will be to establish the initial setup, ensuring a seamless connection between both platforms. Ideal candidates should have substantial WordPress experience, specifically with user registration and website modification. Familiarity with Namecheap and cybe...

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    57 tarjoukset

    I need a professional SEO expert to optimize my website in order to improve our search engine rankings on Google. - The main goal for the project is to increase organic traffic and visibility on Google. - I have a list of specific keywords and phrases that I would like to target. - The work is urgent, so quick and effective execution is essential. Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven track record of successful SEO projects, especially on Google - Expertise in keyword research and optimization - Ability to implement and execute strategies quickly, with a focus on achieving results in a timely manner. Please include any relevant past projects or case studies in your application.

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    ...Description: We are seeking a reliable and dedicated Virtual Assistant to support our events agency with daily outreach tasks and client building efforts. The ideal candidate will be proactive, detail-oriented, and able to communicate effectively. As our sales grow, your pay will grow accordingly. Responsibilities: - Send 75 personalized email outreach messages each day using pre-created templates. - Perform various tasks on LinkedIn to prospect and connect with potential clients. - Manage message sequences to engage with prospects and schedule consultation calls. - Maintain and build a database of email contacts and interaction details. - Check in with me daily to update on progress and ask for additional tasks. - Provide daily updates ...

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    I'm seeking a LinkedIn specialist who can help me generate 50-100 leads monthly. ...LinkedIn specialist who can help me generate 50-100 leads monthly. Your main tasks would involve: - Sending connection requests - Joining and participating in relevant groups - Searching for potential leads using LinkedIn's search filters and Sales Navigator - Manually browsing profiles The leads I'm after are from the IT/Technology and Marketing/Advertising sectors. The ideal freelancer for this project would have: - Proven experience in LinkedIn lead generation - Strong knowledge of LinkedIn's functionalities and algorithms - Proficiency in IT/Technology and Marketing/Advertising industries - Excellent communication skills and a proactive approach to lead generatio...

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    I have an Oracle database configured with WE8ISO8859P1 character set (call it DB1). The database needs to be updated to character set WE8MSWIN1252. I need to preserve the DB1 database, so I've created a new database with WE8MSWIN1252 (call it DB2). I would like someone to do this for me: 1. Export entire DB1 including data 2. Import the DB1 export into DB2 Communication and control will be done with Zoom

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    AutoDialer Development for Survey Calls 5 päivää left

    I need a custom AutoDialer to automate survey calls for my Magnus Billing business. Key Requirements: - The main purpose of the AutoDialer will be to conduct survey calls. - The integration with our existing system must be through txt and xlsx files. Specifics: 1. The auto-dialing module should retrieve numbers from a text (TXT) file. 2. Ability to view statistics for numbers (overall): - Answered - Unanswered 3. Ability to assign a call campaign to each agent individually: - Other agents cannot see each other's campaigns. 4. Ability for the main agent to assign one campaign to all of their agents. 5. Exporting statistics by agents: - Export a text (or any other) file with answered/unanswered numbers specifically for that agent. -...

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    I need a freelancer who can create soothing meditation videos, each about 30 minutes long. The videos need to incorporate relaxing nature scenery visuals to provide viewers with a deep connection with their environment during meditation sessions. The key theme is self-development. Ideal Skills: -Proficient in video editing and production -Background in creating meditation or wellness content -Understanding of visual aesthetics, particularly with nature scenery Experience: -Past work in creating similar meditation guides or wellness orientated content would be highly valued.

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    I have a project where I need to connect my Azure Function to an Azure MySQL database. The function is being used as a Web API, and I need it to be able to both read and write data to the MySQL database. Key Requirements: - Development: You will need to establish a secure, reliable connection between the Azure Function and the Azure MySQL database. - Data Handling: The API should be able to retrieve data from the database as well as input new data into it. - Security and Optimization: Ensure proper security measures are in place to protect the data, and optimize the API for performance. Skills and Experience: - Proficient in C#: You should have strong experience working with C# and Azure Functions. - Azure Services: A solid u...

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    I have a Joomla website that needs optimization. It's currently displaying Database connection and Internal server errors which I haven't experienced before. I have not made any recent changes to either the website or server configuration before these errors started occurring. I'm primarily aiming to increase the speed of the website. Therefore, I need someone who is experienced in Joomla website optimization, particularly in resolving internal server errors and database connection issues. Knowledge in enhancing website speed while ensuring its stable performance is crucial. Your expertise in Joomla is a must, as I would like these issues resolved promptly without any unintended consequences.

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    ...STATEMENT Due to missing connection to database, the website on clients local machine is generating errors thus preventing development. SOLUTION: Create a replica of RDS production server (to be called "dev") on AWS, that can be used for development on local environment and for staging testing later on. CONTRACTORS ANTICIPATED TASKS (high level) 1. Take backup of production database on AWS 2. Create new RDS instance (server) using the backup and restore the backup. 3. Configure and verify the network settings to make connections over internet. 4. Test connection of new dev database with web application on local environment. DELIVERABLES 1. Demo showing the website on local environmen...

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    WordPress Database Connection Errors Fix 5 päivää left

    I'm currently experiencing database connection errors on my Wordpress website. Key Requirements: - Fix database connection errors causing website load problems - Ensure the website is running smoothly and all features are fully functional - Full access to the website's hosting account and database for troubleshooting - Clear and timely communication using instant messaging for updates and feedback Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proven experience in resolving database connection errors on Wordpress websites - Strong understanding of database management and troubleshooting in Wordpress - Excellent problem-solving skills and ability to work efficiently - Previous experience in instant messaging for client communication is a plus ...

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    I am looking to drive traffic to my website, , from guest posts and news aggregators. The main goal behind this initiative is to boost the overall revenue and web traffic of the website. Website URL: Key requirements: - The focus of this project is on increasing website traffic and ultimately improving its revenue. - Experience with guest posting and utilizing news aggregators such as Alltop and others is highly beneficial. - An understanding of SEO, both in the context of guest posting and news aggregators, would be an added advantage. - A proven track record of driving revenue through web traffic is a major plus. - Weekly and monthly work report is mandatory. It's important that the freelancer applying for this project has a strategic approach toward...

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    Home Network SonicWall Firewall Setup 4 päivää left

    I'm seeking a pr...Requirements: - Installation and configuration of the SonicWall firewall - Three LANs segmented to support: IoT LAN, Work LAN, and HomeLab LAN. - Setup Sonicwall VPN - Implementing network security best practices - Ensuring seamless network connectivity post-installation Ideal Candidates: - Previous experience with SonicWall firewall setup - Strong understanding of network security principles - Ability to handle a variety of devices and ensure their secure connection to the network - Proficiency in troubleshooting network-related issues and devices. Your proposal should include a clear outline of the steps you plan to take, as well as an estimate of the time needed to complete the project. Please feel free to reach ...

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    Trophy icon Creative 3D Logo for BMDPE 7 päivää left

    ...looking for a talented designer to create a logo for my software company, BMDPE. The logo should be 3D in design, representing innovation and professionalism, while incorporating both the letter "B" and technology-related symbols. Key Requirements: - 3D Logo Design: The logo should be strikingly 3D in design, reflecting a modern and innovative approach. - Incorporating "B" and Technology: The logo must cleverly integrate the letter "B" and technology-related symbols to establish the connection with software development. The feel and look: - Professional: The logo should exhibit a professional look and feel, reflecting the seriousness and reliability of a software company. - Innovative: It should also evoke innovation and cutting-edge...

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    I need an API/Make expert to troubleshoot setting up a connection to Booqable booking software. I've got it working on Postman but I can't translate it to Make. For security I don't want to hand out API keys to everything so I'd like someone who can assist live using TeamViewer on my Windows Desktop. (I understand you'll need at least one API key). I'm available anytime for the next 6 hours. Here is the call I'm trying to make: { "data": { "id": "ceaf2118-8a5b-4f96-9ba2-08b812c54876", "type": "properties", "attributes": { "value": "leeroy4"} ...

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    2 tarjoukset to perform various duties including, social media marketing, customer service, and call center operations. Duties and Responsibilities: -Organize and maintain all information - Handle and coordinate all records -Handle social media platforms to market the company and its products -Manage customer inquiries and complaints -Assist with team and client communication -Perform call center operations and handle customer calls -Handle online and offline customer inquiries - Provide excellent customer service Basically, we are a realty firm and we managed some vacant residential properties which are available for rents and your tasks are to list these properties on the rental websites as , , and some other rental websites which will be provided t...

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    I'm seeking a skilled macOS developer to create an application that assists iPhone users with device management tasks such as entering recovery mode, restoring firmware, downloading firmware, entering DFU mode, and installing manual firmware. The ideal candidate will have experience with the latest macOS development tools and technologies, including SwiftUI, Combine, and Core ML. Key aspects of the project: - The application should be compatible with macOS - The primary goal of this app is to increase the functionality of device management for iPhone users. - The application should assist users with entering recovery mode, restoring firmware, and downloading files - Please provide examples of your past work that demonstrate your programming abilities Tasks: - Develop t...

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    Windows VPN Server Configuration 4 päivää left

    I'm in need of a seasoned IT professional who can se...Windows-based VPN server for my company. The primary purpose of this server is to allow our employees to access the company's resources securely from remote locations, which is currently a pressing need for us. Key Requirements: - Configuration of a VPN server on Windows OS - Setting up a secure connection for remote employees - Allowing simultaneous connection for a small user base (1-10 users) Ideal Skills and Experience: - Proficiency in Windows OS - Hands-on experience with VPN server configuration - Knowledge of network security best practices - Prior experience with remote access solutions Your expertise will play a crucial role in enhancing the security and efficiency of ou...

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    ...experienced DevOps engineer to scale down my Red Hat OpenShift configuration currently running on AWS. The primary tasks involve reducing: - Application instances: Currently, I have 1-5 instances running, and I need to scale it down to a single instance. - Compute resources: The reduction should align proportionately with the decrease in application instances. This is an IBM Maximo Application Suite installation that was done with a AWS Marketplace Template "IBM Maximo Application Suite (BYOL)". The template built all the instances (9 including 3 master, 3 worker and 3 workerocs (using m5.2Xlarge and m5.4xlarge) along with a bootnode and bastionhost) and the volumes (26 of them with 6.23 TB of storage being used) and it is way ove...

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